Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our caring and ethical bureaucrats at work

Imagine that one of your loved ones died in a horrific accident on the road.
You work through the stages of coping that you can manage, you bury your dead; now it is time to heal.
Now think how you would feel if friends of your dearly departed take a tour of the morgue and see a jar in the medical examiner's office with a brain in it and a label with your loved one's name.
This is what happened to the Shipley family of Staten Island.
Their son Jesse was buried after a 2007 accident and no one told them his brain was missing when they buried him.
The medical examiner's office claimed it was kept for testing with other brains.
After getting the organ back; exhuming the body; and re-interring the body after returning the brain, the family is suing.

I personally don't care what happens to my body after I am dead and I don't understand the insistence that the body be reassembled with as many original parts as possible.
The soul is gone and the body is just organic matter.
But our government harasses, intimidates, and prosecutes people for not being sensitive to people's religious beliefs so they should be slapped down just as hard.

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