Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have to admit that I missed this one.
Two attacks happened within days of each other and I had already forgotten one of them because I only saw it in the news one time.
Then it went down the memory hole.
Thanks to Pamela Gellar article at American Thinker, I won't forget that the media are ignoring the roots of evil behind the latest attack in Mumbai while they pile onto Christians and Conservatives over the attacks in Oslo.
While they examine every tenuous link they can find between their ideological enemies and the Norwegian Nut Job, there is no effort to show people who is urging Islamic Fundamentalists to kill innocents.
Not just complaining like those "right wing crazies", but calling for mass murder.

Thank you Pamela for putting things into perspective.

NASA data shows climate models are wrong

NASA data from 2000 to 2011 shows more heat escaping the atmosphere than "alarmist" climate models predicted.
Not enough water vapor has been generated to trap heat to the extent that failed assumptions in computer models claimed there would be.
Add that to the NOAA data showing ocean temps have dropped slightly and you see the climate alarmism train coming to a screeching halt (the screeching is Al Gore wailing and lamenting his downfall as oracle).

Friday, July 15, 2011

Prison study will cause debate

A study of prisoners in North Carolina will undoubtedly cause debate about where social policies should go from here.
The study of 100K male prisoners found that black males between the ages of 20 and 79 can experience survival rates 30-40% greater than those outside of prison for some conditions.
White prisoners were slightly more likely to die sooner in prison.

Some will argue that this illustrates a failure of society and/or black culture on the outside when it comes to protecting black males from disease, injury and murder.
Others will claim it is a mandate for universal healthcare as the healthcare in the prisons is credited for extending the lives of the cons who otherwise would have less or no access to healthcare on the outside.
Then there are those that will say: "Lock 'em all up! It's good for 'em!"

Yep, they are really that dumb

Cattle in Texas are dying because of the drought.
Not because they can't get enough water.
When they are moved to pasture where water is plentiful they drink too much, too fast, and keel over.
Next to relieving themselves in the same water they drink, this is the clearest evidence that domestication makes you dumb.

I am trying really hard not to compare certain humans with these animals.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

That really blows

Tourists in Maui watched a man dancing close to the edge of a blowhole when a wave knocked him in.
He showed at the next wave, but disappeared after that and has not been seen since.
The search for David Potts has been called off.

How long before they put up a dufus railing around the blowhole?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Bike to work day" cancelled

Holy Yogi Bear!
A Florida man was riding his bike into work when a black bear collided with his bike and tore off the back wheel.
The 300lb (estimated) bear left the cyclist with major injuries.
Experts say this type of bear behavior is unusual.

You think?

I'm guessing that more than a few have rethought their "Bike to work" day plans.

Friday, July 8, 2011

I may need to hide mine

Some of us have tried growing gardens in our small, suburban properties in order to have fresh (and cheaper) food.
If you have the right sun exposure and soil, or add the right soil, you can have a nice little patch of fresh produce right outside your door.
If you live in some cities, it better be your back door, sucker!
Julie Bass of Oak Park Michigan found out the hard way that converting her front yard into a raised bed garden was an invitation to prosecution (or is it persecution).
From the picture accompanying the story, she did a great job of making it look good.
Someone in her 'hood disagreed and called the infamous code enforcement trolls, who threatened her if she didn't move the whole shebang into the back yard.
After poring over the local ordinance, Bass decided she was not in violation and left the garden in place, only to have the "Planning and Technology Director" Kevin Rulkowski claim that the word "suitable" means "common" and therefore, Bass' "uncommon" use of her yard was "unsuitable".

I don't need to see a dictionary to know that "common" stretches the meaning of "suitable" to the breaking point.
Someone needs to be fired.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fargo II

The movie Fargo was about an unlikely series of events leading to a series of tragic deaths and injuries.
As if looking to spark a sequel, a Fargo man somehow obtained what may have been commercial fireworks and set them off in the street.
The Fargoish twist is that he managed to literally blow his head off with the second round.

He only half qualifies for the Darwin award because he is survived by his two sons.

More pot shops than Starbucks?

Denver Colorado has welcomed medical pot shops more than many places where you can legally buy medical pot.
Now it is claimed that their are more pot shops than Starbucks.
Can you believe that there are as many qualified medical pot users in the city of Denver as there are Starbucks customers?
There are about 100 Starbucks in the Denver area and each averages about 400 customers per day.
That is 40,000 customers per day buying medical marijuana if the traffic is equal and the pot dispensaries about the same in number.
It is said that there are about 125,000 people with medical pot cards, so abut 30% of them are buying pot every day.
Of course NONE of them sell or give pot to third parties.
None of them drive stoned.
None of them perform work that involves safety risks, like operating heavy equipment or providing health care.

I see this pot shop overload coming to the People's Republik of Kalifornia and it ain't going to be pretty.

Teachers only want what's best for your child

That's why they engage in organized cheating to secure their jobs and make the school look good, even when they are failing to teach the children.
Teachers and administrators in the Atlanta Public School system (APS) have been caught in a massive cheating scam designed to make the schools performance figures spike.

If that isn't bad enough, there are some that still defend the teachers by claiming they were "pressured" and feared retaliation if they didn't help with the cheating.
Are these the same, courageous category of hero that storms Capital buildings to preserve wages and benefits during school days?
And they are too afraid to protect the kids from administrators?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ChiComs saving the world?

First there was Global Warming, then it became Climate Change, then there were many arguments over who or what was at fault.
One of the arguments was between those that claim the temperature is still climbing and those that claim it has stopped or even declined.
Now the Warmists are admitting that the temperature hasn't increased since 1998, but blame the cooling on the Chinese.
That's right!
Chinese pollution is apparently creating more clouds and fog and that is deflecting the suns heat back out into space.

Never mind that the sun's cycle is in an abnormal low, similar to the one connected to the last mini ice age.