Monday, May 31, 2010

Note to Osprey Pilots: down drafts are dangerous

During a NY air show, an Osprey tilt rotor's downdraft caused branches to break off of a tree with spectators under it.
Several people were injured.
The Osprey was skimming the treetops to show it's handling capabilities.
It is a bad deal when people are injured at these shows, especially when it is obvious in hindsight that the flightpath should have been cleared and the tree was not very strong.

Obama administration and UN throw Israel under the bus

Israel is not only the only acknowledged nuclear power in the Middle East, it is the only government in the area that could be trusted to use such weapons only in an existential defense.
Now the US has voted with others in the UN to try to force Israel to disarm.
The UN resolution does not even mention Iran's nuclear program and attempts to make Israel sign onto the Non-Proliferation Treaty and is a 180 degree shift from the Bush administration's support for Israel's right to self defense.
Even leftist journalists in Israel see this move as a betrayal by the Obama administration and a slap in the face for all Jews.

There is a God

And he is as tired of hearing Obama speak as I am.
Obama ditched the traditional visit to Arlington National Cemetery so he could go home to Chicago.
He was going to pay the vets lip service by visiting a local veteran's cemetery, but a thunderstorm stopped his speech short.
I am certain the veterans buried there rest easier now, having missed Obama's insincere praise.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sensitive sexist pigs

The twisted logic of liberalism is amazing!
In order to protect female children from genital disfigurement and mutilation, the American Academy of Pediatrics had advocated for allowing a genital "nick" for females as a compromise to prevent their ignorant parents from taking them out of the country for arguably worse procedures.
After the inevitable outcry, they reversed course and insist they are against all forms of  "female genital cutting".
Don;t these Nimrods understand it is only OK to ignore such things when they happen outside of our country?
Just ask N.O.W..
They are more than willing to ignore the abuse of women around the world if it would help someone like George Bush.


Obama is going to New Orleans (apparently, the only area hit by the oil spill) to see and speak.
His schedule only has him in the area for ~3hrs.
Can someone paint SS Minnow on the nose and tail of Air Force One?

Progressive Gestapo or Census Workers

File this one under "H*ly Sh*t Batman!":
Census workers apparently have the legal right to enter your apartment or rented property in order to count residents whether you allow them to or not.
Your landlord can be fined $500 for refusing to cooperate and you don't have to be present for them to enter.
Are you more worried about the fact that they hired a bunch of people with criminal records to gather census data?

Oakland lurches farther left

Oakland has decided to allow more pot growers and shops to open and to tax pot to try offsetting their deficit.
The workers at one pot club have joined the United Food and Commercial Workers union.
Now Oakland residents will have double incentive to buy pot outside of Oakland to save money.
"Progressive" stupidity abounds.

Polite Volcano?

A second, larger volcano in Iceland has "given notice" that it may erupt.
I wish the California fault system would let us know when an earthquake was coming.
Being the larger volcano may mean an even worse disaster for Europe and the world if Katla erupts.
In the bright side, Katla is so much easier to say than Eyjafjallaj√∂kull.

Golf no longer elitist?

So, if our first truly black president is an avid golfer and Tiger Woods is the king of the course does that mean the sport is no longer a sport linked to Caucasian elites?
Probably not.
It is still a stereotype that upper-crust white guys waste way too much time on the links, networking with their ilk.
George Bush tended to race through the course and even stopped playing because he thought it looked bad for him to enjoy golf outings while we were at war.
Barack Obama doesn't have that problem.
He spends more time golfing than the retired guys you get stuck behind when you find the time to visit the course and may even be slower.
His recent visit to Martha's Vineyard involved golf 3 out of the 4 days he was there.
What the heck, it isn't as if there are any emergencies like wars or oil spills to be dealing with.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My "Larger" than Life Hero

Governor Christie tells a teacher and a library fan the truth instead of trying to make friends with the unfriendly.
If the blogosphere is correct in one assumption, this teacher did not tell the truth when she stated that she did not "nearly" make $83K/yr, but in fact makes $86K/yr.

Speaking truth to Liberalism and Entitlement mentality!
I think we have another candidate for 2012.

More "Senseless" from the Census

A Census worker blows the whistle on phony jobs numbers coming from... the Census.
It seems that they can hire you, train you, lay you off, and do it all over again and each time you are occupying a "new" job and the old one still exists!
BTW, you pay for the repeated training too.

"Top Kill" Attempt runs out of mud

So, if you were BP and you were trying to stop the gulf leak and worried about how much more money you will lose if it doesn't work would you have only one load of "mud" at the scene when you start trying?
I wouldn't.

Will they boycott Massachusetts?

I doubt Liberals in states like Kalifornia will call for a boycott of Massachusetts over their new law cracking down on illegals.
They will weasel their way out of it by actually reading this law to find out how they can claim it isn't as hard on those poor criminal invaders.

At least he wasn't texting

Teens in New York try to hold their breath while driving through a small town (does it smell that bad?) and the driver faints.
No one was seriously injured although the driver was already a paraplegic due to "falling" out a window while in college.
At least he wasn't holding a cell phone at the time.

Stupidity leads to more stupidity in Long Beach

A man who doesn't know how to swim still enters the water far enough to be swept out farther by a large wave.
More stupid:
The Beach patrol rushes to the scene and runs over a sun bather, breaking his ribs and spine.
Minor stupid:
His sister claims it was a "tidal wave" that swept him out.
Epilogue stupid:
One of the commentors claims the police raced across the beach to the second injury scene at a dangerous pace, fishtailing on the way.

Gulf coast disaster ignored by Hollywood?

Haiti got immediate attention and charity events, Katrina (New Orleans) provoked much angst and charity events.
The Gulf oil spill, not so much.
Where are the commercials begging for help?
Where are the celebrities demanding more from our government?
Where are Sean Penn and his boat posse?

Some celebs on the B-list are trying to help: "Last week, Lenny Kravitz, Mos Def, John Legend and others took part inGulf Aid, a fundraising concert held in New Orleans, which producer Ben Jaffe says raised $350,000 for fishing families and wetlands restoration. Louisiana native and actor Ian Somerhalder, who earned moderate fame as one of the first major characters to get the boot during season one of "Lost," filmed a few PSAs for the Audubon Institute..."

Is that all?
Is that the best they can do?
I guess it is to be expected. They and the media pretty much ignored Katrina damage east of Louisiana and it appears they will do it again. . 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ray Stevens opines on immigration

Ray Stevens is known for his humorous songs.
I really like this one.

Hat Tip: Sarah J.

No Border Patrols allowed

Wildlife refuges along our border with Mexico are no-go zones for the Border Patrol.
They can only enter with an escort!
The illegals, drug runners, and coyotes are not hampered by these restrictions.
One more nail in America's coffin provided by our Liberal friends who value a minnow over the lives of ranchers.

Former ACORN CEO arrested at protest against AZ law

Bertha Lewis (AKA Dirty Bertie) was taken away in cuffs at a rally against the Arizona immigration law.
While it is nice to see her doing the perp walk, any real punishment is unlikely.
BTW, she is not the current ACORN leader.

The need for immigration control explained

I love this article for the American Thinker!
It starts out talking about the Texas school board scuffle over textbooks, but provides a great explanation of why  Texas was lost by Mexico by allowing too many Anglos to settle there and change the demographics and culture to the point where independence was the only option for Tejans tired of dealing with a government refusing to allow them to take part in the process or enjoy the basic freedoms granted to Americans.
This is too close to what the American Southwest faces today.
If too many people from one demographic are allowed to invade the southwest, history could repeat and ruin the states involved.

OMG! USA Today covers Mexico's immigration law

USA Today printed a story about "activists" complaining about Mexico's harsh anti-immigrant laws.
I am hearing more news organizations calling attention to the harsher laws and greater abuse against illegals in Mexico by Mexican nationals and authorities.
If only we could get such coverage in the NY Times!
Maybe the obliviots that paraded in the streets against the AZ law and cheered when the Mexican prez bashed the law to the applause of Liberal Congresstwits will finally figure out they were scammed (again).

Donkey bomb fails

Call PETA. They need to head to the Gaza border to protect the poor donkeys from terrorists.
A Syrian backed group took credit for detonating a cart full of explosives near the border checkpoint, killing only the donkey and injuring no one.
This is an appalling and callous crime against a poor, defenseless animal and it has to stop!
Get a bunch of animal rights activists and drop them into the Gaza strip.

Extreme bad parenting

A 29 year old woman had to be stopped and held for police by bystanders before her baby finally received help at a hospital for second degree sunburn over forty percent of his body.
When stopped, the woman appeared not to understand what she was being told and the people who stopped her observed that the baby was not just bright red from sunburn but had started to blister.
The mother may be facing charges for child neglect (duh!).

Still no license or training required to have children.

Jamaica heats up some more

Things in Jamaica are getting worse.
At least 60 people have died as the fight to extradite a drug kingpin goes on.
The irony is that we should be grateful that our drug dealers are too selfish or too stupid to spread enough money around to buy the kind of loyalty that makes a whole community ready to battle the state on their behalf.
Let's hope that culture is never adopted here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Entrepreneurial take on AZ law

If you think Latinos will be targeted by the AZ law, or just want to make a point (and some money), sell "Gringo Masks" to help them avoid being pulled over.

TSA keeps track of "rude" passengers?

TSA apparently;y has a database of names of passengers that give them crap.
"Incidents in the database include threats, bullying or verbal abuse, remarks about death or violence, brandishing a real or fake weapon, intentionally scaring workers or excessive displays of anger such as punching a wall or kicking equipment, the report says."
The database also keeps personal information, including SSNs and home addresses (one more place for hackers to steal your ID).
Having seen my share of rude, pushy jerks in airports, I can't say I blame them, but I see a distinct possiblilty for abuse.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The end of an impartial Judiciary

Holy crap Batman!
NY Judges consider joining the teachers union?
OMG, that would end any chance of returning to a reasonably impartial judiciary.
Can you imagine the campaigns for electing, or even appointing judges if the union was more involved?

Sweet Irony

A Boston Democrat got rear ended by an "alleged" illegal.
The perpetrator basically laughed off the situation, saying he would just go back to his country and that nothing was going to happen to him.
This would be a perfect story to frame the conservative argument for policing our border and deporting as many illegals as possible.
As usual, even though this story broke Friday, the MSM is not carrying it.

A few ideas on the oil spill

A little comic relief about solutions for the oil leak and spill in the Gulf.

Now my sunscreen "causes" cancer?

Researchers are now saying that many "chemical" sunscreens (those that don't literally block light, like zinc oxide) especially those that contain vitamin A are likely to increase the chances of contracting cancer.
Geeze, maybe a Burka is the way to go!

Jamaica pays the price

Jamaica's elite have treated their people poorly and used America as a scapegoat. Now that they want to extradite a drug kingpin to America that they allowed to flourish, the people supporting the drug lord are staging a mini-revolt.

If they had accessed Bush's records, they'd be heroes

9 people accused of accessing Obama's records when employed by a Department of Education contractor are facing fines and imprisonment for "exceeding authorized computer access".
Why not just call it spying?
If they had been digging into Bush's records, they would have been hailed as heroes by the press and "progressives".

Ahmadinejad Heckled at Speech

The Iranians are getting restless!
In a rare show of discontent, people in the crowd during a speech given in the southern port city of Korramshahr shouted repeatedly that they wanted jobs.
With 25% unemployment, I guess they have more reason to be pissed at their president than we do.

63% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law

Rasmussen claims that a clear majority of Americans want the health care law repealed. The disconnect of the "political class" is evident in their 77% support of the legislation.
The good news is that while opposition to the bill has remained relatively constant, the support for repeal is on the rise.

Saudi "Virtue" cop beaten by woman

Saudi Arabia has "Virtue Police" that wander around public spaces looking for people of the opposite sex enjoying each other's company.
They question them with the aim of punishing those that are not closely related or married to each other for breaking religious laws.
When one of them approached a 20 something couple and started questioning them, the male collapsed (wienie).
The female, however proceeded to punch the virtue cop until he was in need of a trip to the hospital (how embarrassing).
Unfortunately, the woman is now facing a lashing and years in prison for this much deserved smack down.
I hope this is the beginning of a widespread revolt against this form of stupidity.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Arizona Governor PWNS the leftist illiterates

Jan Brewer has a new commercial out that does to Liberal leaders what should be done.
It laughs at them for being willfully ignorant tools that jump to conclusions.
I think they could come up with something that has much better production value for the same amount of effort, but it works.

Friday, May 21, 2010

ICE promises to sit on their hands

Immigration and Customs Enforcement head John Morton has essentially promised to not prosecute any illegals caught under Arizona's new immigration law.
This disgusting development is no surprise to us that have seen past the mask worn by those in control of Washington.
Just more proof that the administration will not uphold the law in any case that is not condoned by their constituency.

Pilot's poor choice of words

OK, you are a Jet Blue pilot and your girlfriend is a flight attendant.
You have a fight and you are desperate to make up, so you send an e-mail stating that you will kill yourself if she won't get back together with you.
Unless you want to be pulled off the plane and held by police.

Viagra may cause hearing loss. What?

A recent study claims that heavy use of Viagra (and similar medications) can adversely affect your hearing.
According to the researchers: "men who self-reported hearing loss were more than twice as likely to have used a type of erectile dysfunction medication in the past"
With the incredible popularity of Viagra and other erectile dysfunction medication, I am thinking most users will risk the hearing loss.
Maybe they will just use it until they can't hear their mother-in-law.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reporting Illegal Children

From the American Thinker:
The Governor in a Southwestern state has ordered child services to report any suspected illegal children to ICE.
The NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, etc. are silent on the story.
The broadcast media are mum.
No one is marching in the streets (yet).
There is no national outrage.
The state is New Mexico and the Governor is Democrat Bill Richardson.

More illegals entering Arizona?

The AP claims that illegals are crossing into AZ in greater numbers.
Truth or wishful thinking on the part of the leftist media?
The story claims part of the reason is that California and Texas have improved their fences and security.
Well if that is not a great argument for a better fence, I don't know what is.
Part of their information, by the way, comes from a Mexican Government organization that helps illegals to invade our country: "Grupo Beta, a Mexican government-sponsored group that aids migrants, helped 5,279 people from January to April in the area across the border from Douglas, Ariz., compared to 3,767 in the same period last year, said agent Carlos Oasaya."
I am not sure I would trust their data as they are already operating a criminal enterprise.
How would any other nation respond to their neighbor aiding illegal invasion of their soil?

Costa Mesa declares itself a NON-sanctuary city

Congratulations to Costa Mesa, California for declaring itself a "rule-of-law" city instead of a sanctuary city!
The city council voted 4-0 for the declaration in a move labeled as "political" by foes.
Of course it is political!
Voting to be a "sanctuary city" is political!
Voting to boycott another state because you disagree with a law they pass, is political.
They are politicians, you know.

AZ has stones when it comes to power

An Arizona electric power commissioner offered to "help" LA to "divest" itself of power generated in Arizona.
I love it!
The idiots in Sacramento and LA as well as the idiots at PERS and STRS are always divesting themselves of politically incorrect investments (no matter the cost to retirees), and California has forced power companies to offer people the option to buy "clean" power, so why not allow them to not get power from Arizona if they feel so strongly?

Huge art heist in Paris

$600 million (estimated) in paintings were stolen from a Paris museum while the security system was down.
Seriously! You let the security system stay down for days and don't increase human security?
They don't deserve the insurance money for this stupidity.
I wonder if the thieves did the old cut-and-steal?
If someone cuts the canvas out each time a painting is stolen, how small can it get before it is worthless?

Obama burned in effigy

An effigy of Prez Obama was burned in a bar.
People are up in arms, the Secret Service is investigating.
Say it with me! "if it were Bush, no one (in the media) would care.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arizona comes through (again)

It will soon be illegal to force businesses to provide interpreters for non-English speakers.
Now that is a cost reduction for medicine that I definitely approve of.
The case that brought this about also shows how costly liability and discrimination suits are to us.
If not for the fear of lawsuit, the doctor in this article could have used the patient's relative to interpret.
I hope this step back from stupidity succeeds.

And you thought it was just Hispanics?

Hundreds of OTM's (Other Than Mexicans) are caught sneaking into our country from Mexico and our big media refuse to investigate or inform the public.
How many are not caught?
We have to rely on local TV stations for "hard hitting" coverage of the threat because our government and the MSM don't want us to know.

AZ fans tossed from game for pro-law shirts

Arizona fans at an NBA game were removed from their front row seats for shirts that said "Viva los 1070" in support of Arizona's new law allowing police to ask detainees their residency status.
This will not get the coverage or support given to the supporters of illegal invaders.
The fans in question were allowed to return to their seats after the security head evidently smelled a lawsuit.
While they deny it, TNT is said to have started the whole thing after their cameras spotted the fans shirts.
Only one side has the right to be heard.

Texas leads again

Texas doctors are leaving Medicare in droves.
Way to go Texas!

Obama's illegal Aunt gets to stay

The judge in Obama's Aunt's deportation hearing has "mysteriously" reversed himself and allowed the criminal with no visible means of support to stay in the US indefinitely.
This, of course, will in no way encourage more people to invade our country without official permission to enter.
Yeah, right!
The Aunt, Zeituni Onyango, who received a "free" hip transplant, eats out regularly, and always appears well dressed; has no job or legal income and lives in government housing that legal immigrants cannot normally access.

Burka Rage in France

Who knew? Some French have more on their minds than surrendering.
A female French lawyer reportedly made snide comments, then tore off a Muslim woman's burka, resulting in a fight that was broken up by the Muslim's husband and the store manager.
The lawyer was with her daughter and was reported to have compared the burka clad woman to a TV demon known as "Belphegor"
Seriously, a lawyer should know better, but I understand how stressed the French are over the Islamic invasion that threatens their culture and country.

Wouldn't be news if it was Bush

A teacher in Jefferson County, Alabama used Obama in a geometry problem by discussing the angles needed to assassinate him from a building.
The Secret Service declined to prosecute as they did not consider it a "credible threat".
If this had happened when Bush was prez (and likely something similar did) it would not have made the news any more than the shirts urging people to kill him.

Connecticut AG lied about service (guess which party)

Connecticut Attorney General Blumenthal has stated several times in the past that he served in Vietnam.
He did not.
He obtained draft deferments for years before landing a cushy spot in the Marine Reserve, where he would have a virtual guarantee of not facing active duty.
The article covers a lot of ground concerning his misleading and lying to his constituents but doesn't mention his party until the 3rd paragraph.
Surprise! He's a Democrat!
No real shock, since he was planning to replace Chris (mortgage debacle) Dodd.

Looks like a hate crime to me

Two women with obvious self-esteem issues (they think too much of themselves) called a Wendy's drive-thru employee a B*tch and a F*gg*t because their order was incorrect.
Not the food, mind you; just not enough condiment packs.
He replied with an appropriate but, by their rules, disrespectful comment that described them as childish and asked them to leave.
The women entered the store and one tried to slap the employee, who deflected it.
They returned to their car and came back with a stun gun and chased the employee around the kitchen while buzzing the stun gun and shouting hate speech.
See their bright, shiny, friendly faces in the original article here.

Pot prices plunging?

Not really, but the is the rumor some are floating in the Republik of Kalifornia.
Pot advocates are claiming that lower quality weed isn't selling well so prices for that portion of the market is down for now but high grade weed prices are relatively steady.
The part of the story that got my attention is the South Park connection.
South Park did an episode about medical MJ and Kentucky Fried Chicken where the KFC closed and an MJ dispensary opened in the building.
The picture for this story is priceless.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Protecting our most dangerous border

Homeland security wants to renovate a barely used border crossing at a cost of $8M and want's a 4.9 acre piece of land from a neighboring farm as part of the renovation.
Neighbors and a former border guard agree that the crossing is so little used that it would be better to close it than spend millions on it.
They are only offering $39K for the land and the farmer claims that the reduction in he ability to grow grain for his cattle will cause the already struggling farm to go under.
The government is threatening to sieze the land through imminent domain.
So, where is this important border crossing?
Somewhere in Texas, Arizona, or California?
It is in Vermont.

Arizona cock fighting ring busted

What kind of conniptions this will cause amongst PETA supporters and the left in general?
Joe Arpaio's Maricopa County police busted a cock fighting operation and arrested those involved, which included 20 illegal aliens.
These are the people all the liberals are bending over backwards to protect and defend from our immigration laws.
Animal cruelty is more readily accepted in cultures south of the border and those in our country illegally bring their love for torturing animals for entertainment with them when they invade our country and refuse to assimilate.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Christie schools reporter

I don't know how well Christie will do long term, but we need more Conservatives willing to speak truth to idiocy like he did to this reporter who accused him of being "confrontational".
Hmmm... a leader actually leading instead of lying, obfuscating, spinning, etc.

Government allowed drilling without permits

The federal Mineral Management Service (how many departments and services do we have and not know about?) is supposed to keep companies from extracting resources without proper scientific review and approval to insure the protection of species that may be affected by the operations or accidents. They instead allowed multiple companies to drill without, or in spite of scientific analysis of possible threats.
Why have regulations if they are not enforced?

And who do the bureaucrats blame?
The "previous administration".
They claim the Bush administration "suppressed" science.

I thought bureaucrats were supposed to be independent followers of the rules, not lickspittle minions bowing and scraping to whoever sits in the White House.
If they don't have the backbone to do their job, fire them.
Better yet, eliminate the whole department and save us the money that pays their salaries.

BTW, Obama just promised to spank MMS for being too cozy with the oil companies.

Numbers game over oil leak

Environmentalists and scientists are disputing BP's estimates of the amount of oil leaking from their well in the Gulf. They claim that methods used in determining flow rates from sea floor vents that employ ultrasonic devices.
BP insists that there is no way to accurately measure the flow.

Funny how hard they push for true scientific examination utilizing the best and latest methods when it comes to skewering an oil company, but no scrutiny of data or methodology is allowed when it comes to the myth of global warming.

Teacher Attacks Student

Cell phone video of a beatdown has resulted in the firing of a teacher.
Sheri Davis cornered, grabbed, then beat for more than a minute while other teachers stood by.
Isaiah Reagins thought that the teacher was just playing at first, but he soon found out how wrong he was.
His mother was shocked when she saw the bruising and heard the boy's story and infuriated when she saw the video a fellow student had recorded on his cell phone.
Now the teen's family is suing the teacher.

And the Catholic Church is still the standard of evil against children?
You can keep your kids away from the priest; how do you protect them from teachers when the school won't?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bad Astronaut! Bad!

A Chinese astronaut admitted to eating "normal" food in space after stating that he is asked if they eat delicacies.
What is normal? Dog.
Animal rights groups are up in arms over his statement as he is a "role model" and "hero" to children.
Yep! I want to eat my dog, just like that Chinese astronaut!
Maybe they should use this example to try turning kids off to all meat by playing on their sympathy for pets?

Just swat him with a rolled up newspaper and banish him to the back yard!

Gays Demand Apology

I know, you have never seen that headline before, right?
Actually, this is a great "teachable moment" for those that don't see the hypocrisy of the left.

There are many examples of special interest groups having hissy-fits because a role in a movie or play is played by someone who is not the "proper" race, sex, orientation in real life to qualify (in their minds) to play the role.
I have to agree in some cases (those old movies with Caucasians trying to play the role of North America's original immigrants [Indians], or Charlie Chan being done poorly by Warner Oland.) but the very core of acting is to be something you are not while you are in character.  

Now we have Gay groups complaining that Newsweek owes them an apology for claiming that gays can't play straights. 
I agree with them that Gays and Straights can play each other convincingly.
First, the Newsweek article didn't say that Gays can't pull it off, they say they haven't pulled it off.
They perceive attempts they have witnessed as failures. Maybe that is prejudice based on the foreknowledge; maybe it is that the examples that stick in their minds really are failed attempts.
Secondly, Newsweek is leftist and leftists are all too often brainwashed lemmings. These particular lemmings may just believe you have to BE the pole to play the role because of the stupidity spouted by their own.
One part of the Newsweek article does make me think that they owe an apology.
They mention old Hollywood actors that played straight characters when they were closeted Gays.
What they don't acknowledge is that the public bought it hook-line-and-sinker.
They wonder if we could accept George Clooney as a leading straight man if he came out of the closet.
Isn't that an admission that their perception of ability is based on their knowledge of sexual orientation?

North Korea's #1 Export to China: Women

China's one child policy has long been the cause of a shortage of females.
Couples prefer male children for, among other things, their earning potential but they pay by having sons that can't easily find a wife.
Enter North Korea.
For some time, women have been imported from North Korea where the male/female ration is closer to the world norm and many are living in severe poverty.
The women are sold for around $1500 and reportedly have a better life in China as more food and security are provided to support and protect this valued commodity.

So much for the good news.
The bad news is that only about 25% are sold to men to wed and most of the men are elderly or even disabled and looking for a hard working bed warmer and some are even resold.
The rest end up getting jobs a a "computer company" providing internet sex from small rooms equipped with webcams.
If they have children, the Chinese government will not recognize them because the mother is "unregistered".
Most of the money they "earn" is taken to pay for their keep, so they can never repay their "debt".
The one bright spot is that South Korean men using the sex "chat" rooms may actually help extricate them by helping to pay for their freedom and connecting them with rescue groups.

Timely Pot News From the Kiwis

I have been frustrated by the lack of available research into the potential negative health effects of smoking pot and, just in time for the California pot vote, there is a study out of New Zealand.
It states that smoking one joint is the equivalent of multiple cigarettes and that negative effects on lung function are beyond that which can be attributed to just the smoke component.
So, will we hear that pot is a double whammy on your health form our media?
At least KCRA in Sacramento has reported on this story although the story is not on their site yet.
They do have a story that claims "many" medical pot users do not want to get high and that they can use a new strain of pot that has very little THC and more of the compound that helps with pain and slows cancer growth (and here I thought medical pot users had to get high or wouldn't be helped.)
Hopefully the New Zealand study will get more play before we vote.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

American flag bad, Obama good?

Another teacher has an issue with a kid and our flag.
One child was told to stop drawing the American flag (and even worse, the words "God Bless America"), while another is Praised for drawing a picture of Barack Obama.
The teacher was not disciplined, but did get an earful from the first kid's parents.

Making the workplace more interesting

I think ties are an anachronism that should be dumped.
I don't like wearing suits because they are expensive to clean, uncomfortable and I never paid enough to get one that fits well and looks good on me.
I do, however, respect an employers right to set standards of dress for employees based on their perception of customer appeal.
If you don;t appear professional or you just look out of place or weird, customers are less likely to solicit your business or return once they have experienced your business environment.
Therefore, I support the right of employers to set dress codes that include prohibitions on men and women dressing in ways that are obviously cross gender.
It is no different than refusing to hire an obese person to work as a trainer in a gym or an obviously unattractive individual to work the cosmetics counter.
If people want to change company dress codes, they need to convince, not force.

Carter's Grandson Elected in Georgia

Jimmy Carter (formerly known as the worst president in living memory) has lived to see a relative get elected to the Georgian State Senate as a Democrat.
Jimmy's celebration may have been more joyous if it was not for the fact of his Grandson taking obvious pains to not remind the voters of who his grandfather is.
Jason Carter did allow Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter to attend some of the last events he was involved in with only two days left before the election.
Jimmy Carter still commands a modicum of respect and admiration in his neck of the woods (maybe they haven't paid attention to what he has been doing since he was a poor president).

Politico looking to buy Newsweek

Reuters and the parent company of Politico are looking into buying Newsweek.
It would be very interesting to see what Politico would do with the magazine.
Perhaps their right of center viewpoint will resonate and revive the brand.

Governor Patterson "Deaf" to The People

The people of New York know that times are tough.
Government workers know things are tough.
They are being furloughed and laid off to help deal with massive deficits.
Governor Patterson is not hearing any of this!
He has just raised the salaries of his own staff by as much as 29%!
As Bugs Bunny would say: "What a Maroon!"

BTW, It is hard to feel sorry for the union employees after reading this: ""It's a slap in the face to state employees who have had their raise delayed and are threatened with the loss of another 20 percent pay per week through the furloughs," said Public Employees Federation spokeswoman Darcy Wells.

So, they still have jobs and are still going to get the raise.
Wanna trade buddy?
Lots of people out there have no job at all.

Air Crash in Libya kills 103

An Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330-200 crashed on landing approach in Libya today. One Dutch child is listed as surviving.
The Triploi International Airport, where the plane was attempting to land, has no precision approach controls.
The weather and visibility were good and there were no reported issues with the plane or with the airline's safety and maintenance history.
The plane was delivered new in 2009.

Why post this story?
The Lockerbee bomber, who killed  270 people (in the plane and on the ground) Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi was set free to return to Libya for his final days on earth in August of 2009.
He was not expected to live more than a few months and he has since made "a miraculous recovery" since returning home.
That's right!
After more than a year of surviving and, apparently, thriving; this murderous waste of space is enjoying life because his jailers caved and set him free out of "compassion".
I am certain this compassion will encourage terrorists to be nicer people.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cowards Steal Memorial Cross

The controversial Mojave Memorial crass that has been in the Mojave desert for decades and the recent subject of the Supreme Court has been stolen in the night by worthless cowards.
If/when they locate the thieves, I suspect they will prove to be the type that have no qualms about attacking pacifistic or civilized groups that they know won't do more than call the cops.
They wouldn't have the stones to deface a Mosque, argue with Communists or confront Liberal protesters.

Intolerant Racists in San Francisco

This story and video show not only how many useful idiots have been co-opted by the leftist liars over the Arizona immigration law, but how hateful and intolerant they are.
The sick thing is that the wonderful little defender of the oppressed, Kelsey Musgrove, who verbally then physically assaulted some of the counter protesters is claiming that she is just an innocent little girl in town to check out massage therapy schools.
She also claims that she was the victim of assault, not the perp.
All of the SF blogs are concentrating on the BANA link to the actual victims of the assault and trying to paint them as racists in order to defend their attackers.
The problem with that is the attackers were extremely unlikely to know what groups the victims belonged to when they decide to follow and attack them.
I hope they show the video of her "peaceful greeting" at her trial.

(Over)Work/Life Balance

File this one under "Duh!":
British researchers followed thousands of civil servants for more than a decade and found that regular and excessive overtime led to increased health issues.
While they conclude that the study is not definitive, they do state that there is enough evidence to show long hours are a health risk.
Your boss will be happy to note their conclusion that an occasional long day or even an hour or two on a regular basis is not considered a risk.
It is only the regular 10 or 11 hour day that will have you using your sick days for cardiac intervention (great news, eh?).

"Home School" a cover for dropouts?

Texas schools are under scrutiny after the possibility of fraud in the Home School program came to light.
US statistics show that more than 70% of Home Schooled kids are non-minority children of college educated higher wage parents.
In one Texas district, most of the children listed as Home Schooled are minorities with parents that are low wage and less uneducated.
Students listed as "Home Schooled" have tripled in number in the last decade and have outpaced other states.
It (finally) occurred to some bright light in the system that this may be the schools way of hiding a sky high truancy or dropout rate (Ya Think?).
Now they want to crack down on the possibility of fraud by making it more difficult to list children in this category.
This is a good idea since some districts only require a "record of an oral statement from the parent/guardian"

Will this make it tougher on parents that really are home schooling their kids?
I hope not.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Guns vs Grizzlys

With the advent of the new law allowing visitors to carry firearms into parks like Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Glacier has tongues wagging and predictions flying.
As one biologist put it "Experience shows that putting firearms and grizzly bears in the same place ends up with dead grizzly bears." 
Well, the corollary is that putting firearms and grizzly bears in the same place ends up with live humans.
Experts stress that pepper spray works more than 80% of the time and is easier to carry, aim, and use.
It is probably the best alternative for the average person as it is hard to place your shot with a firearm while freaking out at that HUGE bear "bear"ing down on you.
Still, having the firearm as a back-up for worst case scenarios and the occasional problem with your fellow humans, wolves, etc. is comforting.
Plus, it is hard to signal for help by firing your bear spray three times in the air.

Census Chaos

You knew it was coming.
So many of the people the Democrats rely on for ignorance based voting, and many passive aggressives on the right have not filled out and returned their forms and that means hundreds of thousands of people are out on the streets knocking on doors for answers.
Some of them are casing houses and people for criminal activity.
Some of them end up as crime victims.
Then there are the fake census workers that commit home invasions.

The Government!
They're here to help!

Partial Victory over Hollywood Stupidity

Danny Glover delivered the commencement ceremonies keynote address for Utah State University's 123rd class.
During the color guard presentation of the American flag, Glover did not cover his heart and someone shouted: "Cover your heart Glover!"
Intermittent boos came during his speech where he explained that he "listened and payed attention" during the presentation (note: he said nothing about caring or respecting the ceremony or flag).
Unfortunately, the young minds full of mush still gave the neo-Communist a standing "O" after his speech and likely reinforced his confidence to continue bashing the country that allowed him the chance for success he would not find in Cuba or Venezuela.

Senior Citizens can't pray?

Georgian Senior Citizens have been told that they cannot pray before their meals at a center that takes Government money.
Actually, they have been told that they cannot pray out loud, but it is pretty much the same thing.
Port Wentworth's Ed Young Senior Citizens Center is required to follow federal guidelines because it is taking taxpayer dollars that have strings attached (one more reason not to filter your money through DC).
I think this is a great place to start a movement against the 'No God' crowd.
As one woman put it: "You can stop me from speaking, but you can't stop me from praying what's in my heart!"
I think she should pray out loud to resist this stupidity.

If people start praying audibly in government buildings, what are they going to do?
If they force them to leave or arrest them, they look like evil goons.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Navy Seal Matthew McCabe "Not Guilty"

Another of the Navy Seals charged with assaulting a terrorist in their custody has been found not guilty.
McCabe was the one (of three) Seals charged and was the one actually charged with assaulting the terrorist who was responsible for the killing and mutilation of American contractors in Iraq..
Here is the transcript of his interview with Fox News.
The General in charge of the trial insisted that he went ahead with the charges because it is the "Best way to get to the truth".

TSA Smackdown over small "member" seen on scanner

TSA employee Rolando Negrin has been arrested for assault after allegedly beating a fellow employee with a nightstick after being teased over a training scan that revealed he had a small penis. He claimed that he had had enough and wanted to make Hugo Orsono apologize and respect him. Apparently, his original plan to "just talk" changed after the confrontation began. 
And we were all worried that the TSA employees would just be making fun of us.

Texas Student Takes Down Mexican Flag

In another flag controversy, A Texas student took down a prominently displayed Mexican flag at school and has been suspended and told to pay for the missing flag.
I hope the Texans give this school some what-for!
Replace the school board if they don't remove "foreign symbols" from the schools (except for instructional purposes).

Arizona's Speed Cameras Shut Down

Arizona is shutting down its speed camera program.
This program was a source of much contention as it was not just targeted to certain areas, but statewide.
Within months of the program's start, there was a possibility of repeal but the shooting of a camera operator doing paperwork on the roadside prompted a delay to let emotions cool.
Now that time has passed and other issue are on the front burner, they are not "renewing" the program.
(Incidentally, the camera was started by "Big Sis" Janet Napolitano, our current Secretary of Homeland Security.)
I guess they will be too busy dealing with criminal invaders protesting their new law to go after speeders.

Tea Party is a "threat" to America

Forget about radical Islam!
Forget about hardline Communists and Dictators!
Forget about criminal aliens and gangs!
The greatest threat to America is the Tea Party!
That's right!
Those over 50 people in lawn chairs.
Those 30 somethings that bring strollers full of kids.
Those veterans who fought for our freedoms.
They are dangerous radicals and they must be watched and controlled!
Just ask Andre Carson.

ACORN wouldn't have allowed this

Britain's election was marred by voters being turned away at the polls and deprived their right to vote.
Election officials are sure to catch a lot of flak over their lack of preparation for the "unexpected" turnout.
Thousands were turned away and some had to be dispersed by police.
If they just had ACORN (and we would gladly ship them over the pond) they would have figured something out.
So, it wouldn't be quite legal.
As long as the "right" people get into office.

Does this mean I can't laugh at Geico commercials?

Scientists have been mapping the Neanderthal genome and have linked hundreds of their genes to modern humans, proving that there was inter-breeding.
The belief in the past was that this only rarely occurred and that we did not owe much of our genetic inheritance to the "caveman".
The surprise assertion made in this story is that the interbreeding did not take place in Europe, but in the Middle East. (I guess they met on Spring Break.)
There are still questions and disagreement about the claims and the mathematical modelling used to bolster the hypothesis, so I won't be calling the Geico guy "Cuz" just yet. 

Gibbs avoids Teabagger question

Imagine the reaction in the media if a Bush press spokesman avoided answering a question regarding a gross insult of a Liberal group like Code Pink or ACORN.
Robert Gibbs claims he won't even ask Obama about his reported use of the insult "Teabagger" when discussing the Tea Party.
If it was Bush, every press briefing and press conference (which Obama rarely holds) would be rehashing the infamous comment.

Warming Alarmists Cry Over Attacks

Those poor "scientists" that blame us for warming temperatures (that stopped and dropped since 1998) because of our CO2 emissions (that represent a small percentage of a trace gas in the atmosphere) are complaining of "attacks" since they suffered "Climategate".
My favorite line: "The reality of anthropogenic climate change can no longer be debated on scientific grounds," James Hurrell of the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research told the committee. "The imperative is to act aggressively to reduce carbon emissions and dependency on fossil fuels." (emphasis added)

They keep blocking investigations into their research methods and insisting that we accept their religion as vigorously as they continue insisting that their deponents' research is full of flaws and must be dismissed without any review.
Ho loudly will they apologize when the house of cards finally collapses? 

Dmitry Medvedev Slams USSR

Russia's President admitted that the former government of the Soviet Union was Totalitarian and robbed it's people of basic human rights.
In a move likely to remove him from the A-List of Liberal parties world-wide, Medvedev stated: ""Stalin committed a mass of crimes against his own people" "And despite the fact that he worked a lot, and despite the fact that under his leadership the country recorded many successes, what was done to his own people cannot be forgiven," and described the USSR as a Dictatorship.

It's funny that I never thought of this before, but why haven't the defenders of the "Poor and Oppressed" been demanding this apology as fervently as they demanded that America apologize for all of the horrible things perpetuated by our own government. (Note: The article states that "human rights advocates" have been after them for years to admit this type of thing. I guess that is one more strike against our media that I don't recall hearing any complaints.)

I know, I didn't think of it because there is no way the "defenders" on the left would point fingers at a Socialist Utopia. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A good sign misread

The Washington Post thinks that the 32 Blacks running for Congress on the Republican ticket are doing so because Obama opened a door.
I think it is more that more Blacks are deciding that the Democrats are not the path to success.
The money line is that this many have not run on the Republican ticket since Reconstruction.
That should be a reminder of which party Lincoln belonged to and how many Republicans were lynched by Democrats in the south for trying to help freed slaves succeed in the new era of freedom.

CUT! Where did these extra cops come from?

Note to self: When shooting video involving a staged hostage taking, notify local police.
Otherwise you may come close to tragedy as the real cops show up and decide not to just shoot first and ask questions later.

Segregated field trip not segregation?

When you invite only black students on a field trip to visit a black Rocket Scientist, you are really stupid.
When you 'discuss' the negative reactions of those not invited when the students returned to class in a way described as 'yelling', you are really stupid.
Why do so many obviously ignorant people achieve positions where they can make such monumentally stupid decisions?
If all of the students went on this trip, they would all learn that a black student can achieve a respectable, well paid position by applying him/her self.
It is great that the school is trying to help minority students after 'seeing achievement results' for the school, but starting a program called AA Lunch Bunch and having other students seeing them get special attention irrespective of individual achievement is a mistake.

I think that this Principal needs to take some Racial Sensitivity training.
If he had only asked himself: "How would people react if I did this for White students?" he would have seen the problem.

On a side note; I tried to Google AA lunch bunch and got hits for Alcoholics Anonymous groups.

Students Sent Home For US Flag Shirts

File this one under "no longer a surprise".
Several boys at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, CA were sent home after wearing American flag shirts and bandannas on the 5th of May.
They were told that they would have to hide the flags if they stayed at school or they would be expelled because it was not sensitive to Hispanic students during a Mexican holiday.
Shall we hide our flag for every foreign independence celebration?
The one bright spot in the story was that the families and boys responded to the question of whether they will apologize with a "Hell NO!"
If the school system were run by reasonably decent people, the kids would have been taught that we are an open and accepting culture for adopting the Cinco de Mayo celebration and they should be grateful that we allow them to display their flag.
I seriously doubt celebrating the 4th of July and waving the American flag would get much support in Mexico.

BTW, most of the comments on the story slam the school administration.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Michael Mann gets backlash

Michael Mann (author of the famous "Hockey Stick" graph of Global Warming) has recently threatened to sue those claiming he cooked the books and massaged his data so hard it no longer reflects reality.
Now it appears his keester may be dragged into court for fraud.
Ken Cuccinelli, VA Attorney General is pushing for a civil fraud case and has demanded records from Mann.

While I am not holding my breath, it is nice to see Mann facing the kind of inquiry that cannot be controlled by a friendly press.

Victory In England

When citizens adopt the non-violent civil disobedience of the left, they can win against a biased press, an invading militancy, and a government willing to give the country away without a shot being fired.

The English Defense League (EDL) helped the town of Dudley, overrun by militant Islamists, shut down a proposed "Monster" mosque that never should have been approved by occupying the building slated for conversion.
The government had decided to allow the mosque despite a 55,000 signature petition against it and the press ignored roaming gangs of Islamists beating and stabbing non-Muslim citizens.

Note: EDL has been maligned by the British press in the same way our press maligns the Tea Party. Even WIKI shows an amazing bias.

Obama Bought by BP?

From the American Thinker:
Obama is the top recipient of campaign contributions from BP, its employees and PACs even though Illinois is not an oil state.
Mary Landrieu who is from an oil state also got money from BP and environmentalists are attacking her as being paid off.
The evil greedy corporations are allowed to buy Liberal politicians with only a murmur of dissent from the press?
At least the enviro-wackos are calling them out (somewhat quietly).

The Great Uniter Speaks

Barack Obama reportedly used the insulting Tea Bagger term.
In a preview of the upcoming book The Promise: President Obama, Year One Obama has apparently used the term.
According to Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Nordquist: "This remark is the equivalent of using the 'n' word. It shows contempt for middle America, expressed knowingly, contemptuously, on purpose, and with a smirk. It is indefensible to use this word.
The president knows what it means, and his people know what it means. The public thought we reached a new low of incivility during the Clinton administration. Well, the Obama administration has just outdone them,"

No news of any calls for the President to resign or even apologize for this slur.

Does this explain cell phone addiction?

Maybe the reason so many of us cannot put down that cell phone for anything less than an emergency is that we are depressed and the EMF is the cure.
Probably not, but it is an amusing theory.

Syria supplying missiles to Hezbollah

For those of you that were too busy living your lives, watching reality TV, or waiting for the next i-? from Apple; Hezbollah has been building up its weapons stocks for another devastating attack on Israel.
Syria is one of the major middlemen and supplier of heavier weapons (including missiles) to Hezbollah (they are still mad that Israel blew up their nuke facility).
Iran is the source for training and many of the weapons transshipped through Syria as well as many of the weapons used in Iraq by "insurgents".

Combine this with Obama's continued disrespect of Israeli leaders and attacks on their sovereignty and you can see a nasty summer coming for Israelis.
I wonder if Obama bowed to Assad when he met him?

BP got a pass from the administration

While Barack Obama was pushing Healthcare, adding CO2 to the list of pollutants, dissing our friends and bowing to enemies; his administration rubber stamped BP's drilling operation in the gulf.
BP should have been subject to a detailed environmental impact examination and analysis, but was given a pass after both BP and the Interior department decided the worst case scenario would have involved only a few thousand gallons of crude.

Once again; say it with me: "If it were Bush, they would be screaming!"

Gibbs Issues Mega Whine

Oh my goodness!
The White House press secretary has an amazingly thin skin and no idea of what it is like to be a conservative politician or spokesperson.
Mr. Gibbs gets testy with Wendell Goler of Fox News over an interview with Mike (Katrina) Brown, former head of FEMA.
How many times have we had to watch and/or listen to anti-conservative people interviewed by the leftist media and lie badly without "pushback" or later correction?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An Immigration Parable

From the American Thinker:
A parable showing the unfairness of amnesty.
Why should one person work and struggle to follow the traditional, legal path to citizenship only to have another skate right over the finish line with no effort to follow the rules?

Big Brother comes to PA

Pennsylvania has a government sponsored ad concerning tax amnesty, that shows a satellite view zooming in to street level where the voice over is telling a tax delinquent to "make this easy" by paying his back taxes before a due date.
If it weren't so scary, it would be hilarious.
I hope Barry doesn't see this.

Take this one to the Supreme Court

I think it is time for the Supreme Court to pass judgement on stupidity.
We need a major court to say it is our fault when we hurt ourselves like this and we just need to accept blame and move along.
Another (alleged) dufus is suing because the water was too hot.
Zeynep Inanli claims that Starbucks sold tea that was hot enough to cause "great physical pain and mental anguish" because the beverage was served "unreasonably hot, in containers which were not safe".
Anyone who makes tea the right way understands that the water should be between 180 to 210 degrees (unless you are making a delicate green tea).
If that is too hot for you and you are too lame to handle an environmentally friendly container, it's your fault you got burned.
And anguish; really?
When I spill something hot on myself, my 'anguish' is actually guilt felt for being clumsy.

China next to burst a bubble?

Word is that China is going to have its own bubble burst soon.
Property speculation and unsustainable economy focussed on development will result in a fall or crash within 12 months according to investor Marc Faber.
My normal reaction would be a bit of schadenfreude at China's impending distress, but we are too solidly linked to foreign economies and China's is a juggernaut.
When they fall back or crash, we will feel a great deal of their pain.

We live in interesting times.

Congress Makes Too Many Laws?

Shocking! Simply shocking that this story did not come sooner and was not repeated often.
Congress apparently makes too many laws, and worse, makes laws that are too vague to defend innocent people caught up in their wide nets.
Even the lawyers are complaining!

"Among examples of the problem, the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act of 2005 makes it a crime to include false statements in an application for leave and could be applied to simple mistakes, such as a woman entering the wrong year when asked for her hiring date, the report said."
Remember the old gem about ignorance of the law not being an excuse? Now the more appropriate phrase is: "You can't prosecute somebody for something they didn't know was a crime" 

NY Bomber suspect caught by throw-away phone

Isn't technology great!
Combine it with amateur terrorists and you catch the guy as he tries to fly to Dubai.
It is becoming clearer that this guy was not very good at building bombs, covering his tracks, or keeping his house.
Thank god he was too lame to do it right!
Too bad their are a lot like him still out there being defended and comforted by our leftist friends.
BTW, unlike many MSM stories this one tells the reader that this guy is Pakistani.

Ray Nagin's failure finally noted

Ray Nagin is leaving office and it is not likely that we will hear much about his last couple of years.
Why? Because he has failed miserably to rebuild his "Chocolate" city when compared to neighboring cities and outlying areas.
Only 7% of city owned buildings have been rebuilt or repaired while neighboring parish's have repaired 55% (Plaquemines) and 85% (St. Bernard's) of theirs..
Funny how the associated press can tell the truth after it would be of much use.
I am willing to cut him a little slack when it comes to his laying blame on FEMA.
No doubt they slowed things down. That is why big government sucks.
The funny thing is that Obama apparently gets any blame for not helping out after more than a year in office.
Just like he isn't being blamed for not making coal mines safer.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Move Along! No Racially Charged Crime Here!

From American Thinker.
San Francisco has a dirty little secret.
When crime statistics show black Americans disproportionally arrested; attacked; or victimized, the media has fits.
When Orientals are the victims and the criminals are black?
No problem here!
Just "youths" taking advantage.
Nice to see the city protecting productive, law abiding taxpayers, rather than providing a sanctuary for illegal invaders.

No Courage In the Entertainment Community

This American Thinker article brings to light the double standard and cowardice of the leftist entertainment industry when it comes to militant Islam.
When the creators of South Park were threatened, the industry did not come out in their defense.
You might assume this has something to do with South Park's predilection for skewering celebrities, but that isn't the reason.
When the producer of the lucrative "Halloween" movies, Moustapha Akka was killed in a terrorist attack, no tributes followed and none of the people who found success through his movies publically condemned his killers.
When Theo van Gogh was killed, the same deafening silence issued from the industry.

They did manage to get an Oscar nod for Hitler's propagandist Leni Reifenstahl.
How brave and patriotic!

Another Mexico Story Buried by the Press

I did not realize or remember that Mexico legalized pot, LSD, cocaine, and heroin more than a year ago.
No surprise that our media outlets consider this not newsworthy (just like Mexico's harsh immigration laws).

After all, we might actually make the link between escalating cartel violence and the legalization of their products.

Wonderful to know what we can look forward to in Kalifornia when we start legalizing this stuff!

How many Muslims have they arrested?

A preacher in the UK got arrested for saying loud enough for others to hear in public that homosexuality is a sin.
From what I hear and read Muslims are at least as much against homosexuality as fundamentalist Christians and the countries that still list homosexuality as a capital crime are Muslim dominated so I have no doubt that the police have had complaints.
The UK is pretty bad when it comes to freedom of speech as they have laws that allow them to arrest you for causing "harassment, alarm, or distress".
I would think that would allow them to arrested me for a pro-Bush, or anti-Obama bumper sticker.
Makes me wonder what they talk about in the UK (if they want to stay out of jail).

Don't mess with Superheroes

This close to the summer movie season is not a good time to run afoul of Superheroes.
Unfortunately for a would be thief in Australia, Spiderman (the store owner in costume) spotted him trying to steal an expensive X-Men book and called for backup.
Jedi Knights and other Superheroes blocked his exit and Spidey took his bag and him into custody.

Hey Congress! New Targets here!

Come on Congressmen and Senators!
Here are a bunch of greedy, grasping, political ideologues that have a permanent pulpit to preach from.
According to past statements from Congressional hearings, I can only assume that the extremely high salaries and benefits of these individuals have our elected representative chomping at the bit to haul these people before them to answer for their crimes against humanity.

These guys are making even more than the poor schlubs at Goldman Sachs and other financial institutions.
Just because they work in the media industry and they have historically covered the collective rear end of Liberals in Congress shouldn't stop the train of justice from rolling into town.

Why not give them an award?

BP was in the running for a safety award offered by the Feds.
The winner was already chosen before the oil rig accident, and the ceremony is being "postponed" and the interior department claims ignorance of the winner.
I say that if Obama can get the Nobel for something he hasn't done, BP can get a safety award for actually being safe (up to the day of the explosion).

Umm, We did it! That's right. I was us!

Pakistani Taliban take credit for NY bomb that bombed.
A tape found on a Muslim site claims that Taliban operatives are responsible for the failed SUV bomb in Times Square over the weekend.
Though no details of the actual bomb or SUV were offered, the speaker claims the bomb is revenge for the killing of Baitullah Meshud and that they have delivered a "jaw breaking" blow to the great satan.
How embarrassing to gloat over a bomb that fizzled.
I bet the guys down at the local Mosque are really giving the spokesman a hard time for that.

I'm Not Dead Yet

Fighting terror can be like Whack-a-Mole.
You take out one guy and another pops up somewhere else.
Even worse; some don't stay dead after you announce that they have assumed room temperature.
Take Hakimullah Mehsud for instance.
He was supposedly taken out months ago, and here he is with not one, but two new videos (maybe an album too).
That's just what happens when you think you can fight terror from 20 thousand feet.