Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More puppy killing

A few years ago there was a stir caused by a video that seemed to show a soldier throwing a puppy off a cliff to a certain death.
Now there is a video of a young woman (reportedly in Bosnia), throwing puppies into a stream one at a time and even saying "wheee" when tossing one in.
The new video shows the fate of the puppies with more certainty and is definitely an act of a disturbed mind.

I'm wondering if she a potential PETA volunteer.
They were caught illegally disposing of euthenized pets a few years back and maybe this gal could save them the cost of the chemicals used to kill them (versus actually adopting them out).

An unrecognized martyr in Venezuela

The mainstream media will undoubtedly ignore the death of Franklin Brito and symbolism of his struggle against an abusive government.
Mr. Brito became a victim of Hugo Chavez' communistic redistribution of farmland in 2005.
Brito went on a hunger strike until the government announced that it would return his land.
When he determined that the announcement was likely fake as he never received any paperwork making the reversal official and no compensation for his loss.
Brito sickened and died in a military hospital yesterday.

We never heard of Brito's struggle or the wrongness of the theft of private land for the sole purpose of pandering to voters (while they still have a say) from our media.
We likely will not hear of his death or the dishonesty of the government in Venezuela either.
Our mainstream media are pro Socialist and pro Communist to the bone.

Media Hypocrisy Reigns at Beck Rally

The MSM could not resist tainting their reportage of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally by coloring their description of the crowd's makeup.
As if the media mouthpieces held a meeting to distribute talking points (Journolist?), the stories uniformly described the crowd as "overwhelmingly white" and the rally as "conservative".
When the screamers in the street are protesting the war on terror or a conservative president's increasing the national debt, the press fails to label them as "liberal".
They fail to officially notice that most liberal protests are "overwhelmingly white".

So why do they do these things?
Probably because they are biased elitists who look down their noses at conservatives and savor any chance to demean and demonize them.

Proposition 25 end run to increase taxes

Proposition 25 is not getting a lot of attention.
It allows for budgets to be passed by simple majority and provides legislature pay penalties for late budgets.
The proponents of the bill are touting it as a fix for the broken budget process and stressing the penalties for lawmakers if they miss their deadline.
Opponents point out that a simple majority passing the budget will allow the majority to insert tax increases into the budget as amendments or force increases through unfunded mandates.
The legislative analyst hasn't cleared the air as their interpretation focuses on the wording of the bill by stating that it does not "say" anything about increasing taxes within the budget and therefore does not have to be labeled as a vehicle for easing increases.

Unfortunately for California taxpayers, polling suggests they will vote for this pig.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Another day, another corrupt Democrat

Another Democrat has been caught breaking the rules.
Eddie Bernice Johnson was directing scholarship funds (available to all Congressional members) to relatives and friends.
The rules on these distributions are clear and forbid nepotism.
Johnson is using the health care bill excuse: "I didn't read the rules."
Maybe she learned the ropes from Maxine Waters.

Update: The number of recipients has gone up.

Journalists give more $$ to Democrats

It is ironic that, after a recent contribution of approximately $1M by Rupert Murdoch to the Republican Governor's Association, there were calls for news outlets owned by Murdoch to make disclaimers on air to inform the audience of possible bias.
Because 88% of political contributions made by our so called "objective" journalists gave their money (an average of $880) to Democrats and none have made a point of informing the public.
This data was based only on donations where the donor's employer was actually identified, so the numbers may be significantly higher.

You can cut the hypocrisy with a knife.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Journalistic crime

When people demonstrate, emotions can run hot.
When news people want a story so bad that they send in a plant solely to stoke up anger to the point that a cameraman can capture "anti-Islamic hate", they cross a very clear line.
When they are caught in the act, they should BE the lead story.
The American Thinker calls this malpractice, but I think they don't go far enough.
When "journalists" goad people in order to manufacture anger just to make people look bad, they should be fired and never allowed to work in that profession again.

Great Job! Get paid for 12yrs of no-show

If you thought the outrageous salaries and other shenanigans of Bell California's city council was bad, there is a topper in Norfolk Virginia.
A community services board employee hasn't even shown up for work and still got paid for 12 years!
How did the worker finally get caught?
The new executive director, Maureen Womack,  from one of those right wing states (Utah) found out and immediately brought the issue to the attention of the city attorney and the council and fired the worker.

Amazing what employees with ethics can do when they take charge of a government organization.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

And you thought texting while driving was bad

A Cincinnati woman was pulled over for overly tinted windows and the police officers discovered she was watching a pornographic movie on a laptop while using a vibrator to "stimulate" herself while possibly high on crack.
Not to worry though.
The passenger was operating the laptop so the driver could concentrate on the vibrator and her driving (at night, with darkened windows).

Epic Chinese traffic jam "vanishes"

Just when foreign reporters decided to cover it live, the infamous Chinese traffic jam went "poof!".
Stories of truckers stuck for more than a week due to road construction abounded last week along with tidbits about people making money by feeding them.
We marveled at the drivers for "staying the course" instead of taking side roads.
It was thought that the jam would last for another week or more and that it would take time to dissipate but, aside from backups at toll plazas, there is no jam.

Now I wonder if it was just a new version of the infamous "flash mob"

Update: It's baaaack!

It's definitely a tumor

How can someone not notice they have a tumor the size of triplets?
Forget "I didn't know I was pregnant!"
How about, "I didn't know I had a 50lb malignant tumor!"

Better ads from Republicans

There are many reasons for Conservatives doing better in the polls.
One reason is that some of them have finally figured out that they need to run better ads.
Political ads are so predictable, nasty, boring, and trite that we tend to ignore them.
The American thinker has an article that shows some of the better ads out there this election year.

My favorite is the one with Clint Howard (Ron Howard's little brother).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

9th circus decides you have less privacy

The infamous 9th circuit court has repeatedly sided with people who demand synthetic rights that plaintiffs 'decided' were theirs.
They are famously Liberal, so you would expect them to be overly protective of the rights on individuals to privacy and immunity from government snooping.
In the case of government agencies invading your property to place GPS devices on your vehicle, the 9th Circus has decided that your driveway is not protected.
Well, the mail man, delivery people, and neighborhood kids might wander into your driveway, so law enforcement can too.
That's right!
If you can afford a gated property or live in a gated community, you are protected.
If you are poor, too bad.

No peace for the dead

If you try to find out what kind of care your dearly departed will experience at the David B. Lawson Mortuary in North Carolina, you will only find that the website is 'temporarily' unavailable.
That may well be due to the discovery of a body left in one of the mortuary's hearses under a shade tree.
The body was that of a 37 year old woman found dead in her apartment who's next of kin had no been located.
The mortuary was on a list of such businesses used by police to hold human remains until kin can collect them.
A police officer answering a call concerning a 'foul odor' coming from the business discovered the hearse with its windows open and flies coming and going from a large brown container and also observed dark liquid leaking from the rear of the vehicle.
The owner of the mortuary at first would not acknowledge that a body was in the hearse, but eventually explained that he only had the body in a freezer for one day, then moved it to the hearse due to 'paperwork' issues.

Needles to say, the Mortuary is no longer on the list for police to use for unclaimed bodies.

No peace for the dead

Thieves in New York broke into a mausoleum, removed a casket, then stole the body of a woman interred 12 years ago.
They didn't take the casket which would be worth a few bucks and there was no mention of any valuables (which could have been removed).
So, why did they do it?
Your guess is as good as mine (mine is that there was foul play involved in her death ant someone feared discovery).

Teach them a lesson in terror

In the US we won't even allow kids to draw guns on paper when they are in school.
Mascots representing any sort of violence (Roman soldiers, Minutemen, etc.) cannot hold weapons.
The slightest threat can get you booted from school.
Having a gun in your vehicle, even off campus can get you expelled.

All of this is ridiculous, but in Australia, a teacher has gone all the way in the other direction by assigning a project to his/her students (no name or sex was mentioned in the article).
The project?
Plan a terrorist attack designed to cause the maximum number of casualties.
It comes as no surprise that people freaked when they found out about it and the project was immediately cancelled (Ya think?).

Maybe our government is still doing something right

The secret X-37B military space shuttle was launched with  a lot of publicity, then it disappeared.
Amateur astronomers (with too much free time?) lost track of the shuttle, then found it 5 days later in a different orbit and trajectory.
There is much speculation on the true purpose of the military's shuttle and it is theorized that its maneuvers were a test of its abilities.
There is also the to be expected fear of the 'weaponization' of space when the military has a delivery vehicle for fast orbital insertions.

I hope we are at least prepared to weaponize space because I have no doubt the Chinese and Iranians will not hesitate to do so themselves.

We hire experts

Max Baucas was visiting Libby, Montana with Kathleen Sebelius where he took credit for essentially "writing" the health care bill.
When asked if he and Sebelius had read the entire bill, the senator stated that he could no be expected to read every page and that they "hired experts" to author the bill.

The question that should have been asked is: "Why should we elect people just to have them hire 'experts' to subcontract their work?"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More irony

Hitler has long been rumored to be of Jewish ancestry.
New DNA tests of his relatives shows his ancestry includes North African Jewish DNA markers.
So, Hitler's concerns over his heritage may well have been justified.

Way to go Schickelgruber!

Irony as thick as lava

Hawaii is a Democrat run state.
Liberals have held power there for generations, although a Gallup poll now shows conservatives have a 7% lead now.
So who is to blame for the trash policies in the Islands that punish the poor and inflict garbage on Native Americans in Washington state?
Honolulu produces a lot of trash and the landfills on Oahu (located in the poor areas of the island) are full.
Hawaii cannot legally accept trash from another island even though it has a 71 year reserve left in it's landfill capacity.
So, they paid to ship the shredded trash in plastic bales to Washington where they would be dumped "a stone's throw" from a river where Native Americans have tribal fishing rights.
The Indians are upset at the lack of respect shown by their exclusion from the process and the possibility of pollution, foreign insects, and rodents form the Hawaiian trash harming their fishery.

How badly can a Liberal run state screw up?
First you trash the poor areas of your island, then you refuse to change laws to allow neighboring islands to help, and you top it off by shipping your garbage to the mainland where it will likely harm Native Americans.
Just toss it into Kilauea!

Fishermen to protest Obama at Martha's Vineyard

Obama can't swim in the water at the multi-million dollar estate in Martha's Vineyard where his family is vacationing, but he can watch fishermen protest Jane Lubchenco, his appointee to NOAA.
As head of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Lubchenco has done everything possible to cut the number of permits for commercial fishing despite increases in fishing stocks.
Her enforcers have been branded as "vindictive" by the US Commerce Department's inspector general and her new model for fisheries converts the system into a commodities market that favors large producers and drives out small boats.

So, while driving the individual fishermen out of business and aiding the formation of "greedy," "uncaring" corporate abusers, the Obama administration is "helping the little guy?"

Great News! Pay TV subscribers dropping out.

If you love pay TV (cable, satellite, DSL) the providers may start dangling incentives and actually listen to you.
If you hate pay TV or TV in general, you can rejoice that they are no only not increasing subscribers, but are losing more and more as people decide they need their shrinking budgets for more important things or are just sick of the excrement they see on the tube (or flat screen).

Friday, August 20, 2010

Now it's the Chinese

Chinese "immigrants" caught crossing our southern border into Arizona have increased in number.
The numbers caught are not too scary at 281 between October and the end of December of 2009, but the previous fiscal year had a total of 332.
That is an increase that may wind up being 5 times or more of the previous average.
Why worry?
China is building up it's military and has never been shy when it comes to spying on us.

How many government backed Chinese agents do we have in the country now and what are they up to?

Martha's Vineyard waters too polluted for swimmers

Obama's vacation plans may well avoid any swimming due to unhealthy levels of bacteria detected in the waters near the vacation home the family will stay at.
The waters the Obama's may have swum in are not tested as they are not publically accessible.
The bacteria levels are likely caused by fecal matter in the water and some areas have been reopened after bacterial levels dropped.

One official declined to recommend if the Obamas should or should not swim in the waters, but a local replied to the question with this great line: “Depends on whether or not he likes to swim in poop”.
Considering the people and situations the President has been involved with, I don't think it would bother him one way or the other.

Send face cream to the moon

The moon is apparently shrinking due to cooling of the interior.
The shrinkage is causing wrinkles on the surface.
So, the moon is getting smaller and wrinkly.
We need to send a huge batch of face cream up their to save the moon from the effects of aging.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New pot farm guards not up to snuff

Illegal Canadian pot farmers have been trying a new tactic to prevent theft of their crop.
They placed dog food out to convince local bears to stay in the area in order to scare off any hikers.
When police came to investigate a pot farm, they found at least 14 bears hanging out on the property.
The bears were not aggressive and the raid proceeded with caution.
According to police, the pot farmers usually employ dogs as guards and the bears probably will have to be destroyed as they are now attracted to humans for the easy food source.

22 States leaning towards AZ type law

All I can say is: "Way To Go!"
If things proceed as they should, more than half the States will be challenging the Federal government over its inaction on the illegal invasion of our nation by enacting their own laws to curb illegal immigration.

Ted should hunt in Germany

Ted Nugent got busted for taking an underage buck in California after baiting it.
If he hunted wild boar in Germany he might be able to spot it after dark by the glow.
The pigs in Europe have been multiplying quickly due to warmer weather and increased food, but their eating habits apparently expose them to greater levels of radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl disaster.
German hunters have had to burn and dispose of pigs after Geiger counters prove they carry excessive amounts of radioactivity.
The government actually pays hunters who bring boars in for testing if they fail testing.
You can snag 100-200 euros depending on the size of the boar.
It is thought that you can actually profit more from bagging radioactive pigs than by selling the meat of those that pass the tests.

The 'vacation' presidency

When George Bush took a "vacation" it was usually at his ranch and he always worked during his vacations (both as a rancher and as president).
President Obama is ready to take his 6th vacation so far this year.
While president Bush decided to cut golfing during the Iraq war because it was not right to appear at leisure while the troops were in grave danger (and he got nothing but crap for it from the Huffington Post).
Obama's golf games have screamed right past Bush's and he hasn't even finished his first term.
To their credit, Huff-Po also slammed Obama.
The MSM is not particularly upset at Obama for the time off he has taken even though they bashed Bush every time he was vacationing during a crisis.
While Obama's vacations are more numerous, the actual number of days 'off' aren't much more than his predecessors, but the impression the public has is that he is ignoring the crises of his term and not working hard for the people.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wyclef Jean has more troubles

First it was the IRS coming after him for his "charity", then Wyclef Jean decided he could be a good president for post earthquake Haiti.
Apparently, his fellow Haitians aren't all that enamored of him.
He has received death threats and is currently in hiding while he awaits a decision on his eligibility for the office.
Opponents to his run claim that candidates must be "habitual" residents and had to have spent the last 5 years in Haiti.
Jean insists that he has been a defacto ambassador for Haiti and, therefore should get a pass.

I hope they let him rum and defeat him soundly.
The man is not someone I would trust to run any country.

Terror pipeline from Tehran to Caracas

There is a regular flight from Tehran, Iran to Caracas, Venezuela via Damascus and sometimes Lebanon.
You cannot book a seat, ever.
Twice monthly, this mysterious 747 travels back and forth.
No one seems to know who and/or what the flight carries and, considering how Iran and Venezuela feel about the USA, it is something we should all be worried about.
We already have our suspicions about terror cells infiltrating the US through our porous southern border and it is no stretch to see them coming from Venezuela.
There are even suspicions that uranium may be taking the return trip from South America to aid Iran's weapons program.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kayaks taste better than humans?

45 year old Adam Coca may be wondering if a great white shark decided that kayaks taste better than humans after his recent encounter.
While paddling off Pigeon Point Coca felt a sudden impact on the front of his kayak.
A second hit flipped the boat and tossed him into the water.
While he sorted himself out, he watched a great white shark continue chewing on his boat.
The shark gave up after spinning the kayak around several times and Coca managed to get it back to shore despite the damage to the boat and his equilibrium.

Maybe sharks think plastic is a good way to clean their teeth.

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Unexpected" spike in driver's license demand

The 3 states, 2 next to Arizona that are not demanding a birth certificate for drivers license applications have seen a spike in applicants.
Utah, New Mexico, and Washington have seen a great increase in applications as people leave Arizona, or seek ID that may deflect police attention if they are pulled over or stopped.
In some states, the applications have nearly doubled and the argument against easing license requirements because they will attract illegals seem to be supported by this activity.
In New Mexico, even the Democrat running for Governor is calling for greater restrictions to prevent illegals from gaining a drivers license.

This new migration and the load it will place on already cash strapped states will likely lead to more changes in those states to restrict the freedoms of illegals and, ultimately, push them out.

Race crimes mean a tightrope walk for the Media

The Media have ignored the great disparity in cross racial crime for decades.
Department of justice statistics have ling shown that black on white crime is hugely disproportionate, yet the press only amplifies crimes against minorities by whites.
Now they are on their high horse in defense of illegal invaders of our country and they find themselves forced to admit an increase of black on brown crime.
It has been known for a long time that tensions between Hispanics and blacks are worsening.
Their respective gangs in prison are responsible for much of the violence there and it is no stretch to think it has a parallel in the neighborhood.
If the press doesn't spin it just right, people may realize the truth of where most racial hate and violence comes from.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Vampires attack 500 Peruvians

OK, it was vampire BATS, not mythical bloodsucking humans.
Rabid bats have apparently become a huge problem in Peru with people dying after getting bites that were believed to be non life threatening injuries.
The Peruvian government believes most of the affected people have been vaccinated for rabies with a few refusing help.
Some people theorize that deforestation is at fault for driving bat populations into greater contact with humans, others say it is the unusually cool weather.

I think it must be Bush's fault.
He gets blamed for everything else.

Obama admits he lied; sort of

The Obama administration has closed its office of transparency and moved its chief, "ethics czar" Norm Eisen,  to the Czech Republic as Ambassador.
If this is not an admission that Obama lied when he promised the transparency we never saw, I don't know what would be.
Eisen's record shows clearly that he firmly believes that transparency is something the government should never indulge in so I guess he was in the perfect place in a Marxist administration..

Thousands of patient records found at landfill

4 Massachusetts community hospitals are scrambling to figure out how thousands of unshredded patient records, complete with personal information like social security information, ended up in a landfill despite legal requirements to destroy such records before they are released for disposal.
Partial blame has already been placed on the methods used for required sharing of information with outside specialists and labs.
Once records leave the hands of hospital administration, they no longer have control.

Just think how hard it will be to track and erase digital data.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fake fishermen claiming BP payments?

Say it ain't so, Joe!
Applications for commercial fishing licenses have increase 60% in the Gulf.
In a time where you can't fish or can't sell your catch, why would someone want to become a commercial fisherman?
Simple; with a valid license, you can claim loss of income and get BP to pay you big bucks.
In addition to the license increase, fishing captains have claimed that multiple individuals have approached them with offers of cash if they sign documentation claiming the men worked for them as fishermen.
BP claims that while this may have occurred in the beginning, they have set up verification procedures to weed out the fakes.
Right, sure; we believe you.

If you didn't see this one coming, you must be a Democrat.

Blame it on BP

"Tens of thousands of fish" washed up dead on New Jersey beaches in Delaware Bay.
Officials are investigating, but have not yet determined a reason for the deaths.
They note that the fish are all the same species (small menhaden) and have preliminarily eliminated toxins in the water as a cause.

I think it must be BP's fault (only because it would be too hard to blame Bush).

Another carnival game with Obama as a target

A carnival game with effigies holding plates that patrons throw balls at has removed an Obama effigy and replaced it with Bush and Hillary effigies.
The operators have claimed that they are just proving that they aren't anti-democrat or anti anything.

My suspicion is that the patrons were "missing" the plate too much and tearing off Obama's head.
I am beginning to think there are a lot of these games out there and the press either doesn't know or doesn't want us to know.

Storm too late to save taxpayers

Washington DC is getting creamed by storms.
The "unexpected" fury and rainfall totals are wreaking havoc.
I feel sorry for the DC residents, but wish the story hit before the Congress spent another $26B of taxpayer money to save public employees from suffering the same economy as the rest of us.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We are paying to build mosques overseas

In another story conspicuously ignored by the mainstream media, we find that the US taxpayer is paying to preserve "culturally significant" buildings that just happen to be mosques.
If these preservation attempts were aimed at Catholic or Christian churches, the left would be screaming their heads off at this obvious state support for a specific religion.

Another domino falls in Florida

The Florida AG is proposing a law similar to and supposedly more strict than the Arizona law against illegal invaders.
I wonder if the rent-a-mob is ready to vacation in Florida to protest this one.
If we can have this happen in enough states at the same time, we will be using the leftist Cloward-Piven strategy against them.

Spoiled rich Arab boys

Two Arab men were in an expensive Lamborghini sports car that crashed in a London square, flipping a parked BMW in the process.
They calmly walked away, telling a witness not to worry because they would pay for any damage.
A 28 year old man was charged with "perverting the course of justice" for claiming he was the one behind the wheel and a 35 year old man was charged with dangerous driving and being without insurance.
Residents of the square complained that they had to put up with engine revving, loud music, and a general lack of concern for the sensitivities of others.

Sounds like the kind of behavior we get from rich American kids (although 35 is old for a "kid").

Al Gore, so right and so wrong

Al Gore says our government has failed us.
He is so right!
Unfortunately, his belief is that they have failed to move forward with his maniacal plan to tax us into penury for a gas that is required for life on this planet to flourish.
How wrong can you be?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Let's establish a dialog to end hatred

That is what the people proposing to open a Gay Bar next to the controversial mosque site in New York City.
Using the words of the mosque's backers, the Bar backers insist it is the best way to engage in a dialog to end Islamic hatred for homosexuals.
The proposed Bar would have a floor dedicated to the alcohol free lifestyle of Gay Muslim men.

More proof of PC intolerance

When Pamela Gellar submitted an ad to be placed on New York transit vehicles, she was told the ad could not be run because "images of 9/11 could not be used".
Here is the original ad:

After multiple changes and back and forth over the "rules", the actual rules have not been released, allowing the transit/ad authorities to find and object something, anything to reject future attempts.

The quickest way to expose the left is to corner them with a request to spell out how much is enough or what is acceptable.
They simply cannot answer because nothing is acceptable and it is never enough if it comes from conservatives.

Vincente Fox is insane

Ex-Mexican President Vincente Fox claims the solution to the current drug violence in Mexico is to legalize the manufacture, distribution, and sale of drugs that are illegal in countries all over the world.
He claims that removing the prohibition will remove the profit motive and funding for the cartels by dropping the prices.
Possessing personal amounts of many narcotics has been legal in Mexico for years.

Is he really that stupid?
Does he not understand that the cartels will not allow competition and that they will keep prices high by controlling the flow of product and raw materials?
Even if the drug market becomes unpalatable to them, they will increase operations in other areas, like smuggling drugs into the US and money out, arms trafficking, and terrorist control of government.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Blackouts increasing?

The number of brownouts and blackouts across America and the total time without power are increasing all over the US.
Much of our electrical infrastructure has not been upgraded for several decades at best.
Things may continue getting worse if we don't invest in improvements and maintenance.

Luckily, in my neck of the woods, the blackout rate is down and we have started using more "smart" methods to save us from brownouts and blackouts (like smart tech to shut down air conditioner compressors when the grid is stressed).

Look up! It's the Google Drone!

Just when you thought Google had gone as far as it could to invade your privacy, they find one more way to shred the envelope.
They may be buying drones!

Crazy Cops just crazy like a fox?

Imagine you are a cop that managed to get a 75% disability medical pension and you miss that full pay.
Now imagine that you find a lawyer that tells you you may have post traumatic stress syndrome or some other difficult to disprove mental ailment.
Now you can also get a Social Security bonus tacked on to your nice retirement and live large on the taxpayer's dime!
But you miss packing heat and being able to flash that hardware to make people show respect, so you sign a permit application for concealed carry.
That application swears you have NO mental issues!
24 NYPD cops are now being investigated for fraud because the connection between them and the lawyer and the permits was made.

No one likes a greedy civil servant.
No one likes a dirty cop.
If they are guilty, they should lose all pensions.

Our personalities are stuck at one?

According to a new study, we are set for life with the personality type we have at one year of age.
That is either great or it sucks and I may never decide which.

On the plus side, we should be able to label a few people as worthless or wonderful when they are but wee tots.

Dems infiltrating Tea Party

Recent events have led many to believe that the Democrats are infiltrating the Tea Party or simply using the name to play political tricks.
From unknown candidate claiming to be Tea Party picks, to unofficial Tea Party groups, to arguments within the party; it looks like the Tea Party has achieved enough momentum and notoriety to be a target for enemies, hangers-on and scam artists.

You just can't have a good thing these days unless you are willing to work hard to protect it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shirley Sherrod unmasked

If you had the impression that Shirley Sherrod was still the racist she named herself in the video that got her fired, but still believed that it was only whites that she was OK with mistreating, you may want to read an article written by a Liberal activist about Sherrod's New Communities Incorporated (NCI).
Ron Wilkins tells a story of long hard hours of work for less than minimum wage, exposure to pesticides, unjustified firings and even trumped up arrests of NCI employees who had the temerity to complain.
Even the United Farmworkers Union saw the treatment of workers (many under 16 years old) as cause for action and they moved in to organize the workers.
NCI hastily paid off the workers in an attempt to stop unionization.
Sherrod blames others for the eventual failure of NCI, but fails to "confess" these facts as she confessed her mistreatment of a white farmer.

Will the "objective" media let us hear this story, written by a Liberal and posted on a Liberal website?
Will they trumpet the truth as loudly as they shoveled their spin on her "undeserved" dismissal?


ICE employees unhappy with pro-amnesty leadership

Say what you want about public employee unions and civil servants in general, they are still mostly just folks like the rest of us.
Especially when it comes to things they see as dangerous to the country and their families.
Phil Boehmke at the American Thinker tells us that: "The National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council cast a unanimous vote of no confidence in ICE Director John Morton and Assistant Director Phyllis Coven, on behalf of their 7,000 ICE agents and employees from the department's Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO)."
ICE agents are apparently sick and tired of not being able to effectively deal with the illegal invasion of our country just to allow political hacks to enlarge the Democrat base.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Justice Department to Fund Lawsuits?

From the American Thinker:
The Obama justice department is apparently planning to change the way civil rights suits are dealt with.
I the past, defendants losing or settling their cases would turn over money to be distributed to any "victims" as they are found and the remainder would returned to the plaintiff.
Now the excess would be turned over to a "qualified organization" to be used as they see fit.
If their is not enough money left, the plaintiff may be forced to provide more.

It isn't a stretch to imagine that groups like ACORN would get the money and that they would in turn use it to initiate even more lawsuits in a never ending cycle of what amounts to government sponsored theft and extortion.

Wyclef Jean owes IRS $2.1M

Singer and supposed altruist Wyclef Jean (AKA Nel Wyclef Jean) has tax liens against him totaling  more than $2M and spread over several years.
His charitable foundation has been operating at a deficit and, despite warnings concerning his trustworthiness, collected money for Haitian relief after the earthquake.
Jean is also apparently serious about a run for the Presidency in Haiti.

Yeah, I can see that.
He is already apparently corrupt, which fits with the stereotypical Haitian government official, and he can use the presidency to leverage his case with the IRS while looting the Haitian treasury.

Obama dart game pulled from carnival

A carnival in Roseto Pennsylvania pulled a game called "Alien Invasion" featuring foam darts fired at a painting of a black man wearing an outfit with a presidential seal belt buckle and holding a "health bill" after 1 single person complained.
The carnival management pulled the game which rewarded participants for hitting the "Alien" in the head or heart with stuffed toys and other prizes and stated that it was a "Big, big mistake in judgement".

What I would like to know is how long the game was running before this one person (who was only visiting Roseto for a reunion) complained.
So, here is the photo:
Yes, it was wrong and in bad taste and if they didn't make the connection between the figure and Obama, they are incredibly dense.
Still, it is nowhere hear the "Kill Bush" t-shirts and paraphernalia that are still available and rarely panned by the left.

Body scanners storing images despite promises

Surprise, surprise!
Millimeter wave body scanners that produce fairly accurate images of the human body through clothing are not always deleting images as promised by our wonderful "servants of the people".
One scanner supposedly had 34,000 images stored on it after being used in more than one location.

More troubling than the actual failure to delete the images is the revelation that the machines can be set up to send imagery at high data rates in real time as well as allowing for remote operation.
When machines are returned to the manufacturer, the stored data is accessible to company service personnel for viewing and storage (maybe your image is taped to the wall in the service department or being used in training sessions).

I know from experience that medical equipment is returned to manufacturers with stored patient information that may contain personal ID information, so I am not too surprised at this news.

Ironic Murder

Marlon Rochester and Robert Godfrey both attended a New Jersey anti-violence event.
The event was part of National Night Out, which aims to heighten awareness of drug and crime prevention.
The two men were seen arguing before Rochester pulled a gun out and shot Godfrey to death.

I guess we need to start frisking or wanding people at peace rallies now.
Can't we just get along?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The next Israeli conflict may start over one Cypress tree

Israelis tried to prune a Cypress tree in their territory near the Lebanese border.
In the resulting attack by the Lebanese army, 5 people died, including a high ranking Israeli officer and a Lebanese journalist.
The UN (UNIFIL) people in the area back the Israeli contention that the tree was clearly on their side of the border and the attack was unwarranted, but that doesn't matter to Hezbollah.
The one factor that may excuse Lebanon for claiming the tree is that the "border" fence is not on the official border so the Israeli performing the trimming operation was on a crane, leaning over the fence.
That does not make it OK for either side to start shooting and one wonders why the Lebanese would not also want the area cleared to prevent people sneaking into or out of Lebanon.

Missouri rocks!

71% of Missouri voters said YES! to a ballot measure rejecting Obama's healthcare mandate.
The new law would exempt Missouri citizens from being forced to buy health insurance or being penalized for not buying it.
Here is a quote from one of the few people voting "no":
"I don't think people should be walking around sick," said Kathy Ward, a 57-year-old Columbia nurse, who voted against Missouri's law. "The fact remains, people have the right to have health care, and they should get it. It help makes a healthier society." 
I would be shocked to hear that Kathy would take one dime less in salary or pay any more for benefits in order to make health care more affordable.

Woman kicked off plane for saying pilot smelled of alcohol

A 51 year old woman who had a short conversation with the Captain of a Delta flight after a delay, voiced concerns over smelling what she thought was alcohol on his breath.
She mentioned her concerns to the flight staff and was removed for an interview with Delta personnel.
They told her that the pilot had tested negative for alcohol and then returned her to her seat.
Not much later, they asked her to gather her belongings and removed her from the flight because the crew did not want to fly with her aboard.

I would be as embarrassed as she claimed to be, but I would also be tempted to claim loudly that I was glad I did not have to fly with that crew considering my "opinion" of their sobriety.

Assassins miss killing Iranian President

Iran's President has survived an assassination attempt by what appears to be an internal opposition group.
A bomb was thrown at his motorcade and damaged a car carrying journalists, injuring several.
No one else was injured and one person has been arrested.
Iran is blaming Israel, which is a joke.
Israel would have hired better help and we would have provided better training.
Better luck next time, I hope.

Update: Iran is now claiming it was just a firecracker.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Failing media find new revenue source?

I recently typed in "the armed citizen" as a search term when I was looking for stories of people using legal firearms in legal ways to defend themselves and others.
The first hit came back with an "oops!" in Chrome telling me the site was down.
I looked at the cached version and discovered they were involved in a lawsuit started by the Las Vegas Review Journal.
The Journal has apparently been filing multiple lawsuits for copyright infringement and has allegedly even obtained copyrights after a story has been linked or repeated on another site in an apparent attempt to justify a future claim.
At first, I thought the Journal was just another leftist news outlet trying to strangle the flow of information that backs up conservative thinking.
Now my opinion is that they are just another failure, grasping at straws that are in other people's wallets.

Health Care Chart Update

If you have not yet seen the chart showing how the new healthcare system will work, here is an update (and more complicated) version.

Helen Thomas to be honored for hatespeech?

The Arab American National museum is trying to find funding to create a statue to honor Helen Thomas.
Thomas famously lost her job as the most desiccated White House correspondent over a video showing her making unacceptable statements about Israel.
She has long been known as anti Israel but her recent rant has made it very difficult for the statue backers to achieve the $30K goal they have set.
In a Twilight Zone twist, a Jewish group has given the project support.
The Jewish Community Relations Council of Metropolitan Detroit has voiced support with the caveat of 'hoping' that the effort is despite her recent statements instead of because of them.

Seriously, Helen Thomas is a walking talking gargoyle and they just need to bronze her when she assumes room temperature.

Cop injured in faked fight staged to cause "Teachable Moment"

A white Indianapolis, Indiana police officer was lured to a church under false pretenses in order to see how he would respond to a staged fight between two black men.
The officer was injured during the scuffle and now the tension between the police and the community has ramped up.
Police were already on edge after multiple incidents involving people taking pot shots at the police and have responded by warning all officers that further attempts to bait them will likely occur.
Police are asking prosecutors if they can charge any of the conspirators with a crime.

Teacher fakes fall to avoid evaluation

A teacher at a Brooklyn school faked a fall down a short set of stairs in order to avoid a scheduled observational evaluation.
She either forgot about the security camera or thought she was Oscar worthy.
She wasn't a very good actress and continued to insist that the fall was real, even though she quickly resigned.
The evaluation came after an entire three years of teaching.
How could she do the job for three years and still be so bad that she knew she was likely to fail?
I know there are a large number of bad teachers out there that the "system" protects.
They are a small percentage overall, but too many to accept as "business as usual".
If this is an example of a non-tenured teacher, I shudder to think of what the tenured failures are like.

Monday, August 2, 2010

78 dead in Bali from rabies

In another hard lesson about tolerance leading to disaster the Island nation of Bali is having an epidemic of rabies.
They have allowed feral dogs to roam free for generations and, of the population of about 600K dogs, only about a quarter are pets.
Authorities say that 70% of dogs must be vaccinated to reach the level of safety desired and only 20% have been reached so far.
When people went to the hospitals with bite wounds, they were often told their was no vaccine available.
30% of the island's dogs have been killed and people are (finally) getting the dogs vaccinated.

And then they came for the farmers

Proposed EPA rules on dust have farmers across America on high alert.
There is no way to farm without producing dust and the farmers insist that they wouldn't and don't endanger themselves by making dangerous levels.
Even driving down a dirt road could violate the rules.
Does this mean an end to access roads to state and federal lands?