Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Democrat Race Lie

I knew of several infamous instances of Democrats fighting changes to our laws that provided more freedom and equality to minorities.
The late Senator Byrd filibustered against the Civil Rights act of 1964 and many in his party voted against it.
Al Gore's father was an avowed segregationist who fought this act.
What I did not know was how many more instances of Democrats fighting to keep minorities down existed.
This list is long and the worst thing about it is that Democrats lie about it on their website and the compliant media don't call them out.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sumo scandal over Pete Rose style gambling

The world of Sumo is in a big, fat turmoil over a big betting scandal that has come to light.
30% of the top tier of wrestlers and elders (some on the Japan Sumo Association board) are being scrutinized for allegedly betting big bucks on sports (primarily baseball).
Sumo was just starting to recover from a hazing incident that ended with the death of a 17 year old and the current scandal is feared to harm it's reputation in ways that may not be repairable.
Worst of all is the revelation that the sport has become deeply involved with the yakuza.
Who didn't see that coming?

I thought things were bad at DOJ, but WOW!

A DOJ lawyer quits and publically comments on the New Black Panther voter intimidation case and DOJ internal rot.
When the very people assigned to protect us don't even read the facts before dismissing a clear-cut case of voter intimidation precisely because the perpetrators are minorities, we can only conclude that our government needs to be taken back and there is no time to waste in doing so.

2006 Mud volcano didn't stop drilling

A drilling operation in Indonesia during 2006 caused water to infiltrate and carry mud to the surface in a continuing eruption that still spews 100,000 cubic meters of mud per day.
Whole villages have been buried and hundreds of people displaced.
Levees have been emplaced to keep the flow contained, but flooding still occurs.
Methane from the site also makes for increased danger.
Arguments continue over the actual cause with some claiming that an earthquake caused or exacerbated the situation.
Why wasn't this used as an excuse to stop drilling in the US?
Well it was on land and the eruption is mud, not oil (can't sell mud, can you?).

Byrd dies at 92 after being mentally incompetent for years

Senator and former Ku Klux Klansman Robert Byrd died at the age of 92.
He was one of the longest serving and biggest pork pulling Senators on record.
His defenders claim he only joined the KKK because they were anti-communist, yet he showed as late as 2001 that his thinking had not changed (other than joining with the neo-communists of the left in order to gain power, status, and wealth).
Even without his racist past, his opposition to the civil rights bill, and his conversion to socialism; he was way past his mental peak and should have been put out to pasture long ago.
An article in the Sacramento Bee highlights a similar case in the Golden State where State Senator Patricia Wiggins is displaying behavior that calls her mental competence into question, yet she is still allowed to vote on issues affecting our future.
Ted Kennedy was also reduced to a Liberal sock puppet near the end of his life, reading other people's words and voting as he was told to.
When will we force incompetent elected officials to retire for the good of the people?

Supremes make it a little harder for Obama

The Supreme court has affirmed the right of citizens to own and posses firearms, making it almost certain that the last two cities with outright gun bans for private citizens will have to restore their citizens rights.
Allowing us the freedom to own and posses weapons makes it that much harder for the socialist agenda to continue in America.

Hispanics destroying the lives of other Hispanics

We are repeatedly told that the vast majority of illegals in our country are "just trying to make a better life for themselves and their families".
Our opponents don't want to hear that every burglar, rapist, scammer, and murderer want the same thing.
I bet they also don't want to hear that one particular set of Hispanic people are being specifically targeted by identity thieves that then sell the information to other Hispanics.
Puerto Ricans are nearly American citizens but they cannot just leave their island home and live here.
They (mostly) have names that fit an Hispanic face; they live in a less secure environment; their law enforcement is even less interested in ID theft; and they can't even track down the thieves themselves because they are stuck in Puerto Rico.
Puerto Ricans have found themselves in trouble for criminal activity and financial malfeasance done in their names.
ID theft rings have broken into school records, making for a less than bright future for many children of the islands.
Two things are being done by the Puerto Rican government to curb this ID theft that would not be allowed here.
They are unifying their drivers license and increasing the security features.
licences now sell for $100 to $150 (not sure if that is the street price or official one).
They are also forcing 5 million people i the Islands and in the US to re-establish their identities and obtain new, more secure birth certificates.
I wander how busy the US to Mexico border traffic will get after this happens.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Iran weasels out of Gaza blockade run

Iran claims that Israel has "politicized" the Gaza "relief" ship issue to the point where helping run the blockade will only aid Israel.
Iran may likely have changed direction because of a letter sent by Israel to the UN security council stating that Iranian and Lebanese ships in the Gaza area will be considered and act of war.

About time!

Georgians have removed a statue of Stalin from a square in his home town of Gori which was hard hit during the recent criminal Russian military action.
The removal occurred in the middle of the night without any announcement and reporters were kept away (even reportedly beaten).
I disagree with the sneaking, middle-of-the-night method used in this removal but at least they did the deed.
The statue is to be moved to a museum in the same town.
If the statue is to be totally removed at some future date they can send it to Berkeley, CA where it will be received with open arms.

Shocking lack of objectivity

A reporter assigned to cover conservatives who had been accused of being biased against them has been proven so by his own e-mails.
I know; no surprise there.
We know how pervasive hate and intolerance is in the leftist media and this is what we expect.
It is slightly comforting to see it in print though.
We need an avalanche of this kind of truth to turn the tide of ignorance in America.

More proof of Liberal "tolerance"

Liberals are always portraying themselves as tolerant, inclusive, forgiving, blah, blah, blah...
We know better when we see stories like this where a judge merely follows the law after the administration ignores it and the judge gets death threats.

I know.
The left will say that they get death threats too.
They get very few and many times seem to not have saved the e-mail, letter, or voice-mail.
Color me suspicious.

French unions strike over retirement at 62

The French unions are upset that they actually have to work until age 62 before a cushy retirement that the next generation will likely stop paying.
I have a great idea!
For every day a union strikes, add two more days until retirement.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chavez grabs more rigs

"Hurricane" Hugo Chavez is nationalizing idle oil rigs owned by American companies.
He is doing this in part to gin up support for upcoming elections and as payback for the oil companies resistance to outrageous demands for control and payment.
Rumor has it that the rigs have been disabled in a manner only repairable by the experts Chavez has booted during his takeovers.

Maybe we could "Nationalize" Venezuela.
I bet lots of Venezuelans would love to help us build a real sturdy border fence in exchange for citizenship.

Victory over Viacom

Viacom's suit against You Tube over copyright infringement has failed.
The judge said that the safe harbor provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act allows You Tube to wait until notified of a violation before removing material from its site.

I think You Tube has behaved in a capricious and unfair manner when it comes to removing and retaining content based on purely political grounds, but the idea of making them do all the work because Viacom and others are lazy bugs me for some reason.

Welfare gamblers

Welfare cards in California work at ATM's in card rooms on casinos!
The Governator is promising an investigation and people on both sides of the aisle are expressing disgust and concern that such a thing can occur, especially during our current fiscal crisis.

I think it is appalling that welfare recipients are using casino ATM's because it means they are visiting the casinos, but I don;t understand the angst about the ATM's.
If you allow these people to access cash with ANY ATM, you are giving them the ability to gamble!
Why get upset that the casino's ATM works for them?

Update: Governor Ahnold has vowed to "terminate" this issue by insuring that no Casino ATM's will work with these cards. It was also revealed that the California government was partially responsible by actually publishing a list of compatible ATM's.
This is no solution.
They can still get cash and spend it on anything from cigarettes to crack.

Update #2: Now they are using them at Strip Clubs too.

Doing the work American courts won't

A Pakistani court has convicted 5 American citizens of criminal conspiracy and funding terrorist organizations.
Facing life sentences, they were given only 15 years apiece.
The men, all in their 20's were apparently attempting to join a terrorist group in Afghanistan although they claimed they were going to do "humanitarian" work.
Claims of torture by authorities while they were in custody have been denied by the Pakistanis and the FBI.
The trial moved at light speed compared to the years long process usually experienced in Pakistan.

So, a foreign court moves quickly and convicts 5 would-be terrorists.
Why can'r our courts work this well?

Gaga Goes Down

I wouldn't even know this woman exists if it wasn't for her outlandish behavior and fashion statements.
Now she is making news for an entertaining fashion related tumble.
Between the leather train and the ridiculously tall heels, Gaga couldn't manage a walk through Heathrow airport.
The pictures actually seem to show what the "Lady" will look like as she approaches her dotage; pale, clumsy, and unattractive.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Copyright infringement in NYC

If you haven't heard of the Naked Cowboy, you must have been residing in a cave over the last decade (or lucky enough to avoid the more lowbrow news items used as filler by the networks).
Well, now there is a Naked Cowgirl and the Cowboy isn't amused.
Robert Burck (the Cowboy's real name) has sent a cease and desist order to Sandy Kane (the Naked Cowgirl) claiming that her act's name is too similar to his and that she must pay a franchise fee if she wishes to continue.
After viewing Ms. Kane's photo, I think she owes him and anyone else that saw her in this outfit a sincere apology.
Kane claims that she owes Burck nothing.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doing the work the MSM wilt not do

With the mainstream media bailing on the old-school ways of actually investigating and uncovering real facts instead of merely printing or commenting on someone else's work (what I am doing), a void has been created.
Non-profits have happily filled that void and may become an important story and information source for the MSM.
That alone will help bring a more centrist flavor to the news and is good "news" for us. 

Beaches recovered from 1979 spill

The press won't run this story in prime time because it doesn't fit their meme.
Texas beaches that were covered with up to 15 inches of crude were clean and beautiful not long after the spill caused by the Mexican Ixtoc blowout.
You might even argue that the spill help one species by almost killing it off.
The sea turtles were hurt badly and were provided with much stronger protections after the spill, which helped bring them back from a weak position that already existed prior to the spill.
In fact, you might use the wildfire argument in this case: If you continue to prevent fires, the protected area becomes weak and primed for greater damage because it has not suffered a natural stressor's effects.
Oil always seeps and our drilling and protections result in much less exposure, limiting nature's response in the same way a lack of exposure to disease results in a weaker immune system.
One thing that Texas did after the Ixtoc spill that was smarter than the current response is concentrate on the river mouths and wetlands instead of the beaches.
If only they would do that now with their limited resources, but history is ignored by a public and leadership addicted to mainstream media as an information source.

Goo-Goo Genocidaires

This is a great article on the subject of the groups not given proper blame for horrible crimes they are in no small part responsible.
It is a ten minute read, so I will summarize for the "no time to spare" crowd.
History books, histories, and period movies ignore the culpability of "Peaceniks" in many of history's worst chapters.
The clergy, peace activists, pacifists, and academics are responsible for convincing governments and the public to ignore atrocities by evil leaders like Stalin, Mao and Hitler as transitory growing pains that would go away if we would just make nice and given them a little more power, land, or subjugated populations to sate them.
They helped to disarm America; Europe; and China, making conquest less costly for the Axis during WWII.

They are still at it today.
They are behind the ridiculous protests against freeing countries from evil theocrats and dictators and they fight any attempt to protect American interests, even at home (border control).
As long as they are not linked to the damage and death they are responsible for, they will continue to do their harm while patting themselves on the back for stopping the "evil warmongers" right up to the point of losing their freedom to some Marxist regime they have empowered.

Hat tip: Mr. Brown

Monday, June 21, 2010

Another "sign" of the times

A Missouri man's "incendiary" trailer/sign has garnered much attention and attracted a couple of arsonists.
The sign asks: "Are you a producer or a parasite" and states: "Democrats - Party of parasites".
Someone tried to torch it twice and a nearby empty farmhouse was also burned.
Local Democrats aren't too happy and the sign's owner figures he should have been clear that he meant the party at the national level, not local.

Hugo Chavez seizes more food to replace what he let rot

Hugo (El Diablo) Chavez is still trying very hard to run Venezuela into the ground.
After taking over more than 30% of the food market in order to provide deeply discounted food to supporters and shield them from the effects of inflation caused by government actions, the government allowed much food to rot before distribution.
Claiming that remaining food stocks in the hands of private vendors was going to be sold for illegally high prices, the government seized food in recent raids.
Some of those raided believe that the real aim is to replace food in government warehouses that was allowed to spoil.
Venezuela imports 70% of their food and has an abundance of oil.

Let them eat oil.

Hugo's U-Boat?

A mystery periscope was spotted off Florida's coast.
The Navy has not yet commented on the sighting.
I'm thinking conspiracy theory here because Hugo was to buy some Kilo class Russian subs and we had an oil well blow up.
Let's start a rumor!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Aren't they a Sovereign Nation?

The Mohegan tribe in Connecticut just got $54M of stimulus money to help it out and to create jobs.
Most people already have a problem with these sovereign governments being allowed to operate large casinos that virtually guarantee a steady cash flow at the expense of people who fail at basic math.
The fact that these casinos are hardly hurting makes them unlikely targets for stimulus, but Chris Dodd is not running for reelection, so he doesn't care who he pisses off.
Here is how they defend the "loan":
"The stimulus money is a loan from a U.S. Department of Agriculture rural development program that is meant to help communities of less than 20,000 people that have been "unable to obtain other credit at reasonable rates and terms and are unable to finance the proposed project from their own resources.""

Never give anything away or it becomes a "right"

South Africans are "demanding" an increase in AIDS funding from the Obama administration after they were told there would be none.
George Bush increased aid to Africa for AIDS related help during his administration and was and still is praised by many on the continent.
Obama has ignored, but not stopped, the efforts to continue helping the people of Africa (I guess you need to be White to sympathize with Africans).

The irony here is that you could (and some will) say that Bush set Obama up by being so generous just like Clinton set Bush up by handing out billions in grants for more cops that would go away after he left office, allowing the press to claim Bush was taking cops off the street.
Now Obama must continue sending money to Africa or be the (second) Black President that abandoned his ancestral homeland and it's people.

What is up with Sir Elton?

Elton John just rocked Israel despite the trend of artists backing out of performances there after citing disagreement with Israeli policies.
He also performed at Rush Limbaugh's wedding, which must be causing the lefties' heads to spin (Barbra Streisand may never speak to him again).
Elton is an acknowledged spender who has run short of money several times, pressuring him to perform more; but these performances show that he may be throwing off the yoke of Liberal intolerance and bridging the chasms liberal stupidity has used to separate people that aren't really that far apart in their thinking.

Stupidity after Laker win

The police have softpedaled for too long when it comes to post sports riots and they are paying the price again in LA.
Even though the Lakers won the game, revelers still had to riot and damage property.
They also threw concrete and other objects at the police (not learning from the border shooting).
As long as they do not suffer for rioting, they will continue to riot and even get worse.
Considering the mindset of illegals in this state, the rioters will likely insist that they have a "civil right" to continue.

Doing all that is humanly possible to prevent the cleanup

The Coast Guard has stopped barges that Louisiana sent out to suck up oil and shut them down until they confirm all of them have the proper emergency equipment and the barges manufacture meets government specifications.
They report difficulty in contacting some of the manufacturers.
I wonder if they checked all other vessels so well.
In the end, after the governor contacted the White House, the Coast Guard allowed the barges to return to work 24 hours later.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Actor kidnapped and forced to do drugs

Actor Jeremy London was kidnapped while changing a tire in Palm Springs.
He was forced to drive around, buy booze and hand it out in a gang area, forced to smoke pot and do other drugs and believed he might be killed by his gun toting captors.
I wonder if his attitude about the poor underprivileged people in America is as generous as before.

The funny part of the story is that a squad car drove by as the captors first approached their victim and the cops thought "it was nice" that these guys were helping that man with his flat.
The police later identified and caught the men based on the earlier sighting.

More Obama chanting at school

The kids in this video don't seem to be taking it very seriously, but it is still disturbing to see an otherwise positive message turned into more Obama indoctrination.
The whole exercise has the taste of a cult to it.

Off with the heads!

Off the plane at least.
40 to 60 human heads were found in a package being shipped to a Medtronic medical research facility in Fort Worth via Southwest Airlines.
There is some suspicion of illegal activity, but the shipment was apparently just not properly documented.
When the heads were turned over to a local coroner, he mentioned that there is a black market in body parts for research, but no one is saying that is the case in this story.

Igor has been busy!
I guess that Medtronic is trying to get aHead with their research.
No mention was made of any plans for a "Head" tax.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey! I said that!

I have been arguing for years about no one having a right to land they lost more than 50 years ago and how no one owns land that wasn't taken from someone else.
If we tried to "give back" the land we would all lose something and have to move somewhere we may never have even visited.
The whole idea of giving the Southwest to people that stole it themselves is ridiculous.
Henry Percy at American Thinker does a great job of tying it all together.

UK press out of love with Obama

The UK and European press gushed over Obama before and after he was elected.
They have been learning all that many of us already knew or suspected and the handling of the BP spill has really gotten their knickers in a twist.
Now they are saying things that are about as snarky and sharply critical as they can manage.
I don't know whether we should rub their noses in it or welcome them aboard.
Lets do both!

Border security need explained by free concert

New York City just had a great demonstration for anyone not understanding the need for border security.
Paper magazine wanted to host a series of free concerts and did not anticipate the crowd size or behavior.
Instead of the 10,000 people they expected, 20,000 showed and soon became rowdy and hard to control.
New arrivals kept pushing towards the stage, crushing those in front and many in front were wise enough to smell trouble and leave.
People started tossing things and some climbed onto rooftops.
The concert was cancelled after the opening act and none of the advertised performers got on stage.

These people should know better than to give something for free.
If people don;t have to pay anything, they don't value what they receive and feel less bound by behavioral norms and rules.
If you don't impose a limit on numbers, you get too many takers; Duh!

Politicians need more regulation

Politicians keep telling us we need more law; more regulation; more control of those evil, greedy corporations.
Usually it is the Liberal politicians making these demands, but conservatives have not done enough to stop either spending or regulation lately.
Now we find out that at least 8 politicians held fundraisers just before voting on financial reform.
This may not have even made it into the headlines if it weren't for the fact that 5 of the lawmakers in question are Republicans.

Now that I am registered as "No Party" I feel cleaner.
I wonder if the Congressional Black Caucus is happy that the Office of Congressional Ethics is handling this; seeing as how they want it shut down for catching so many of them behaving badly.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Muslim protesters in the UK need protection

In a scene similar to crazy American church members harassing relatives at soldiers' funerals, Muslim groups in the UK are protesting at ceremonies with/for soldiers returning from duty in Muslim countries.
When the Muslim protesters (who were not described as dark, or foreign) started yelling at the soldiers, they may have got more than they wanted.
Another group that supports the troops and knew they would be there started yelling back and hurled frozen pork sausages at them.
Police had to provide the Muslim Protesters "safe passage" when they decided to leave.
It's nice to know the Brits aren't taking it lying down.

Bush wins poll over Obama

People in Louisiana think Bush did better after Katrina than Obama has done with the aftermath of the oil spill.
Are they getting smarter, or is Obama just failing so badly to hoodwink the folks?

The tyranny of the minority via the judiciary

I still cannot fathom how a Federal Judge could do this!
Port Chester NY has never had a Hispanic village trustee even though there are almost 50 percent Hispanic residents, so the courts and the Justice Department "decided" that the elections were unfair and gave each voter 6 votes instead of one.
That's right! Six votes per person!
Why is that fair? Because it allows organized voters to vote more than one time for the same candidate and thereby elect one or two candidates while others waste their votes by spreading them out.

Did it ever occur to the racist judge that maybe the Hispanics in the community:
1 - Couldn't vote?
2 - Didn't vote?
3 - Voted for the White guys?

Nah! The judge just knows minorities only vote for their own kind, just like white people.
Isn't that why Obama got elected?

Mexican violence you won't see in the headlines

A police convoy in Mexico was attacked by gunmen who killed 10 officers and a prison riot has claimed the lives of 28 prisoners. Our press will not cover these stories with the same enthusiasm they exhibit when showing us how mean and deadly our Border Patrol agents are when threatened by dangerous criminals.

American export worries Pakistanis

I have long held that the best way we can damage other countries is to export our homegrown nut-jobs.
It looks like we have started down this path in Pakistan by sending a crazy man with a sword, night vision goggles, and a pistol.
When stopped by the authorities, he stated he was on a personal mission to kill Bin Laden.
Gary Faulkner, 52 claims he has visited Pakistan 7 times and Chitral 3 times (lots of frequent flier miles).
I would love to know how he got there with the weapons..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Poor AlGore proven wrong again

Careful, scientific analysis has proven that rising ocean levels are not only puny, but Islands are making up for natural erosion by building up on their leeward sides.
Once again, Al Gore's predictions have been proven wrong.

Update: Al now wants the press blackout in the Gulf to be lifted.
This is pretty hypocritical considering Al's lock outs of the press in the past when he gave speeches at CTIA and RSA.

Congressman assaults student

This video is unbelievably believable.
Democrat Congressman Bob Etheridge assaults and batters a student after being asked if he supports the Obama agenda.

I don't see anything of this story on the MSM yet.
Lets hope that Fox picks it up.
Say it with me: If it was a Republican...

Mount your trophies securely

When you get that 200lb Water Buffalo head home from the taxidermist, make sure you mount it with very sturdy hardware, then tug on it hard to be sure it won't give.
Otherwise you might end up calling 911 like Jim Harris of Florida after it hits you an the head while you are sleeping and traps you in your chair (fortunately close enough to the phone).
I don't think Jim will be sleeping under any stuffed heads anytime soon.

Per student spending higher than stated

The cost per student figure is an oft used tool for both sides of school issues.
Now we find that the costs may be higher than stated and that should open up a big can-o-worms.
So, why would they hide the actual costs?
They don't want us to know how much money they are wasting when they continue to say we aren't paying enough.
They also don't want us asking hard questions about how so much money translates into unacceptable results.

The people don't want government media

Recently, several plans have been proposed to prop up the failing MSM.
Newspapers, the old alphabet network news and many news magazines are really hurting for ad revenue as people rely more on the new media on the internet and newly popular cable news shows like those on Fox.
When polled by Rasmussen, 55% did not even want to help save journalists' jobs and the "no" votes just go up from there.
When told of proposals to tax the very devices used to access information from the internet in order to help the old media, more than 83%.

I hope they actually listen to the people this time around.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Great idea for the unemployed

So the Government is unhappy with the progress BP is making in controlling the flow of oil in the Gulf leak and they have given them 48 hours to come up with better plans.
What a great idea!
If you don't like the way things are going, just demand a new plan and set a deadline (repeat as needed).
Can all of the unemployed demand that Obama come up with new plans to create jobs?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another book for the wish list

Why is it that great thinkers foresaw the problems we would see today if we allowed the left to keep inching forward with the Communist agenda?
Whittaker Chambers wrote his book Witness in 1952 after participating in the trail of Alger Hiss.
Chambers himself confessed to being a communist and to being involved in espionage with Hiss, who sued him and lost.
His book was a favorite of people like Ronald Reagan and the late Robert Novak.
The main thrust of his book is that America's loss of faith, in no small part due to Liberalism's constant attacks on religion, was the true danger to the country.
Liberalism's faith in man over all translates into it's faith in Government to cure all ills and make the important decisions.
The essay in the American Thinker concerning this book does make me a bit reluctant to wade through what is said to be a tough read and I doubt it will make me return to the Church, but I have always felt that many of us need something to believe in that is larger than us.
People should be encouraged to believe and not harassed or belittled for doing so.  
I wonder if there is a cliff notes version...

Blinding hypocrisy from the Enviros

Most of us have figured out that there is a double standard when it comes to the kind of treatment a President gets from Environmental activists.
Of those still on the fence, the treatment Obama has been receiving should be the final straw.
Instead of calling him out on his horribly inept response to the ongoing tragedy, they are actually taking out full page ads thanking him for shutting down Alaskan oil exploration and lauding his efforts to make things better after the bureaucrats screwed up (Not his fault. He was busy with Health Care and Wall Street).
I wonder if they now have a fuller appreciation of what it is to be a prostitute now that they have been bought and bent over by Obama.
They can't afford to attack him for his very real failures, but if they continue to fail to stand up to him, many of the faithful will see them as traitors and support will suffer.

Unbelievable! Saudi clearance for Israel to hit Iran

Saudi Arabia has tested its air defense response network to insure that Israeli planes can pass safely over their territory to attack Iranian nuclear sites.
The tests were to insure that systems and procedures would not scramble after Israeli jets after official clearance was given and the system was selectively shut down.
An American defense source claims the Saudis have provided permission and Saudi sources confirm that they basically will look the other way when Israel launches an attack.
It is common knowledge in defense circles that the Saudis, despite tensions with Israel, have no love for the Iranian regime and would shed no tears if their offensive capabilities are cut down to a more manageable size.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cuba smuggling people through Mexico

American Thinker has another "where are the MSM on this?" article.
This one is about a Mexican-Cuban connection in the human smuggling business.
It is very scary to know that Cuba is working with high level Mexican officials and hardcore Mexican criminal organizations to smuggle people into the country they want destroyed for the sin of succeeding without Communism.
Even the Mexican press is talking about this, but the US press is criminally silent.

It's (not) complicated

It is a shame that we have to rely on the foreign press and comedians for our news and analysis.
American Thinker brings us a piece from the Jon Stewart show where Stewart shows how many times the administration claims something is "complicated".
The last line is the best: "That's my second piece of advice, very simple:  Don't make excuses."  President Obama, June 7, 2010.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

More fallout from Obama's failure in the Gulf?

Lisa Murkowski's (Alaska) resolution to overturn the president's executive order concerning the EPA's ability to regulate CO2 has the Democrat leadership in panic mode.
The resolution submitted by using a rule from the Contract with America is getting support from Democrats, including May Landrieu (Louisiana); Blanche Lincoln (Arkansas, who kicked the union's ass on Tuesday); Ben Nelson (Nebraska); and Jay Rockefeller (W. Virginia)
The rule allows the resolution to work with a simple majority, but that will not override Obama's inevitable veto.
However, it will be a major embarrassment to an already embattled president who has proven incompetent and juvenile (in the last few weeks especially).

Go Team!

Will Natalie Maines apologize for Obama?

The Brits have had enough of Obama's juvenile behavior and misplaced blame.
The mayor of London for one has asked that he stop doing so much to depress the price of BP stock because it hurts British pensioners (I wonder if they ever worried about that when they bashed this corporation or that, themselves).
Well, I have to agree with them.
O-blame-a needs to get off his high horse and stop doing all those things he told the kiddies they should not do.
After her heartfelt apology for, then to George Bush after telling a British audience she was ashamed he was from her home state of Texas, Natalie Maines may be the perfect pick to apologize to the Brits for Obama's behavior.

BTW; she took back her apology to Bush, saying he deserved "no respect whatsoever"

Is this where the kids learn to cheat?

I have long maintained that the ambiguous ethical messages given to students in our schools has help erode societal ethics over time.
Now we have yet more proof that some teachers are incompetent, desperate, lazy, and bad examples to boot.
Under pressure to actually teach children well enough for them to pass standardized tests, teachers all over the US are suspected of  (and being caught) altering test scores, coaching students during tests, and even publishing study guides by breaking the rules and viewing and copying the tests before they were given.
Proving that administrators can also be incredibly stupid, one case involved changing the answers on so many questions of so many tests that it was judged impossible for the level of improvement shown to have happened.
When confronted, the guilty parties broke down and confessed.

Can we please start being as upset about bad teachers as we are about bad cops?
Can we eliminate the tenure system (that no longer makes sense, if it ever did)?

Dutch vote give right another surge

The Netherlands has moved farther right again and Geert Wilder's party has picked up more seats.
The party is naturally referred to as "far right" by the far left press even though they are only demanding reasonable things like law and order and no more new mosques or immigrants from Muslim countries (after they proved to not have any desire to assimilate).
I hope they gain even more power as the Dutch learn what so many in Europe have learned and so many in the US refuse to acknowledge; that Islam is possibly more dangerous that the invasion of illegals in the US and to many illegals are Muslims.

Why you drive the old car to court

The courthouse is where you find a large concentration of criminals and lawyers.
Two reasons to lock your car and not leave valuables in it.
So, it is no surprise that a criminal on a break during his trial decided to break into cars in the parking lot.
That is when he was reminded of the third group found an many court buildings; cops.
The cops caught him when he tried to sell a GPS unit to its owner!
He was arrested (for the 40th time) and held on $25K bond.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hillary lectures the Rich

Hillary Clinton has shown appalling ignorance and hypocrisy again by lecturing the "rich" in the Americas about unfair taxation and tax evasion.
Apparently, the poor will save the economies of North and South America if they can have more of the rich people's money.
Hillary needs an intervention. A little economics "re-education" would help her a lot!
She claims that tax systems unfairly burden the lower classes and that the rich should pay more and evade less (is she talking about the Obama cabinet and Democrat Congressmen/Senators?).
I can just see all of those poor people generating piles of capital through hard work and investment and not spending it selfishly like the rich do.

Outrage in Mexico

Two Mexicans have been killed by Border Agents lately and there is outrage in Mexico over the latest death.
I the latest death came during an alleged border incursion where Mexicans were throwing rocks at border agents and one of them shot at the perps after warnings to stop were ineffective.
The victim, a 15 year old male, was shot near the eye and his family insist that he was merely "playing" near the fence.
Not surprisingly, his family insist that he was a wonderful human being who never did wrong.
The story says he was in a "grey metal coffin" and I wondered if that meant cheap or expensive and how it was paid for.
There is supposed to be a video showing part of the incident and also showing Mexican authorities crossing into the US, retrieving an object and returning to where the body was located.
It was later reported that a .40 caliber shell casing was located on the Mexico side (hmmm, I wonder how it got there).
Frankly, I am surprised our media aren't hammering the Border Patrol with this one.
I guess it is too hard to spin it their way in today's political climate.

BTW, 17 Mexicans have been killed near the border so far this year.
Only 12 died in all of 2009.

EPA vs The Amish?

Now that Comrade Obama is in charge, the EPA is coming down on the Amish.
They claim there are too many cows and too much manure.
Farm inspections by the government are rare in the Chesapeake Bay area of Pennsylvania, but have been ramping up lately.
The Bay is suffering from runoff issues that are supposedly due, in part, to Amish farming practices that include large piles of manure and a lack of buffers between effluent and waterways.
Things aren't as dark as that may make things seem though.
Unlike what you or I would experience, the EPA and government agencies are "working with" and "suggesting" instead of "fining" and "shutting down".
I guess they don't have a lot of leverage with farmers that don't suckle on the government teat and who have a public image that makes it risky to slap them around.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Another tragedy that the mainstream press will ignore

Lillian Wilson, an 80 year old woman, was beaten to death inside a church, possibly with a crucifix.
I don't expect this to make headlines because the victim does not belong to a "protected" religion.

Democrat Cowards Dodge Voters

Rather than face the people they betrayed by voting for health care despite overwhelming opposition, Democrats are NOT having town hall style meetings in droves.
They are sticking to invitation only bunker conferences with the like minded and the lemmings.
I wonder what they will do as November approaches.

So much for the Gaza Diver's Club

The Israeli Navy gunned down four men dressed in diving gear off the coast of Gaza.
The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade acknowledged that men were part of their organization and were training.
The NY Times will. no doubt, will claim those poor Palestinians were trying to enjoy life like anyone with beach front real estate by taking up Scuba..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

This won't be big with the MSM

I doubt this will get much play with the alphabet networks.
Thousands rallied in Phoenix to support the new immigration law, including bikers carrying signs that said "what part of illegal do they not understand?".
They were also chanting "Joe, Joe, Joe" in support of Joe Arpaio, who told the crowd "we'll put up tents from here to Mexico if we need to" (to house the arrestees).

Coming to Kalifornia

According to a judge in Montana if you pay a "volunteer" any money at all and even if he smokes pot before coming to work; he gets workman's comp if the bears he is feeding are conservatives and maul him for being a stupid pot-head. 
This is what we will have to deal with here in the Republik of Kalifornia (especially if the pot legalization initiative passes).

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What if we opened an office to provide IDs to Americans illegally in Mexico

The response would almost certainly be a resounding "NO!".
But the Mexican government is opening a satellite consular office on Catalina Island to provide "matricular" ID for those Mexicans here illegally.
These cards allow them to open bank accounts and provide ID to authorities.
Why Catalina?
Well, it is reported to be a pipeline for illegals coming to the US by sea.
I would think that the Catalinans would want to keep from being overrun, but that's just me.

FTC wants to make the "Government News" moniker official

The Federal Trade Commission wants to save the news.
Not the "New" News, but the old news.
They think that giving anti-trust exemptions to the MSM will help.
They don't seem to think the blogs are legitimate news sources and barely mention them in their discussions.
They want to provide news organizations with financial support (hello, Government News).
They want to make it harder to engage in fair use or discussion of other outlets' stories.

Just let the dinosaur die already!

Congressional Black Caucus Wants To Curb Ethics Investigations

"Stung" by being the group most affected by the tougher ethics rules imposed by Queen Nancy Pelosi to create the "Most Ethical" congress and end the "Culture of Corruption", the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is trying to curb the ethics office.
Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio introduced a resolution that not only is not supported by all members of the CBC, but could not get support of senior Democrats and will likely go nowhere.
The complaint of the 19 CBC members signed on to the resolution is that the charges are too transparent and public even when the member in question is cleared.
They want stricter rules that require more proof before an investigation begins.

This from the party that believes in public investigations of Republicans when only the barest of suspicion or innuendo support the charges.

Video game rage kills kitten

Bruce Walston was arguing with his girlfriend, Bessie Hess, in front of her kids over a kitten he claimed was responsible for disconnecting his video game while he was playing.
He grabbed the kitten and hurled it against the wall, killing it.
The girlfriend called the police who arrested him for animal cruelty.

They called him a man.
He is a child and should not be left alone with small children.
As a reformed cat hater, I can say I would not have done that to a kitten even when I hated cats.

BTW, did you see his picture and notice the mainstream names?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jesse Jackson Tries Screwing his Peeps (again)

Jesse Jackson is (predictably) trying to gin up support for a boycott against BP.
Once again, Jesse the race baiter, Jesse the hater, Jesse the bloated tick (as one commenter so aptly put it) is getting it all wrong and probably making money off it.
If BP stations are boycotted, only the franchise owners will suffer.
If the company is truly harmed, they will not be as effective in cleaning up their mess or being safer in the future.

So what does Jesse (the defender of the hard working American "little guy") say about the people who will lose their jobs because of him?: "There's gonna be tension between sacrifice and jobs," Jackson said. "In the meantime, we cannot stand idly by and allow those workers to stand between us and the right to breathe free, the right for fish to live, the right for wildlife to live." 
Somehow, I suspect if asked how he feels about the shrimpers in the gulf losing work, he will state that no one should be out of work because of the greedy oil company.

America for sale (again)

Foreign banks are picking the bones of American institutions being shut down by the feds.
Lobbyists and money are apparently flooding Washington in a financial feeding frenzy.

One explanation for their success and the ignorance of lawmakers and bureaucrats is in this quote:
“They’re taking advantage of the fact that they’re not thought of as Wall Street. They’re below the radar screen because nobody’s ever heard of Barclays or Deutsche Bank.”

So, millions of dollars are flowing and our banks will be owned by foreigners after being closed due to the decisions of people affected by the politicians that not only caused this mess, but are now profiting from its effects.

Would you still feed him now he's past 64?

Paul McCartney's Liberal credentials are etched in granite and lined with gold. 
He made big bucks from his "Let's all share and love each other" style of music (even though he and his bandmates used every trick in the book to avoid paying the UK's confiscatory taxes).
Now he is telling us (and especially the truth telling English press) to lay off Obama.
Why? Because he likes him!
What a tool!
There are lots of actors (and singers) who's work I like, but who's politics I hate.
Is Sir Paul so blind he can't see what a loser of a president Barry is?
Obviously he does not realize that telling foreigners how they should feel about their leaders is a third rail you should not touch.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Woman douses self with oil at White House

An unidentified woman doused herself with an oily substance, triggering a hazmat situation and arrest.

If Clinton were still in residence I would believe this was just another weird woman that Bubba had mesmerized.

Update: It turns out that this fool was not protesting the oil leak, but was protesting Obama's meeting with Peruvian President Alan Garcia Perez.

The obliviot in question is Q'orianka Kilcher, 20 played Pocahontas in the 2005 "The New World".
Well, that explains it all.

Call in the cartoon cops

Somebody stole a bunch of valuable virtual furniture in Finland.
Yep, my imaginary leather sofa has gone missing and I want it back!

Kids sick from antifreeze

Children at a Queens school became sick after drinking water that was apparently contaminated with antifreeze.
This raises some questions:
Why were they drinking plain, water fountain water? I thought everyone drank sodas or bottled water and juice.
Why was a fluid used in the air conditioning system in the drinking water pipes? (Union plumbers perform repairs at schools, but a "contractor" was blamed.)

Well, as long as they stay away from Obama's cool aid, I'm good.

I blame BP

A tropical storm has killed more than 100 people in South America. Obviously this large sink hole is due to the oil leak in the gulf.