Friday, May 27, 2011

Patriot act (quietly) extended

Key provisions of the Patriot act have been extended by both the House and Senate.
You might not know this if you get your news from the mainstream media.
There apparently was not a lot of drama in the Senate where it passed 72-23 even though Democrats (who haven't stopped criticizing the act since its inception) have the majority.
In the house, political maneuvering left more than a few bruised egos and reasons to get on their soap boxes to express their ire.
Even with the passage of the extension, parts of the act will expire for a short period of time because they and the President waited so long to act. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Obama Administration "skirts" the law

More like ignores it completely.
Is it mere coincidence that the vast majority of waivers exempting businesses from Obamacare are granted to his supporters?
Is it fair that a large percentage of recent waivers happen to have been granted in Nancy Pelosi's district?
Is it justifiable for the NLRB to tell Boeing that they cannot build a plant in a right-to-work state which forces the company to hire more union workers in Washington State?
Does it smell suspicious when the IRS warns non-profits that it will be charging a gift tax on donors when the organizations in question mainly support Conservative politicians?

The only thing worse than the administration's selective obedience and enforcement of the law is the complicit media and their blackout of any coverage concerning this perfidious behavior.

Bibi gets support from the House

Both sides of the aisle in the House showed strong support for Benjamin Netanyahu when he spoke before Congress.
In doing so, they came down solidly against the administration's ridiculous call to shrink their borders to those that existed in 1967.
Robert Andrews (D, New Jersey) even stated that the president was "tilting toward Hamas" in his demands.
Even 'Dingy' Harry Reid and Steny Hoyer sided against the president, who has been doing some back pedaling since he has seen and heard the reactions against his speech.

It's too bad this and all his other huge mistakes will be conveniently ignored when he runs for re-election.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Not very 'stimulating' for the rest of us

Most people have an idea that the 'stimulus' money went to some people that frankly did not deserve any help.
Now we find that some of those who got stimulus checks were (and may still be) delinquent on their taxes.
According to a GAO, one company that received $100K was more than $9M behind in payroll taxes from as far back as 2001.
"The report said the tax delinquents accounted for nearly 6 percent of the 63,000 contractors and grantees examined, and it cautioned that the real number might be higher because the known tax debt does not measure such factors as income underreporting."

Your tax dollars at work...for someone who never paid them.

Stinky Mecca is a threefor

Mecca stinks, and the locals agree!

Mecca California, that is.
A "propane like" smell caused a panic reaction at a local school causing paramedics to respond.
It was determined the source was a landfill that receives and treats contaminated soil.

Naturally, the government was more than ready to swoop in and nail someone to a cross for this heinous deed.
They did not get far though.
You see, the site is operating on Tribal land and not subject to the administrative laws that can ruin your company in the time it take a bureaucrat to fill out a form D226.
The regulators still managed to shut down operations and prevent more contaminated soil from being received but the smell, while diminished, is still there.

It is important to note that tests of the surrounding area show no 'significant' levels of toxins in the soil or air.
So I guess the headaches, asthma attacks, nosebleeds and other symptoms are psychosomatic.

So, in one story we learn that Mecca stinks, Indian sovereignty is easily abused, and people get sick merely because something stinks.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Obama pushed for drilling

Obama made a speech about boosting domestic oil production that seemed rather out of character for the man that did everything to stop drilling after the Gulf spill.
Those of us that know him better than the general public knew that he felt safe in making these comments because the rigs needed for drilling had already left the gulf and Alaskan waters to go where the work and money were.
They won't be back anytime soon, no matter what our politicians say or do.

But the President had another reason for feeling safe.
The Congress has to move on legislation to make things happen in a timely fashion and the Senate Democrats will never let that happen while they hold a majority.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We need JFK, not BHO

Iran is helping Venezuela to build medium range ballistic missile (MRBM) launchers.
MRBMs have a range of less than 3500 miles.
Iranian MRBMs have a range that would make it difficult for them to strike American targets, but they could easily be used against Colombia, which is a lot more friendly with American than Venezuela.

This should be front page news!
There is no justification for missile bases in Venezuela other than Venezuelan aggression.
They aren't at war with anyone and Hugo Chavez' rhetoric about America planning to invade and conquer is not credible.
If JFK were the president (or just about any Republican), there would be great efforts to stop this just like JFK stopped the Cubans.

Pelosi's district gets 20% of Obamacare waivers

Nancy Pelosi was the head Cheerleader for Obamacare.
Nancy kept telling us how much cheaper and better healthcare would be once the law was in full effect.
Now that it is getting closer to full operation, Nancy's district has begun receiving waivers that allow businesses to opt out.
20 percent of the 204 new waivers went to snooty restaurants and hip nightclubs in Pelosi's district.

Do as I say, not as I do.

Will the Liberals in San Francisco boycott these businesses?
Do they even care, or are they ready to excuse them because they are owned by the right (left) kind of rich people?  

Monday, May 16, 2011

The 'Religion of Peace' attacks Christians (again)

I suppose you can argue the situation in Egypt either way: Better for Christians because they can protest openly, or worse because their churches have been shut down; damaged; or burned and they have been attacked by Muslims.
They have been protesting for 'change' (there is that word again) and the government (the Military) has promised to do 'something' eventually.

Meanwhile, strange incidents like a motorist trying to enter the protest zone and refusing to be searched who then pulls out a gun and fires blanks only to be chased and beaten by the crowd.
A group of ~100 showed up later to 'avenge' the man and the military chased them off by firing over their heads after they lobbed rocks and firebombs at the protesters.
That one doesn't pass the smell test.

The Muslims still had enough bandwidth left to bomb more than 5 Muslim sites for 'violating the rules of Islam'.
What a great religion!