Monday, December 27, 2010

One more reason for unions to be criminalized

Need a job?
Willing to live in the big city and work at Carnegie Hall or the Lincoln Center moving chairs and props around?
You can be a stagehand if you know the right folks and one of the existing hands dies or retires.
Would you be more willing if you knew that the average stagehand's compensation was $290K (wages and benefits) or that the top hands get $530K?
You may not have heard of these benefit packages because the stagehands have shut down theaters before and have shown a great willingness to do it again (it gets easier when you have a money cushion to lie on that the musicians and other performers trying to get by don't).
Few people who perform in these venues will speak out against the powerful unions for fear of reprisal.
When people fear the unions to the point where it is hard to find someone who works with them willing to openly comment on their exorbitant compensation, you know it is time to tear them down and seal them in the dustbin of history.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The other side of Mexico's drug war

A couple that had just moved to Mexico found another side to the ongoing drug wars can prove deadly for the innocent.
32 year old Joseph Proctor from New York was just headed out to the market when he was gunned down by authorities.
If that was not bad enough, an assault rifle was placed in his dead hands and the official story was that he had been killed in a gunfight with the authorities.
Only after pressure from a US Congressman (who knew they could actually be useful?) was the truth uncovered and 3 Mexican soldiers charged for the attack.
To make matters worse, US officials would not release the true details of the murder (my definition) "until the soldiers are convicted".
I guess they fear a repeat of the deadly riots that followed the last murder of an American citizen by Mexican officials.
No. Wait. That never happened.
I forgot.
It is the Mexicans illegally in America that take to the streets when one of them is only allegedly abused by the police.

It's not like he was looking for a fight

A man was shot dead by police in front of a Mormon temple after a confrontation with another man.
When Police arrived, they found the man armed with a shotgun which he refused to put down.
The officers eventually decided the danger presented was great enough to warrant shooting the man.
A search of the dead man's car located "numerous" weapons, including swords and guns.

I'm sure his relatives will swear he was not the type to seek confrontation.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The way it should be?

Potential jurors in a Montana court "mutinied" according to the Deputy DA.
When asked during jury selection if they would have a problem convicting someone for possessing a few buds of marijuana, most said they would not vote for conviction.
The judge called a recess and a deal was worked out between the DA's office and the defendant.
The jury was dismissed.
What the jurors did not hear was that the defendant had been arrested for the MJ because it was the only hard evidence they had for arrest.
They did not hear that the defendant was suspected of dealing drugs out of his home and arranging deals for other dealers.
Maybe this guy deserved to go to jail, but I like the idea of the jury being able to decide if someone should be punished instead of just decriminalizing drugs.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Just like the American media that loudly shouted that we were going to freeze back in the '70s, British media outlets were claiming in 2000 that "snow is a thing of the past" due to global warming.
We can't even predict the weather more than a week out, but these idiots try to change every aspect of our lives because some neo-socialist, anti-capitalist tools say the planet will roast because we drive SUVs.
They need to be dragged out into the next snow storm in their skivvies and "interviewed" about how stupid and wrong they are.

Finally the Narcissist is the story

Julian Assange has been beating others over the head with their own secrets, ferreted out by whistle-blowers and traitors.
As many have said, the problem was and is that Mr. Assange seems to have one main target.
He does not seem interested in exposing Al Queda, North Korea, Venezuela, or Cuba.
African massacres don't seem to phase him.
He just wants to expose all of America's secrets.

Well now he is seeing his private life on the front page (at least in the UK).
The more you read, the more you feel justified about thinking of him as a hypocritical, self-righteous pedant bent on telling secrets while trusting that he could behave any way he pleased without suffering the same fate.

Nice to see he was wrong in the end.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tron movie uses Running Man tech

One of the unfair practices in the movie industry that doesn't get much attention is ageism.
Mostly it is ageism against actresses who were famous for being "hot", but men suffer this practice as well.
The lucky ones became character actors like Leslie Nielsen did with the Airplane movies.
That may change with the digital chicanery used in the latest Tron movie, where Jeff Bridges has his face age reversed and plastered on a younger actors body (just like Running Man).

Does this mean we will be treated to performances from those actors we love (and hate) decades after they pass their prime?

Monday, December 6, 2010

WikiLeaks may actually do good?

Some of the information released by the latest criminal actions of the WikiLeaks team may actually help humanity.
Among the multitude of cables released were those showing that, along with the carrot of giving our money to and posing less restriction for third world nations, America was looking for "sticks" to beat other nations into submission so that they would go along with the Global Warming hoax.
I suppose we should be grateful that there was enough resistance to make this seem necessary and hopeful that some countries may jump ship once it is evident they were blackmailed into this fiasco.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Disabled Vet arrested for standing up to Westboro Church

A disabled veteran has been arrested and charged with stalking and other offenses for following members of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas.
It is not certain at this point if the charges will hold up as the information so far leads me to believe that the arrest was made as CYA for local law enforcement more than a belief of clear and present danger.
Multiple lawyers have volunteered to represent Ryan J. Newall and many local residents have voiced support for someone finally standing up to the Bullying Baptist Church.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

White man robs banks as a Black man

Conrad Zdzierak had a clever idea.
The Caucasian Ohio man decided to rob banks, but first he purchased a couple of lifelike masks that made him appear to be a black man.
The masks were so convincing that a black man was arrested after being identified by witnesses (he reportedly does resemble the mask quite well).
In the end, Zdzierak's girlfriend was his undoing.
After finding money marked by dye packs and the masks, she called the police.

Is that on the checklist?

An Air India Express co-pilot adjusted his seat while the Pilot was in the restroom.
As he made his adjustment, he jarred a control and sent the 737 into a 26 degree 7000ft plunge that would have torn the airframe apart if not stopped.
To make things worse, the co-pilot panicked and failed to regain control.
The pilot managed to zip it up and use his emergency code to get back into the cockpit and pull the plane out of its dive.

Someone is going to be sent back to the simulator for emergency procedures review.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Iran nuke program having problems

First the Iranian President admitted that the stuxnet virus actually did "some" harm to their centrifuges (translation: A lot of harm), then they had two of their nuke scientists attacked by bombers on motorcycles.
One of the scientists has died.
Iran has predictably blamed Israel and made the typically ridiculous statements about their "patience" being limited and warning of extreme reprisals.

Masked protesters outlawed (sort of)

Protesters in Washington, D.C. are now required to notify police prior to protesting outside of private residences while wearing masks.
Failure to do so "may" result in arrest.
A large part of the reason for this "strongly worded" bill is to curb animal rights protesters who have been harassing and intimidating people at their residences.

I don't understand why anyone has the "right" to wear a mask while protesting.
You absolutely do not have an expectation of privacy while engaging in such public arguments.
Anyone familiar with human nature knows that facing masked strangers who outnumber you and are (usually) in the grip of high emotion is intimidating and that wearing a mask provides an illusion of power that may lead some to commit acts they would avoid if they were exposed.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Christmas Tree" bomber thwarted by feds

A Somali born naturalized citizen attempted to detonate a van bomb at a tree lighting ceremony in Portland Oregon on Friday.
Mohamed Osman Muhamud (whose name will be only reluctantly given by most of the press) believed that he had a van full of explosives that would be set off by cell phone.
When he dialed the number, waiting FBI agents arrested him.
He was yelling "Allahu Akbar!" as he was taken away.
Muhamud came to the FBI's attention when he began communicating with an "associate" located in Pakistan via e-mail.
The FBI pretended to be another associate of the first contact and took over communication with Muhamud, eventually providing him with fake explosives and watching him for many months prior to the arrest.
One damning act by this Yahoo is the stereotypical Jihad video he made.
Instant confession.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sophisticated border tunnel found

The latest tunnel under the US/Mexican border is 1/2 mile long (2600ft), is lighted and ventilated and even has a rail system.
Just think what they could do with the right funding and legal rights.
We could have a tunnel that bypasses those dangerous border cities.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Al Gore admits a mistake

The world is ending!
We are doomed!
In a sure sign of impending apocalypse, Al Gore has admitted that he was wrong about subsidizing corn ethanol.
He is saying that he now supports ethanol production using a non-food basis; such as wood fiber.
Of course he didn't do it here and you may never see or hear of it in the mainstream media as it doesn't agree with their agenda.

What's next?
Will Al admit that there is no global warming (or at least stop blaming humans?)

Bristol's Pistols skewing votes on Dancing with the Stars?

A conservative blogger is taking credit for Bristol Palin's improbable success on Dancing with the Stars by claiming that he and his followers used Democrat style voting tricks to vote more often than allowed by the rules.
Kevin DuJan of claims that he orchestrated an election fraud to teach Liberals how it feels to have someone steal an election.
If his aim was to tee off the left, he has succeeded beyond his dreams (at least where fans of the show are concerned).
The show's executive producer Conrad Green is claiming that he is upset that so many are so angry that Palin, who is consistently scored low by the judges, is still on the show and a viable winner only because of viewer votes.
It is unfair that people like Brandy Norwood were booted from the show despite perfect scores but that is one of the show's draws.
You can vote for the underdog (or just plain dog) and keep them on the show.
You can see Brandy and Bristol's skills to compare (if you can handle it.)

Being a definite NON-fan of reality TV, I feel a bit of schadenfreude at all the sturm und drang.

Friday, November 19, 2010

War ramps up in Afghanistan

The military is sending M1 Abrams tanks to Afghanistan in order to give the military a greater reach on the battlefield and a more powerful punch against the Taliban.
The announcement claims that a company of tanks (11 tanks) will be used by Marines in the southwest portion of the country.
This move and other escalations in Afghanistan are not being as closely covered or criticized by the media as they would be if Obama were not the President.
The war is heating up and more soldiers will die, but the screamers in the streets are staying home in droves just because the White House has a Snarky Marxist living in it.

Mobile command center used for trysts

A firefighter and airport employee at Denver International Airport (DIA) were using a mobile command center for sexual encounters during duty hours and were caught after video of their activity was discovered.
The firefighter resigned when faced with termination and the female worker was fired, but filed for reinstatement after calling her termination "unfair".
You may want to use a disinfectant wipe on that console before you fire it up.

Rick Perry willing to send military into Mexico

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (who insists he isn't running for prez) on MSNBC made it clear that he thought we should send the military into Mexico if it will help end the violence and the cartel's control.
His phrasing could use improvement as he stated it this way:  “I think we have to use every aspect of law enforcement that we have, including the military."
The military is not law enforcement even though they have been forced into quasi-law enforcement missions in other countries. 
He recovers from his error with a comparison to military assistance given to other central and South American countries suffering the effects of narco-terrorist groups (sentiments also voiced by Hillary Clinton).
He also brings up the biggest stumbling block.
The Mexican people need to be on board with us sending armed troops into their territory in order to stem the flow of Mexican blood.

This could be an interesting direction for American-Mexican relations to take.
If the media and governments of both side were on board, it could ease tensions and actually make it harder to cross the border illegally.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

If it was you

I have to say up front that I received a speeding ticket this year and have a bad taste in my mouth over the treatment I received by the justice system of the People's Republik of Kalifornia.
Having unburdened myself, I have a question:
If you were cited for driving 26mph over the speed limit in a 30mph and hitting a child who is now paralyzed, what do you think the punishment would be?

For reference, my punishment for 19mph over a 40mph limit (with no collision or injuries, on a Sunday morning with light traffic) was an initial $70 fine that came to $340 with "assessments" (Kalifornia's way of shafting drivers while increasing revenue without a tax vote).

Well in the case of the paralyzed child it ended with a $185 fine.
A judge decided that the driver was not negligent and did not "contribute to an accident".
Are you surprised?
Maybe even shocked?
Don't be.
He was a cop.
I am always quick to defend the police against the attacks they suffer from the left, but I have always had a burr under my saddle when it comes to their lack of understanding when it comes to the way the justice system grinds common citizens down with abusive, revenue generating fines for traffic infractions that cops almost never have to deal with.
This guy deserves a whole lot more hurt for what he did.

More failure in our schools

It is bad enough that our schools do not teach children right and wrong.
Well, at least they don't teach what most of us believe is right and/or wrong.
Now they are teaching us that even if you break the law, you can be a high profile student and still not be kicked out.
Pedro Ramirez is the student body president of Fresno State University and Jose Salcedo is the Student Government Association President at the Miami Dade College's InterAmerican campus.
They both recently revealed that they are and have been in our country illegally for years and have defrauded the schools, students, and taxpayers of the cities they live in.
It is quite likely that they will receive support and cover from activist groups and Democrat politicians known for defending criminal activity.

It is no coincidence that these "timely" revaluations come as Democrats in congress are poised to push for the "Dream Act" that would allow illegals who were brought to America under the age of 16 "through no fault of their own" if they meet certain criteria and follow the rules (after knowingly breaking them for years).

Am I the only one that finds it rather threatening that people here illegally are actively and openly engaging in politics in a way designed to force the door to our country open even more?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Congressional shift results from congressional shaft

State assemblies and congress have really smacked businesses hard and businesses (and employees) that can are voting with their feet.
This has been going on long enough and in large enough numbers that it is gaining seats in congress for biz friendly states.
Now THAT is a way to get the politician's attention.
Maybe some more will put away their biz bashing clubs.
Yeah, right!

Liberal Democrats lock out the press in post election meeting

Famous for shouting that their Conservative opponents are hiding things and need the light of truth shown on them, Liberal democrats held a post election meeting for wealthy donors and groups that barred the media.
The Democracy Alliance, which demands $15K/yr for membership and are urged to donate a minimum $100K to recommended groups, claimed that whatever happened in the meeting was "confidential".
The agenda was apparently about the failure of Liberalism to hoodwink the voters in this month's elections and strategies to match the organization and success of the Conservatives.
Considering the fact that the voters acted on truths finally learned despite the lying Liberal press, lying entertainment industry, lying Unions, and lying Liberal politicians; I don't see how they can turn things around quickly.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A dog's life

It's really unfair when you think about it.
Just like soldiers that return home after surviving the battlefields of the world, only to be killed by a mugger or in a traffic accident, a dog that saved soldiers lives; went on Oprah; and was given a "safe" home here in the US, has been killed.
This time it was just a "mistake".

Chip your pet!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Another non-headline story about the Gulf

The Gulf disaster that wasn't continues with reports of flourishing life in the sea.
This should be the headline for any "fair and balanced" news organization, but even Fox News seems to OK with it being  buried under "more important" stories.
Why would the media hide this story?
Maybe they missed the silver lining.
The fact that marine life has not only rebounded, but increased beyond expectation can be touted as a reason for limits on fishing.
The moratorium has provided a rare peek into the effect of leaving the sea alone for an extended period.
This phenomenon should be getting a lot of attention and rave reviews from the left, but they are "stuck on stupid" with their hatred of fossil fuels.  

Friday, November 12, 2010

San Francisco bans circumcision

San Francisco has long been a study in opposites and a hotbed of hypocrisy.
The latest proposed hypocritical move is their banning of circumcision for anyone under the age of 18.
On the surface, this may seem a sane and reasonable response to cultural practices that have been held up as painful and traumatizing treatment of the very young that has little justification.
That argument will probably go on for the next century.
The reality that skewers the lawmakers and those backing the ban is that there is no lower age limit for body piercing.
So, you can place a thousand devices in your kid's face (and perhaps more private areas) but you can't circumcise them until they are 18?
If passed, it couldn't possibly be an anti religious move by the city filled with people who's hostility towards religions that don't justify lying, rape, slavery, and genocide.
Could it?

BTW, the latest body mods allowed in cities like SF are:
LED implants (I light up your life)
Dermal anchors (a place to hang your purse or cell phone?)

Can we test our clowns too?

Tiririca the Clown ran for election in Brazil and actually won.
His fellow lawmakers, however were not amused and are forcing him to take literacy tests in order to prove that he is not amongst the 10% of Brazilians that cannot read or write.
He passed his first closed door test by proving he can read and write, now they want to test him further.

So the question this brings up is: Shouldn't we have our elected representatives prove some minimum competency when it comes to things like economics, government, the Constitution, etc.?
(I wonder if he hoped to get more than a "brazillion" votes)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Watchdog group wants Google treated like Halliburton

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) says that Google and Obama are too close and alleges that the internet company may have avoided a privacy breach investigation because of the relationship.
NLPC wants smaller and more ethical government.
They compare the Obama-Google link to the Bush Halliburton relationship.
I can see Google being in the tank for Obama and vice versa, but Bush and Cheney actually "worked" in real jobs when they were involved with Halliburton.
Still, comparisons aside, Google needs to be examined more closely following their admission concerning Wi-Fi snooping and possible retention of personal information by their "Street View" vehicles.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The ultimate quarterback sneak

Fake out plays are old hat in football, but there is always room for improvement.
A middle school football game in Texas was 6-0 when the down team tried a trick move.
The quarterback took the ball and pretended that the play was over and started walking to the ref, then sprinted to the goal line after passing through the opposition's line.
The video is already a You Tube favorite.

The Twinkie Diet wins!

A Nutrition Professor put himself on a diet where 2/3 of his food intake was Twinkies, Debbie Cakes, Oreos, Doritos and other "bad foods".
By controlling his caloric intake, he lost 27 pounds in 2 months, reduced his bad cholesterol and triglycerides, increased his good cholesterol, and decreased his body fat.
His diet included daily vitamins and protein shakes as well as vegetables like green beans and celery.
Mark Haub stresses that the long-term effects of such a diet are unknown and does not recommend it as a healthy approach to weight loss.

You know that there are people starting his diet right this minute.

Yogurt vs. gun road rage

The saying goes like this: "Only an idiot brings a knife to a gunfight!"
I would guess that applies to yogurt as well.
Mike Flannery cut off Gerald Williams on a Virginia highway, leading to Williams tailgating Flannery and Flannery "tapping" his brakes.
This escalated to Williams pulling around Flannery and tossing a yogurt at his vehicle and the unsurprising response of Flannery brandishing a pistol.
The WTF part of the story is that both drivers called the police and pulled over where directed.
The bigger WTF was that the gun waver only has a misdemeanor charge pending while the yogurt tosser is facing felony charges for "throwing a missile at a vehicle"!


Monday, November 8, 2010

California the LiLo of America?

Allysa Finley tells us in the Wall Street Journal that the People's Republik of Kalifornia is the Lindsay Lohan of states.
I cannot disagree.
Let's look at the list:
California is an adolescent brat with delusions of grandeur.
California is self destructive.
California is addicted to spending money like there is no tomorrow.
California is seen as a continuing train wreck by the rest of the states.
All attempts at rehab have thus far failed.

Yup, Allysa is absolutely right!

Friday, November 5, 2010

You gotta fight, for your right... watch Fox News.
Susan Robinson joined the Southside gym partly for the freedom to watch what she wanted while she worked out.
What she wanted to watch was Fox News.
When she came in to the gym on the TV was not on Fox and she was told that management would not allow Fox News to be on.
The local Fox (Fox4) affiliate asked a lawyer who said there was no legal recourse for Robinson, but stated that the restriction was bad for business.
The gym must have realized the same thing as they notified Robinson that Fox was OK again.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

81 Year old Florida Woman near death after wasp attack

A Florida woman stumbled onto an underground wasp nest setting of an attack that covered her with stings from head to toe.
Her husband can only wait and pray that she recovers from the coma she is in and that her organs do not succumb to the poison that has almost killed her.
Doctors say she is fortunate that she is not allergic and was healthy at the time of the attack.

I "stumbled" on a bumble bee nest once and was stung multiple times.
I did not rest until every single one of them was dead and their nest destroyed.
Their attack was a reaction to my mowing the grass and disturbing their nest.
My revenge was also a "reaction".

More violence in Mexico

Afghanistan is becoming less scary by the day as Mexico and Honduras become more violent by the day.
An American student was killed yesterday as the car he was riding in in Ciudad Juarez came under fire.
Eder Diaz was the fifth American killed in Ciudad Juarez in a week's time; all of the victims were from El Paso, TX.
Meanwhile a mass grave was discovered near Acapulco, Mexico that contained 18 bodies that are thought to be victims of Mexico's increased and ongoing drug violence. 

Airbus A380 Super Jumbo growing pains

A Qantas Airlines Airbus A380 was forced to make an emergency landing in Singapore after losing an engine that shredded its shroud and scattered debris onto an Indonesian island.
The Rolls Royce group is investigating the incident as well as another involving a Rolls engine on a Qantas Boeing 747 bound for Sydney from San Francisco, CA.
The A380 is the largest commercial passenger jet and is capable of carrying from 450 to 840 passengers and is in direct competition with the Boeing 747 even though the Boeing can only carry 524 passengers, max.
Qantas has grounded their fleet of similarly equipped planes until the issue is "resolved".

"Killer" Clown breaks reporter's face

A person dressed as a clown tried to scale a float during a Greenwich Village Halloween parade.
During the attempt, the clown grabbed the arm of Arthur Chi'en of WPIX and pulled him off balance and off the float.
Chi'en hit th ground with enough force to fracture his face badly enough to require reconstructive surgery.
The Clown ran off after realizing Chi'en was injured badly and has not yet been caught.
While I am certain this is a "before" picture, one commenter asked if it was and "after".
Cruel! So Cruel!
(Maybe Arthur will ask for some "adjustments" to enhance his career.)

Watch out for those Killer Clowns!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No more psychic readings for welfare recipients

The Governator announced that Psychics, pot shops, and other businesses deemed "inconsistent" with the intent of welfare.
Cruise ships, bingo halls and tattoo parlors have also been removed from the approved point of sale list where welfare cards can be used.
Of course, as one commenter stated: "So, they can still go to WalMart and buy beer and cigarettes?"

I see a Nobel coming out of this

Scientists in the UK (Cambridge) have discovered a previously unknown method used by the body to destroy viruses once they enter cells.
It was thought that the game was over when the virus invaded an individual cell because the body's defenses could not follow, but the new discovery shows that antibodies can piggyback the virus and enter the cell with it.
Once in the cell, the antibody triggers the cell's defenses, which dismember the virus within hours.
Scientists hope to use this knowledge to help boost the body's response to viral infections from the common cold to HIV.

Gee, isn't Cambridge the source of Climategate?

Embassy bombs in Greece

The Russian and Swiss embassies in Athens, Greece received package bombs today and other bombs were intercepted on their way to the German, Chilean and Bulgarian embassies.
Sources in and out of the government suspect that anarchist forces are behind the bombings, perhaps trying to remain in the news and relevant, as well as add recruits by blaming the current economy on capitalism.
Bombs have been more common in Greece following the murder of an anarchist by a policeman in 2008.
The killing emboldened the anarchists, who focused on the police and government.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Evil, Greedy, Liberal Corporation

Google slashed its tax liabilities by routing its profits through Ireland and the Netherlands over the last few years.
They avoided more than $3B in taxes by taking advantage of foreign tax havens.
Facebook and Microsoft have also used similar strategies to "do right by their investors".

Corporations and individuals have the absolute right to take advantage of legal methods of tax reduction, but I have two issues with companies like these:
1. If US taxes are too high for their tastes and they feel their shareholders deserve better, why not work to lower US corporate tax rates to make it better for ALL investors that hold stock in US companies and attract foreign corporations to the US?
2. If these particular corporations, which are run by and are the darlings of Liberals, are "not paying their fair share", aren't they just a bunch of hypocrites?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Darwinism and greed

A 23 year old English man bought caffeine powder on the internet and decided to throw caution to the wind.
He took 32 times the recommended dose and chased it with an energy drink.
After tossing his cookies (and blood) he was rushed to the hospital where he died.
An indication of genetic stupidity came from his aunt, who told the press: "I think there should be a warning on it saying it can kill."

Meanwhile, in India, a man must have been carrying a Chinese payoff for Obama to receive during his upcoming visit.
The Sri Lankan man was caught with large numbers of diamonds in his gut.
At least his diet only led to discomfort and arrest. 

NY to outlaw rude behavior?

New Yorkers are known (right or wrong) for rudeness.
The stereotype of a New York construction worker consists of rude whistles, lewd propositions, and catcalls.
Yes it is wrong.
So are a lot of other behaviors.
But NYC is actually considering outlawing such behavior.

Good luck!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vote fraud 2010 in a nutshell

The American Thinker has an article condensing the various stories and reasons that may make this election historic from the perspective of voter fraud.
It isn't yet November second and we are already hearing of possible fraud on a grand scale.
I sincerely hope that we still prevail despite the obvious (and massive) efforts to steal this election.

Google even tapped e-mails?

The US government has closed the investigation into Google's street view cars accessing of private information via wi-fi snooping.
The UK and US States are still looking into whether or not they will charge Google with any wrongdoing for not having consumer protections built into their company policies.
Google somehow accessed personal e-mails as well as passwords form people's wireless networks that were not sufficiently protected.

If Google were not the darling of the left, would they be treated so lightly for this intrusive behavior?

AlGore strikes again

Al Gore is still touring the world and telling everyone that they absolutely have to change their ways to save the planet.
When he arrived via rental car at a conference in Gothenberg Sweden where participants were encouraged to use public transport.he left the engine running during his entire visit of more than an hour.
Local laws prohibit leaving an engine running for more than 60 seconds after parking (sheesh!).
When he left and went to Germany for another meeting, he flew on a Swedish military jet that is only supposed to be used for cabinet officials rather than use a train to save the planet.

One reason why Israel is a true ally

Israel's right wing has formed it's own TEA party, complete with "Say no to Obama!" rallies.
The new party, which includes current and former members of Benjamen Netanyahu's Likud party compares Obama's treatment of Israel to the treatment endured by Americans under King George prior to the American revolution.
He is telling them to do things they believe are dangerous to their security interests and they have had enough.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SEIU techs in charge of voting machines?

Apparently, Nevada voting machines are in the hands of SEIU union members.
Diebold was harassed and maligned for donating money to Republicans, but the mainstream media is mum about members of the most political union being in charge of the voting machines.
Be afraid!

Voter fraud in Jersey

If you thought voter fraud was bad, you need to see this story.
Voting machines hijacked and stuffed with votes that are then returned and recorded as legitimate votes.
This criminality would be easy for the press to uncover if they actually cared about making elections fair.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Puerto Rico gets it

The governor of Puerto Rico announced that businesses will be getting a 30% tax break following a new penalty for "off-shoring".
He also said that Puerto Ricans will see up to 50% less taxes when reforms are fully implemented.
So, once again, great ideas come from somewhere off the continent.

Early Cheating?

Election complaints are already coming in and it isn't even November.
In Las Vegas, people are saying they wanted to vote for Sharon Engel and Harry Ried's name was already checked.
Elections officials are claiming it is likely human error due to sensitive touch screens and assured people that they can review their choices before finalizing their vote.
Washington voters weren't getting their ballots and Republicans had to "urge" the county auditor to notify voters that they could still vote.
In North Carolina, voting machines switched party line votes to the other party.
There are more examples, but the funniest one is the misprinted one that changed Rich Whitney's name to "Rich Whitey".
He is not likely to get the minority vote.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Enviro-whackos attack private space travel

Burt Rutan built the first aircraft to reach "space" (as defined by the X-Prize committee) and win the $10M prize.
I guess it was inevitable that the anti-success, anti-private enterprise "environmentalists" would attack any private companies attempting to reach space in spite of our failure to support a government program to explore our solar system.
Of course it has nothing to do with Burt Rutan's application of scientific principal to the "Global Warming" debate (which makes the Warmers look like the lying fools they are).

Poor Billy

Bill Clinton is stumping for Democrats across the country because smart candidates are staying as far away from Obama as possible.
Bill is used to playing to packed houses of obliviots who worship the effluent that flows from his every orifice.
It must have been quite the let-down when he went into a school gym that could hold 1500 people, only to find about 500 waiting for him to speak.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Not very "Astute" management of British sub

Britain's most advanced nuclear attack submarine, the Astute, ran aground while performing maneuvers off Scotland.
The sub's captain opted not to use the sub's power to escape the ebbing tide as he did not want to damage the expensive tiles that make the sub so stealthy.
Commanding a nuke sub is an especially high honor in any navy.
Getting your nuke sub grounded is way beyond ordinary embarrassment.
This coming after a week where Britain's navy has endured deep, deep cuts only makes it worse.
I can only imagine that the walls in the office of the captain's superior were blistered during the "discussion" of his error.

Illegal invaders openly stump for Democrats in WA

In yet another sign of how bad things have become in our country, illegals are actually going from door to encourage people to vote for Democrats in Washington state.
Some aren't even keeping their status a secret.
How bad is it when alien invaders have the cojones to meddle in our elections in such a direct fashion?
Under Mexican law, you can (and will) be arrested for involving yourself in their elections if you are not a citizen.

We need to turn the tide before it washes us away.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bill Clinton lost nuclear codes

While in office as President, Bill Clinton was responsible for many things.
One of the more important things was the "biscuit".
The biscuit is a plastic card that has the current codes required for the President to authorize the use of nuclear weapons.
When the codes change, the military officer carrying the "football" (a briefcase device used to control nuclear weapons release) asks for the old biscuit in order to swap them out.
When the officer asked Bill for the codes one time in 1998, he claimed the card was upstairs in the White House.
A search could not locate the card.
It had been misplaced for a while.

I guess being able to follow simple instructions, be responsible, and protect us from a nuclear strike pale in comparison to dealing with political scandals.

Fraud at Government Motors

The Chevy Volt was going to save the planet and save GM too.
The Chevy Volt was going to be all electric with a small gas engine to recharge the batteries on the fly.
The Chevy Volt was supposed to get 230mpg.
The press finally got to try the Volt out and they found a few things were changed.
Nope! It gets less than 45mpg on engine only city driving.
Small engine?
Nope! The engine runs the front wheels over 70mph and cannot charge the batteries at the same time.

So a $41K (hybrid, not electric) car that is only that cheap with a $7.5K taxpayer subsidy that gets worse mileage than the Prius is what we get when the Government runs the company?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stimulus fail in Chicago

In a microcosm of government waste and failure, Chicago's weatherization program has failed.
Inspections of homes repaired and/or upgraded under the program show charges for work not done and materials not used; work that was ruined by failing to repair roof leaks; and overcharging for equipment.
They should have just used the rebate model using approved contractors (which still would have failed in Chicago), or just given the money to the homeowners (they would have spent it on something, therefore stimulating the economy).

Great news! Radiation detectors work!

Radioactive isotopes of Iodine are used to treat thyroid problems.
One side effect is that the patients are slightly radioactive and a possible danger to some of us because they secrete small amounts of the isotopes via sweat, saliva, and urine.
Another effect is that they set off the sensitive radiation detectors we use to protect out cities and transportation hubs.
I think we should try to see the good news in any bad news so my take on this story is that the detectors are working well and that is great news.

China restricting mineral shipments to US, Japan

In a move connected to the current dispute between Japan and China, shipments of rare minerals have been delayed by Chinese officials.
The restrictions followed denouncement of American trade "actions" by Chinese trade officials.
What were these "actions"?
America was calling for an investigation into Chinese subsidies for "clean energy" exports and prior restrictions of rare earth shipments possibly being linked to forcing American companies to do more business in China.

I know we are in the hot part of campaign season, but this would be a major headline if we had an objective press.
The MSM love the Chinese and don't want to embarrass Obama, so this one is only a side story.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gay Saudi Prince Guilty of Murder

Saudi prince Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud was found guilty by a British court of murdering his servant, Bandera Abdulaziz, 32.
Abdulaziz was found beaten and strangled in the Landmark Hotel, Marylebone, on 15 February 2010 (that is swift justice).
The pair apparently had a sexual relationship beyond the Master and Servant relationship and the beatings related in court had a sexual nature to them.
It is rare for a member of the Saudi royal family to be charged with, much less convicted of, a serious crime.
To add to Mr. al Saud's woes is the fact that homosexuality is a capital crime in his homeland.
If he ever returns, he faces a death sentence. 

Mexican Army finds 100+ tons of pot in Tijuana

Army raids on a number of houses in the border city of Tijuana netted 15 tons of marijuana destined for American distributors.
As huge as the score is, the reality is likely that this is less than a tenth of what could be found.
Tijuana is a handy staging area for goods being smuggled into the US from Mexico and any border town would yield quite a lot of drugs if there were a house-to-house search.
If the Mexican government declared a state of emergency (not a big stretch these days), they could perform search and seizure missions in the border towns where they keep the properties used for smuggling and either place their people in the homes, sell them, or destroy them as an example.

Monday, October 18, 2010

One reason for a lazy Hollywood

Hollywood writers don't have to imagine new and impossible situations in order to create new plots to capture America's attention.
Take the situation on the border with Mexico.
First we had illegals sneaking in.
Then we had illegals and drug mules.
Then the illegals were co-opted as drug mules by threats and money.
Then our government just gave up on swaths of the border by pulling out law enforcement and putting up warning signs.
Now we have enterprising bandits stealing the drugs and well equipped Cartel assassins tracking them down for execution.
We have assassins disguised as drug mules and military style observation posts directing teams to intercept bandits as well as spot any attempts by Americans to actually defend their territory.

I can see the Mexican government making the case for absorbing the territory we have essentially ceded to them.
Why shouldn't they be able to claim land we have abandoned?

Friday, October 15, 2010


While it is hard to say if acts of vandalism against followers of Islam that can easily be perceived as hate speech are on the increase, they are getting more attention.
From bacon spelling "Pig" outside a Mosque, to a pig's head thrown amidst worshipers; stories of actions against Moslems are getting more attention.
I won't condone acts that are just outright offensive and hateful, but I can see why people need to vent their frustrations and one way is to imagine methods of outraging those that support outrageous acts.
In one case, a proposal for a "prank" was to build a MOAB (Mother Of All Bacon) bomb that would "harmlessly" spray pork fat all over the ground zero mosque location in order to defile it into uselessness.
I would laugh at the proposition but not at any intention to actually carry out the act, which would be way beyond "Prank".

Old punishments are new

In ancient times (when I was young) part of most punishments was the shame factor.
Having people know you have done wrong and got caught is embarrassing and, even today, people don't enjoy public humiliation.
One young man who got caught shoplifting at a Halloween Express store made a deal with the owner to avoid police involvement by dressing as Bert (from Sesame Street) and standing out front with a sign explaining that he is a shoplifter.
The story covers other offenders made to wear signs proclaiming their guilt in public places.
I am betting they will be much less likely than the average criminal to re-offend.

Maybe Spain needs to watch the Bond films

Only a fool messes with Double "O" Seven.
That makes a court in Spain rather foolish for demanding that Sir Sean Connery show for a hearing into the misuse of property he and his wife sold.
Connery insists that he had nothing to do with the property after the sale (makes sense) and that he could not make it to the court on the appointed date due to his health and "advanced age".
He also wrote an angry letter hinting at retribution.

Be afraid Spain!

Baby snatched for politics?

Imagine living in a country where the state can take away your children because you belong to a political group that is considered "unacceptable".
You do.
Social workers took an infant from her father based on a charge that cited his affiliation with the Oath Keepers organization.
The baby has been returned, perhaps due in part to the outrage unleashed by the ridiculous abuse of power, but the chilling affect will persist.
The people behind this act should be punished and held up to the light for all to see and remember.

Time to rein in unions

If you needed a clear picture of why Unions need to be severely restricted and held to a higher standard, read this story.
It is bad enough that unions have saddled us with crushing debt through unfunded pension liabilities while guaranteeing themselves early retirements and unbelievable job security while garnering compensation far in excess of similar jobs in the private sector.
But even worse is the pervasive attitude of power and entitlement.
When unions think it is acceptable for them to shut down transportation and vital supplies in order to secure insulation from real world difficulties (thereby doubling the pain of those on the hook for their comfortable lifestyle), they show how incredibly dangerous they have become.

Union leaders and thugs who commit or allow crimes like those being committed in Europe and in the Mediterranean, should be jailed for their actions.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Crappy" day at work

We all have bad days at work.
High pressure, short deadlines, surly co-workers and unpleasant bosses can make you wonder why you took the job.
But few of us have had a day like this sewer worker.
He got sucked into a 2ft pipe and washed more than a mile downstream before being able to stop and yell for help.
Hypothermia and the possibility of ingested sewage put him in the hospital after a helicopter ride.

Lazy son gets off his duff to kill parents

Dan Dighton's parents had been after him for not getting work.
He told them he found a job as a teacher in Thailand, but returned after it didn't pan out.
The final straw seems to have been when they lambasted him for waking up in their house mid-day with a hangover.
They finally motivated him to deal with the problem but, apparently, his solution was to kill them.
Now he is facing murder charges for stabbing them to death.

Dan, they won't let you get drunk and sleep in at London's prisons.
They do, however, allow murderers to escape.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

China buying into Texas oil

There are lots of ideas out there for stimulating the economy and most of them are not workable because of a lack of money or political backing.
One Idea that may just succeed is at work in South Texas.
State-owned Chinese energy giant CNOOC is sinking $billions into oil and gas rights in order to tap into potential revenue and a storehouse of knowledge concerning the latest extraction techniques.
Unlike their failed attempt to buy UNOCAL, this attempt will likely succeed because of our need for growth and jobs as well as our White House full of traitorous jackals willing to sell us out to any Socialist or Communist. 

GE paid stimulus money, lets 18,000 go

Way to go Obama!
GE (parent company of NBC) received over $24M in stimulus funds and now has 18K fewer US employees.
That's $1,333 per employee lost.
Your grandchildren's tax dollars at work, putting people out of work.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally! Outrage over illegal politicking

Politicians and political groups are finally after campaign money and non-profits that are breaking our campaign laws.
The leftists in the White House and Congress are siccing the IRS on groups helping Republicans and criticizing Democrats
Trouble is that they were silent when it helped Democrats and are only now shouting from the rooftops because the money is flowing to the Conservatives.

Friday, October 8, 2010

$4.6M bridge for horses in Mass.

The Bluehills reservation in Randolf Massachusetts is split by the northernmost portion of the I-24.
There was a bridge across the freeway for horses and hikers, but it was unreliable and unrepairable.
The original estimate of $2M went up to $4.6M and stimulus funds are paying for it.
If you find the bridge on Google Maps, you will see the new construction and you will also see that there is NO ROAD. It is just a trail!
$4.6M for a horse bridge?

I guess they don't have a casino.

CARB estimate of pollution exaggerated by 340%

When you lie to the government, you can be fined or jailed.
When the government lies to you, your taxes go up and your freedom is restricted.
There is a ballot measure in California proposing to temporarily roll back harsh pollution restrictions that was justified in part by calculations of diesel pollutants present in the air.
It turns out that the estimates were 340% more than actual levels.
I hope this not only gets people to vote to stop the new restrictions, but also leads to the microscopic examination of pollution research used to enact restrictive laws and regulations that cost us jobs and our freedom.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hooray for the Media Research Center

The Media Research Center has hired billboard trucks to circle around Liberal media outlets with signs demanding they stop lying to the public and just give them the truth.
Manhattan and Washington DC are the current target sites as they have the greatest concentration of MSM headquarters.
This is a great start.
Now they need to have people show up anywhere the MSM is doing field reporting with signs demanding an end to the lies.

Iran "meddling" in Afghanistan

Iran is famous for pointing their crooked little fingers at others and claim they are meddling in other countries' business.
People that pay attention know it is Iran that is behind most of the "meddling" in the middle east.
Now they have been caught again.
A shipment marked as food, clothing, and toys was found to contain 22 tons of explosives.
The shipment was likely due to be delivered to the Taliban.

I wish the Iranian people would just remove the Theocracy and take their country back.
In the good old days, we would be supplying them with weapons instead of their government supplying our enemies.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bad winters in the midst of warming?

The Eco-Apparatchiks keep telling us we will suffer increased warming and worse weather because we emit too much of a gas required to sustain life itself.
No evidence to the contrary can be allowed or acknowledged.
Everything must fit the predetermined model.
So how will they handle the prediction of the worst European winter in 1.000 years?
And how will they spin the worst spring storms in living memory in New Zealand?

The hits just keep coming and the leftists behind the Global Warming hoax keep "denying" the truth (with help from the complicit media).

Our caring and ethical bureaucrats at work

Imagine that one of your loved ones died in a horrific accident on the road.
You work through the stages of coping that you can manage, you bury your dead; now it is time to heal.
Now think how you would feel if friends of your dearly departed take a tour of the morgue and see a jar in the medical examiner's office with a brain in it and a label with your loved one's name.
This is what happened to the Shipley family of Staten Island.
Their son Jesse was buried after a 2007 accident and no one told them his brain was missing when they buried him.
The medical examiner's office claimed it was kept for testing with other brains.
After getting the organ back; exhuming the body; and re-interring the body after returning the brain, the family is suing.

I personally don't care what happens to my body after I am dead and I don't understand the insistence that the body be reassembled with as many original parts as possible.
The soul is gone and the body is just organic matter.
But our government harasses, intimidates, and prosecutes people for not being sensitive to people's religious beliefs so they should be slapped down just as hard.

Obama finally caves, goes green

President Carter (formerly known as the worst president in living memory) put up solar panels at the White House.
President Bush put up solar panels at the White house.
Obama has not, but he will.
After months of pressure from environmentalist groups the White House has announced that it will install solar panels in 2011.
I guess Obama finally found time to actually do something green (versus mere lip service) in the midst of tearing down the foundations of this country.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Apple to surpass Exxon

Apple is on a track to pass oil giant Exxon as the most valuable company based on market capitalization.
The manufacturer of all things trendy in the tech industry is on track to increase it's value by 50% this year and a miserably small 20% next year.
When you combine the value increase with the percentage of profit and throw in the comparison with Exxon, you can't escape the comparison the media has been avoiding.
Precisely why is Apple "good" while increasing it's value so much and generating a 20+ percent profit year after year when Exxon is "evil" for it's miserably small 10% profit?

Pants on the ground, bullet in the...

When a Memphis man got into an argument with a youth about whether or not his pants should be pulled up, the altercation got out of hand and the man pulled a pistol.
The youth and a companion suddenly decided it was time to rum (kinda hard when your pants are at your knees) and they took off.
The man with the gun fired several times with one shot hitting the youth.
If you were betting that he was hit in the backside, you win the bet.
The gunman is scheduled to be arraigned on several felony counts and has allegedly admitted to the shooting.

If you don't respect your elders, you must respect their firearms?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Extinct animals reappear

It's a miracle!
30% of animals thought to be extinct have shown up again.
One wonders how many have yet to be found again.
The report only pertains to mammals and scientists insist that it does not reduce the the existential threat posed by climate change and human encroachment.
Those darn animals just won't stay down and continue giving enviro-whackos an excuse for making life miserable for the rest of us.

I wonder how hard they really look when they continue to say the Polar Bears are in trouble while they are doing great.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fishing I can support banning

I think that Paul Watson is a grandstanding ass and a thug.
He is an over-the-top ham when the cameras are on and he surrounds himself with zealous acolytes bent on violent confrontation rather than civilized change.
I cannot fathom why anyone would watch more than a few minute of "Whale Wars" without changing channels, but it is still on the air (proof of idiocy in the viewing public).
Having said that, he and his group are (at least in part) trying stop true abuses and prevent overfishing.
I hope they focus their energies on the emerging issue of illegal fishing where not only are fishing stocks being depleted illegally, but crewmen are being treated as virtual slaves.

Motel design turns into "Death Ray"

A Las Vegas hotel is having trouble because of its design.
Modern buildings try to maximize efficiency by using glass that provides plenty of light but blocks as much heat as possible,
Combine that with a curved design where the inside of the curve faces south and you have focused reflected sunlight that is much greater than natural light.
Just like a magnifying glass, the hotel collects and concentrates light and heat into small areas (foci) that sometimes happen to be where guests are trying to get a "little" sun.
The owners claim they knew of a potential problem but thought they had mitigated it by applying a special film to the glass, but the problem still had guests feeling like they were literally burning.
They are reportedly still working on a solution.

This is a failure at a level so basic, it is like building a bridge without performing a wind loading test.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Caterpillar to create new jobs (in China)

Obama told us that stimulus money would help create American jobs.
Obama told us Caterpillar would create jobs because of the stimulus.
Caterpillar is opening a whole new factory.
In China.
Maybe there are a bunch of Americans living in China that just got hired?

Toddler's birthday party turns into brawl

What started as a birthday party for a 3 year old turned into a brawl where more beer bottles flew than there are socialists in the current administration.
An argument between a woman's boyfriend and ex-husband is blamed for starting the whole fight.
Multiple people were injured during the 1:00 AM fight.
Police claim that the children present witnessed the brawl.
When the cops arrived to break up the fight, there were still about 150 people present and the biggest problem they had was communicating with the mostly Spanish speaking guests.

So, why are their over a hundred people at a toddler's party and why are they still there at 1:00 AM?
It seems to me that this party was an excuse to gather and drink, not celebrate the kid's 3rd birthday.
What kind of people keep children up past midnight while they drink and party?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Border fence gets built

A border fence is being built on Mexico's border to keep out illegal aliens!
Great news, right?
Well, only if you want to stop the illegals from Guatemala and countries to its south.
The fence is being built by Mexico to keep out the illegals they don't want.

So, Felipe Calderon can lecture us on our attempts to secure our border.
He gets help from our Snarky Marxist Prez in calling us a bunch of racist haters for trying to prevent an invasion of people that begin their stay by breaking the law and continue to break it every moment they are here.
You can cut the hypocrisy with a knife.

SEIU head under FBI scrutiny

I am not holding my breath waiting for the FBI to actually charge or arrest Andy Stern, but I can dream.
The SEIU is the current poster child for lying and thuggish behavior when it comes to unions.
They are quite likely the most militant socialist organization in America today.
The FBI is investigating them for corruption and Stern is part of the investigation, although he apparently has no direct links to the alleged wrongdoing.
Of course not.
He isn't dumb enough to be close to this kind of stuff.
That is why he hires minions.

More idiots try to run Gaza blockade

More people tried to run the Gaza blockade that Israel set up to prevent weapons smuggling that would resupply terrorists with rockets and explosives.
The catamaran carrying "activists" who must be completely ignorant of the lack of restrictions on food and medicine flowing legally into the Palestinian territory, allowed Israeli forces to board their boat and route it to the required inspection point.
The new wrinkle in this act of ignorance is that the activists include Jews, one of them a former fighter pilot, that wanted the world to know that not all Jews support the blockade.

Israel has not stopped the flow of goods to Gaza.
They have only required inspection prior to delivery.
If there are any shortages in the Palestinian territories, it is due to Hamas and Fatah, not the Israelis.

Victory for people's rights over the government

Anthony J. Graber was (and likely still is) an idiot for videoing his motorcycle runs where he speeds and drives recklessly.
But, according to a judge, he is not a criminal for making or posting the video.
Police charged him with an unconstitutional "wiretap" law that claims we have no right to record what the cops do in a public setting and the judge decided they have no right to privacy in a public traffic stop.

I support the right of the police to record us and use the video evidence in court (no matter how pissed I might be if it catches me in violation of the law), but I believe we have the reciprocal right to present our side.
My main reason for this is that there are too many cases where a cop wins in court because the judge will side with them over us.
I am also sick and tired of seeing lowlifes on TV claiming they or their relatives/friends are innocent and the cops were the bad guys because there is no video to show the cops had every right to beat/stun/shoot the person they are defending.
Video doesn't lie.

Nature kills more than criminals in Oaxaca Mexico

Heavy rains led to a massive landslide in Oaxaca Mexico that may have killed hundreds of people.
Government spokesmen say that there is no confirmation of damage or death as teams are still en route to the town of 9000 "indigenous" Mexicans.
It is a tragedy when a lack of government oversight allows buildings and sites that are at risk, which is likely the case here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

We may be in trouble

If there are aliens out there in the Universe willing and able to visit earth, I am not sure they should now.
It seems the UN has appointed an "Ambassador" to greet any aliens that may visit and he is an expert in "Space Law".
Lord save us!

Friday, September 24, 2010

SEIU protects true thugs

We joke about "union thugs" while realizing that most union members are decent people, but that doesn't mean that the leadership consists of decent people.
As if we needed more proof, we have this story of the SEIU resisting rule changes for in-home care workers that would weed out criminals that would otherwise be left alone with some of the most vulnerable people in our society.
Apparently, dues and power are more important than the safety and security of the very people used as pawns by the left when they try taking more of our money.

I prefer Rosemary and Thyme

A recent study by the same university that gave us the global warming hoax has shown that oregano reduces methane emissions and increases milk production in cows.
We are saved!
One less greenhouse gas to worry about!
Have we tested the other spices too?

Congressional hearings put into perspective

When a comedian appears before a congressional committee concerning illegal immigration and farm workers at the invitation of the hearing's chair, we can say that the process has become a mockery.
Such was the case when Steven Colbert was invited by Zoe Lofgren (D) to expound on his "vast" knowledge of the subject after spending one whole day on a California farm.
Representative John Conyers (D) asked Mr. Colbert to leave before he began his remarks, and Colbert replied that he had an invitation and would only leave at the behest of Ms. Lofgren.

And they wonder why we don't take them seriously (except for their proclivity for tax increases and regulation).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Man "scuffles" with his parrot

This is one of those stories you can't make up.
A man was walking with his parrot in a backpack.
He got into a physical altercation with the bird which ended with the bird losing feathers and the man suffering from bird bites.
His story is that the bird is not trained and would not listen, so he shook it.
Anyone who doesn't respect a large bird's ability to damage anything it can fit it's nut-cracking beak around is a fool.

New tourist stop in Russia shines

Well, maybe it "glows".
Tourists are flocking to Chernobyl to see the aftermath of nuclear disaster despite lingering levels of dangerous radiation.
Radiation is ~32 times normal and you can't stay long but the draw is in seeing an area and a town locked in stasis since the 1986 disaster occurred.
Tourists explain that visiting the site is no different than visiting Auschwitz or the Colosseum in Rome because of the large number of deaths that happened there.
You can't be too curious or lazy when visiting the site as signs remind you not to touch anything or even sit down.
I'm sure the tourists leave with a certain "glow".

Marine disgraces the himself

A marine stationed in California has pled guilty to beating and stoning ducks and geese at a park in Iowa.
The plea will only cost him a measly $625 for taking part in killing 50 waterfowl.
I bet Ted Nugent wishes he had stoned 50 ducks in Iowa instead of killing one deer in California.
It is unfortunate that the title of this article (and mine) use the word "Marine" to refer to this idiot, but he is still in the corps.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to make a bad review worse

I can sympathize with a hotel manager being upset at a bad review from a guest.
But when that guest was kept out of his room for "re-carpeting" and then removed by the police after supposedly posting a bad review on the internet, don't you think the follow-up review will be more damning?
Somehow, I think the real story is even more interesting than what is stated here.

Teachers a no-show at back-to-school night

We are constantly reminded that teachers are tireless, caring, dedicated professionals who will pay out of their own pockets for school supplies.
They would never let our kids down.
"Never" doesn't include a fight over paying for health care.
When the district and teachers' union couldn't come to an agreement over health care costs, the students were tossed under the bus by a suddenly greedy and selfish group of uncaring monsters.

Dem flier includes Social Security #. Stupid or evil?

Democrats mailed a flier attacking a Republican candidate in Florida that included his social security number.
Allen West had had a tax lien in Indiana for $11K that was promptly paid and the Democrat mailer reproduced the document without removing the easily identifiable 9 digit number.
They claim the error was simply an oversight.
So, are they stupid or evil?
And what is up with Indiana letting people view documents with SSNs on them?

Police break 84 year old's neck

An 84 year old man was upset that his car might be towed for parking in spot with warning signs.
Police were called and the man "put his hands on" an officer several times, despite warnings to stop, and insisted he wouldn't leave until he "knocked this cop out".
The man was apparently drunk (so he wouldn't be safe to drive his car).
The officer hip checked the old man and brought him to the ground to cuff him.
The take-down broke the old man's neck in a manner doctors claimed was not usually survived but the old man made it to the hospital and surgery.
Police policy allowed for the take-down and the officer is claiming imminent threat.
I wasn't there and I don't even know how big or heavy the old man was, so I can only guess what level of threat he offered.
Having said that; how many 84 year olds aren't as easy to arrest as an 8 year old, and why don't the police have something to use between talk and tackle?

Monday, September 20, 2010

UK wants the worker's paychecks

In a chillingly Socialist move, the UK government has proposed having all workers' paychecks go to the government first and the government depositing the remainder after deductions.
This is very scary stuff and the Obama administration is likely watching this very closely to see if they might get away with it.
Implementing the system would require massive data collection and data warehousing in order to calculate and track taxes and pay.
It would expose workers' private accounts to government mistakes and do away with their option (and right) to only pay at the year's end.
Given the reputation of government IT and data security, this is very scary stuff.
Add to that the bureaucratic reluctance to let people have so much as a penny back once they have their mitts on it, you have the makings of a very bad situation.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh snap! Interpol chief had ID stolen

How embarrassing is it if you are a major law enforcement person and someone hijacks your identity?
The Chief of interpol recently had his Face Book identity hacked by someone that used his profile to access data on interpol investigations.
That's gotta hurt!

Better off expelled?

A Broward county boy was expelled from school for bringing a toy gun to school.
That isn't so unusual in this era of PC stupidity and zero tolerance for anyone who isn't a real criminal, but he is still not allowed to return over a year later.
He is only 8 years old!
The best behaved 8 year olds will absolutely break some rules and this punishment is way out of line.
The only good thing about it is that the school has not been able to indoctrinate him for more than a year.

I hope to hear that the entire school board in that county is voted out.

Meanwhile, another Broward county Dad actually boarded a bus and threatened to kill anyone harassing his daughter.
She hasn't been expelled for "bringing a weapon" on the bus.

Maxine Waters' aides know no shame

It's bad enough that Liberal lawmakers give tickets to whack jobs so they can enter the capitol and disrupt sessions by shouting, unfurling banners, or shoving red stained hands in (conservative's) faces.
It is just unacceptable when one Liberal has her minions try to unfurl banners at another (higher level) Liberal's speech.
Well, Maxine "Nepotism" Waters had her minions trying to get the cameras on banners claiming Maxine is ethically pure as the wind driven snow and they tried to crash Nancy Pelosi's speech at the X Prize presentation for vehicle efficiency.
Nancy's peeps kicked Maxine's minions out the door.
Too bad they don't do that to all the nut jobs that show up when congress is in session.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Govt. workers still surfing porn

Senator Charles Grassley had taken on the issue of government workers wasting time searching porn or gambling while at work and was promised that things would change.
Now he is highlighting the lack of change and disparate treatment of those caught breaking the rules.
Whistle blowers have testified that employees at the National Science Foundation (NSF) are still accessing inappropriate sites and that higher level employees are suffering harsher punishment than low level (union) employees.
Grassley was also informed that a filtering service installed at the NSF was only turned on "hurriedly" after he wrote to ask about progress.

Maybe this is why we haven't gotten to the truth of climate change.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And you thought Ted was bad

Ted Nugent (Rock Star and avid hunter) recently got into trouble in California for taking a deer illegally because he used bait and the deer was not old enough (as judged by antler points).
Now we hear that Brothers in Kansas have allegedly held illegal hunts involving at least 60 hunters from other states and 119 deer.
James and Marlon Butler are accused of encouraging hunters to use illegal methods like spotlighting (deer in the headlights anyone?), hunting without a valid license, and using firearms during bow season.
Unlike Nugent, they may spend a lot of time in jail for the charges against them.
While it is doubtful the court or jury will accept their arguments, the brothers do have a point when they say the state is paying out large sums of money to cull herds due to overpopulation and it is somewhat hypocritical to arrest someone for doing it in an unofficial capacity.
All of the hunts took place on private property leased by the Butler brothers.

Women more likely to believe in global warming

A recent study of American sentiment concerning Global Warming shows that Women are more likely to believe in the 'scientific consensus' than men and men are more likely to be confident in their analysis and belief than women.
A telling factoid is that women and men more supportive of feminism are more likely to believe in man made climate change.
Since modern day feminists are more interested in political power than helping women, that makes these people useful idiots or partners in crime with the hoaxers.

"Pants on the ground", 38 found

Two men were sitting in a car at a White Castle burger joint when a third man slipped into the back seat.
None of them had any fast food, so two police officers decided to take a closer look.
When they saw a suspicious baggie and the man in the backseat admitted it was pot, the cops ordered them out of the car.
When one of the men had his already precipitously low pants fall to his ankles, one of the officers pulled them up and found a pistol in his pocket.
One more in a line of (too few) examples of idiots suffering for a fashion statement that only seems to say "I'm really stupid!".

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

College Dean's throat slashed

Minutes before a scheduled press conference by the Kansas Governor, a student in a bullet resistant vest slashed the throat of the school's Dean.
The Dean survived thanks to quick action by bystanders while others grabbed the attacker and held him for police.
The student was acting strangely (grabbing the microphone at the podium and acted like he was doing a sound check, had "demonic" tattoos, and wrote symbols on a wall poster) and "seemed" to be on drugs.
It might seem strange that his apparently "crazy" behavior immediately prior to the attack did not trigger intervention but he is a college student and this all may seem pretty normal behavior in some colleges (like Berkeley).

Monday, September 13, 2010

Possible out for states opposing Obamacare

Virginia (and more than 20 other states) are suing the federal government to void the portion of the law that mandates individual policies for almost everyone.
This might not be such a big deal if they succeed if the law were like so many other laws as most laws have a boilerplate severance clause which allows for the remainder of a law to remain in force if any portion of the law proves to be unconstitutional.
But the thousands of pages that make up this bill do not contain this clause, so if the one portion demanding each person buy insurance for themselves is shot down in court, the whole law will become invalid.
This shows that Congress either a) believed there was no chance that any part would be found invalid, b) didn't care a fig about constitutionality, or c) planted a self-destruct to be able to claim they "tried" without ending up as uber-badguys in the history books.

I'm thinking 'b'.

Redneck reputation secured

A Kentucky man unhappy with the way his wife prepared breakfast shot and killed 5 people before killing himself.
After the argument began, the wife allegedly told neighbors which seemed to prompt Stanley Neace to kill them just for knowing what happened.
He proceeded through the trailer park (yes, a trailer park in Kentucky) shooting at trailers and people before returning home where he shot himself as police arrived.
Trailer Trash all over the US must be proud of his successful attempt to "represent".

Too bad she didn't put something "special" in his breakfast to get him first.

Overreaction to chemical suicide

A lab technician apparently committed suicide using cyanide.
Cyanide is not the best choice for suicide as even though it is fast, you feel as if you are asphyxiating.
The usual suspects have ascended their soap boxes and started trying to fan public fears of lab technicians gathering large quantities of toxic substances with mayhem in mind.
They obviously wasted no time considering what inventory controls are already in place and how hard research can become if more stringent controls are added.

The number of people that are able to obtain chemicals that are dangerous in and of themselves or that can be made dangerous with only a little treatment is enormous.
We can't clamp down too hard on access without putting an already fragile economy in the dumper.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Newest Obama non-headline

Don't hold your breath waiting for the MSM to trumpet the fact that Obama has presided on the largest increase in the national debt in history.
Not only has he eclipsed any other president's contribution to the debt, he has increased it to a level that is lager than all past debts of all presidents COMBINED!

And the news will be about something else, anything else.

Bedbugs may help save millions

The debate over the use of DDT was "settled" as far as the media an the environmentalists were considered.
Their lies, distortions, and omissions had successfully doomed millions of Africans and South Americans to disease and death by denying them the ability to control disease vectors.
Any second or third world country that wanted to obtain DDT found it was no longer made, and any attempting to manufacture their own found themselves in the crosshairs of multinational environmental groups and organizations like the UN.
Now that bedbugs have developed resistance to the chemicals used in lieu of DDT and Americans now face an epidemic of biting insects, even in Uber Liberal cities like New York, some are arguing again for DDT.
I did some research years ago and discovered that DDT had been falsely maligned by the left, starting with Rachel Carson and her book of lies; Silent Spring.
This book is thought of by many as the seminal work behind the environmental movement (fitting that organizations steeped in lies started with them).
People have believed, as I once did, that DDT moves into the food chain and causes harm all the way to the apex predators.
Studies over the years (ignored by the press) have shown that DDT is not only far less harmful than believed, it can be used in ways that have maximum impact on disease vectors with minimum environmental impact.

So, maybe now that actual Liberals are feeling the bite, if not contracting diseases, they will reconsider DDT.
Then again, maybe it will take an influx of Dengue fever to shake them enough to see the truth.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More climate change debunking

Al Gore must be looking for a cave in Afghanistan to hide in.
First there is a new revision of icecap loss showing that previous estimates need to be cut in half because researchers did not take into account the isostatic response of the earth's crust to removal of glaciers after the last ice age (they missed another important factor? I'm so not shocked.)
Then there is the Old Farmer's Almanac, which predicts a colder, albeit shorter, winter and a cooler than normal spring and summer.
This is at odds with the people at NOAA, so I think they may be right since the NOAA is in the grip of leftist bureaucrats..

Man arrested for defense of home and self

A Long Island man was arrested for using a legally owned rifle to scare off a gang of thugs that were threatening him and his family.
His rifle was referred to as an AK-47, which is obviously a falsehood as that label only applies to the fully automatic version of the Kalashnikov design rifle.
His story is that he was about to drive a relative home when gang members accosted them and threatened them.
He believed them to be members of MS 13.
He grabbed his legal rifle and told them to leave.
They dared him to use it and stated they would kill him and his family.
More of the gang showed up because of the ruckus, raising the threat level.
He fired into the grass in front of them and they left.
He is being charged with felony reckless endangerment, which would require prosecutors to prove there was a good chance that someone could have been hurt, which they will fail to prove in court.
Whatever happened to "being in fear for your life" being a valid reason for warning shots?
If 20 men are threatening to kill you and your family, isn't that enough?
What was he going to do? Kung Fu them?