Monday, December 26, 2011

Chuck You Schumer's Bro-In-Law gets nod for judgeship

An eleventh hour change in candidates for a federal judgeship seems to be going the way of Sen. Charles (Chuck You) Schumer's Brother in law.
In the New York Post article (which plays 'guess which party'), the bad actors all claim there were no shenanigans.

This scandal will not be important enough for the alphabet news networks or major news outlets to flog (like they would if it was a bunch of Republicans).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Businessman chased by IRS while Senator's Mother-in-Law ignored

Arkansas businessman Ralph Bradbury owes $800K to the IRS for financial shenanigans at an Arkansas trucking firm he worked at as CEO.
So the IRS says.
The owners of the company had apparently worked against it's best interests from the beginning and the IRS doesn't appear to be interested in getting any answers or money out of them, even though they removed any power over financial matters from the CEO.
The connection between the owners and their Son-in-Law, Democrat Senator Mark Pryor, may have something to do with the IRS's misdirected attacks.

Put your butter on eBay

Norway had a shortfall of butter production that was exacerbated by a diet fad using more fats.
Butter now costs ~$300/lb!
When a poor Russian entrepreneur tried to help the Norwegians out, he was stopped at the border for smuggling.
I guess the government in Norway wants Christmas to suck.

Iranian Ex-Revolutionary Guard leader visits White House

Hadi al-Amri, ex-leader in Iran's Revolutionary Guard visited the White House with Iraqi President Nouri al-Malaki.
al-Amri worked against Saddam Hussein while he was in power and most certainly knows of links between terrorist acts against American interests and Iran's leadership.
While not as bad as having the leaders of Hezbollah or Hamas over for dinner, this is not something that an American President should allow.
Better to have this man sit down with people from the CIA for a "friendly chat".

I wonder. Did he have to exit where the garbage cans are like the Dalai Lama?