Thursday, March 31, 2011

11 year old climbs Kilimanjaro

Nico Saporito decided at the age of nine that he wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
His Dad, who has taken his son on trips around the world that other kids would kill for, said he would have to wait.
Two years later, they took the mountain on and made it to the top of the 19,000 foot peak (above sea level).

Not bad, kid!

Of course, Nico and his Dad have the savvy to prepare themselves for success.
Ann Curry did not plan, or train well.
Her trip turned out differently.

Been there, done that

So now the buzz is that Obama has approved 'covert' missions in Libya.
The rebels are glad, but wary about this new development.
So, Obama sends in (CIA?) and they don't count as 'boots on the ground' because they are not 'soldiers'.
What's next?
Advisors that 'won't engage the enemy' or participate in any battles?
Isn't this how a Democrat got us into the Vietnam war?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unions vs Taxpayers war heating up

Wisconsin voters won yesterday when the assembly passed an altered version of the pro-taxpayer bill that had all the financial language stripped out but still removed some collective bargaining powers from the unions.
After learning they had lost despite their illegal occupation of the statehouse and tactics of harassment and intimidation, union thugs got surly and started beating drums, yelling, chanting, and whistling.
There were no reports of actual violence and the police actually abandoned ground floor entrances when it was evident that there was no way to stop the union supporters from invading.
The police showed remarkable restraint and shrewdness in not arresting these thugs, many of which had the ACLU phone number written on their hands or arms for when they got sent to the slammer.

Speaking of violence, Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin have received death threats, including one unambiguous e-mail, that are being investigated.

And now that they have failed (as they knew they would from the start) to stop the bill from passing, the Democrats are coming back from under their rock.

Meanwhile, in Sacramento a face-off between Tea Partiers and thugs ended with a fizzle after a megaphone wielding thug from Stockton tried to mix it up with the Tea Party by crossing the street and tussling with someone (on video).
The thug was arrested and it was all over but the shouting (literally, they shouted at each other for a while and it was over).

So, no big violence yet and the good guys aren't falling for the thugs tactics.
I wish that were the end of it, but we know it will escalate before it ends.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How quickly things "Change"

Last year over 1000 High Schools competed to be the one that had President Obama speak at their commencement ceremony in honor of their success at reaching high graduation levels.
This year only 14 have applied to date and the White House is getting desperate.

I guess "Hope" can only carry you so far before the people see you "Change" into something they don't like.

NPR Exec gets real

James O'Keefe is back and he nails an NPR exec over funding and objectivity.
Caught on tape, Ron Schiller admits his bias against the Tea Party and the unwashed majority of Americans while openly courting money from a fake organization that he apparently believed was formed and financed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Can we at long last finally pull their funding?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Google goes three wheeling

Is it going green?
Maybe it is a response to increased fuel costs.
Google is using large (heavy?) tricycles to provide street views of parks and paved trails.
I wonder what they will do to protect the peddlers from those that hate Google's "spying"?