Friday, October 29, 2010

Darwinism and greed

A 23 year old English man bought caffeine powder on the internet and decided to throw caution to the wind.
He took 32 times the recommended dose and chased it with an energy drink.
After tossing his cookies (and blood) he was rushed to the hospital where he died.
An indication of genetic stupidity came from his aunt, who told the press: "I think there should be a warning on it saying it can kill."

Meanwhile, in India, a man must have been carrying a Chinese payoff for Obama to receive during his upcoming visit.
The Sri Lankan man was caught with large numbers of diamonds in his gut.
At least his diet only led to discomfort and arrest. 

NY to outlaw rude behavior?

New Yorkers are known (right or wrong) for rudeness.
The stereotype of a New York construction worker consists of rude whistles, lewd propositions, and catcalls.
Yes it is wrong.
So are a lot of other behaviors.
But NYC is actually considering outlawing such behavior.

Good luck!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vote fraud 2010 in a nutshell

The American Thinker has an article condensing the various stories and reasons that may make this election historic from the perspective of voter fraud.
It isn't yet November second and we are already hearing of possible fraud on a grand scale.
I sincerely hope that we still prevail despite the obvious (and massive) efforts to steal this election.

Google even tapped e-mails?

The US government has closed the investigation into Google's street view cars accessing of private information via wi-fi snooping.
The UK and US States are still looking into whether or not they will charge Google with any wrongdoing for not having consumer protections built into their company policies.
Google somehow accessed personal e-mails as well as passwords form people's wireless networks that were not sufficiently protected.

If Google were not the darling of the left, would they be treated so lightly for this intrusive behavior?

AlGore strikes again

Al Gore is still touring the world and telling everyone that they absolutely have to change their ways to save the planet.
When he arrived via rental car at a conference in Gothenberg Sweden where participants were encouraged to use public transport.he left the engine running during his entire visit of more than an hour.
Local laws prohibit leaving an engine running for more than 60 seconds after parking (sheesh!).
When he left and went to Germany for another meeting, he flew on a Swedish military jet that is only supposed to be used for cabinet officials rather than use a train to save the planet.

One reason why Israel is a true ally

Israel's right wing has formed it's own TEA party, complete with "Say no to Obama!" rallies.
The new party, which includes current and former members of Benjamen Netanyahu's Likud party compares Obama's treatment of Israel to the treatment endured by Americans under King George prior to the American revolution.
He is telling them to do things they believe are dangerous to their security interests and they have had enough.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SEIU techs in charge of voting machines?

Apparently, Nevada voting machines are in the hands of SEIU union members.
Diebold was harassed and maligned for donating money to Republicans, but the mainstream media is mum about members of the most political union being in charge of the voting machines.
Be afraid!

Voter fraud in Jersey

If you thought voter fraud was bad, you need to see this story.
Voting machines hijacked and stuffed with votes that are then returned and recorded as legitimate votes.
This criminality would be easy for the press to uncover if they actually cared about making elections fair.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Puerto Rico gets it

The governor of Puerto Rico announced that businesses will be getting a 30% tax break following a new penalty for "off-shoring".
He also said that Puerto Ricans will see up to 50% less taxes when reforms are fully implemented.
So, once again, great ideas come from somewhere off the continent.

Early Cheating?

Election complaints are already coming in and it isn't even November.
In Las Vegas, people are saying they wanted to vote for Sharon Engel and Harry Ried's name was already checked.
Elections officials are claiming it is likely human error due to sensitive touch screens and assured people that they can review their choices before finalizing their vote.
Washington voters weren't getting their ballots and Republicans had to "urge" the county auditor to notify voters that they could still vote.
In North Carolina, voting machines switched party line votes to the other party.
There are more examples, but the funniest one is the misprinted one that changed Rich Whitney's name to "Rich Whitey".
He is not likely to get the minority vote.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Enviro-whackos attack private space travel

Burt Rutan built the first aircraft to reach "space" (as defined by the X-Prize committee) and win the $10M prize.
I guess it was inevitable that the anti-success, anti-private enterprise "environmentalists" would attack any private companies attempting to reach space in spite of our failure to support a government program to explore our solar system.
Of course it has nothing to do with Burt Rutan's application of scientific principal to the "Global Warming" debate (which makes the Warmers look like the lying fools they are).

Poor Billy

Bill Clinton is stumping for Democrats across the country because smart candidates are staying as far away from Obama as possible.
Bill is used to playing to packed houses of obliviots who worship the effluent that flows from his every orifice.
It must have been quite the let-down when he went into a school gym that could hold 1500 people, only to find about 500 waiting for him to speak.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Not very "Astute" management of British sub

Britain's most advanced nuclear attack submarine, the Astute, ran aground while performing maneuvers off Scotland.
The sub's captain opted not to use the sub's power to escape the ebbing tide as he did not want to damage the expensive tiles that make the sub so stealthy.
Commanding a nuke sub is an especially high honor in any navy.
Getting your nuke sub grounded is way beyond ordinary embarrassment.
This coming after a week where Britain's navy has endured deep, deep cuts only makes it worse.
I can only imagine that the walls in the office of the captain's superior were blistered during the "discussion" of his error.

Illegal invaders openly stump for Democrats in WA

In yet another sign of how bad things have become in our country, illegals are actually going from door to encourage people to vote for Democrats in Washington state.
Some aren't even keeping their status a secret.
How bad is it when alien invaders have the cojones to meddle in our elections in such a direct fashion?
Under Mexican law, you can (and will) be arrested for involving yourself in their elections if you are not a citizen.

We need to turn the tide before it washes us away.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bill Clinton lost nuclear codes

While in office as President, Bill Clinton was responsible for many things.
One of the more important things was the "biscuit".
The biscuit is a plastic card that has the current codes required for the President to authorize the use of nuclear weapons.
When the codes change, the military officer carrying the "football" (a briefcase device used to control nuclear weapons release) asks for the old biscuit in order to swap them out.
When the officer asked Bill for the codes one time in 1998, he claimed the card was upstairs in the White House.
A search could not locate the card.
It had been misplaced for a while.

I guess being able to follow simple instructions, be responsible, and protect us from a nuclear strike pale in comparison to dealing with political scandals.

Fraud at Government Motors

The Chevy Volt was going to save the planet and save GM too.
The Chevy Volt was going to be all electric with a small gas engine to recharge the batteries on the fly.
The Chevy Volt was supposed to get 230mpg.
The press finally got to try the Volt out and they found a few things were changed.
Nope! It gets less than 45mpg on engine only city driving.
Small engine?
Nope! The engine runs the front wheels over 70mph and cannot charge the batteries at the same time.

So a $41K (hybrid, not electric) car that is only that cheap with a $7.5K taxpayer subsidy that gets worse mileage than the Prius is what we get when the Government runs the company?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stimulus fail in Chicago

In a microcosm of government waste and failure, Chicago's weatherization program has failed.
Inspections of homes repaired and/or upgraded under the program show charges for work not done and materials not used; work that was ruined by failing to repair roof leaks; and overcharging for equipment.
They should have just used the rebate model using approved contractors (which still would have failed in Chicago), or just given the money to the homeowners (they would have spent it on something, therefore stimulating the economy).

Great news! Radiation detectors work!

Radioactive isotopes of Iodine are used to treat thyroid problems.
One side effect is that the patients are slightly radioactive and a possible danger to some of us because they secrete small amounts of the isotopes via sweat, saliva, and urine.
Another effect is that they set off the sensitive radiation detectors we use to protect out cities and transportation hubs.
I think we should try to see the good news in any bad news so my take on this story is that the detectors are working well and that is great news.

China restricting mineral shipments to US, Japan

In a move connected to the current dispute between Japan and China, shipments of rare minerals have been delayed by Chinese officials.
The restrictions followed denouncement of American trade "actions" by Chinese trade officials.
What were these "actions"?
America was calling for an investigation into Chinese subsidies for "clean energy" exports and prior restrictions of rare earth shipments possibly being linked to forcing American companies to do more business in China.

I know we are in the hot part of campaign season, but this would be a major headline if we had an objective press.
The MSM love the Chinese and don't want to embarrass Obama, so this one is only a side story.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gay Saudi Prince Guilty of Murder

Saudi prince Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud was found guilty by a British court of murdering his servant, Bandera Abdulaziz, 32.
Abdulaziz was found beaten and strangled in the Landmark Hotel, Marylebone, on 15 February 2010 (that is swift justice).
The pair apparently had a sexual relationship beyond the Master and Servant relationship and the beatings related in court had a sexual nature to them.
It is rare for a member of the Saudi royal family to be charged with, much less convicted of, a serious crime.
To add to Mr. al Saud's woes is the fact that homosexuality is a capital crime in his homeland.
If he ever returns, he faces a death sentence. 

Mexican Army finds 100+ tons of pot in Tijuana

Army raids on a number of houses in the border city of Tijuana netted 15 tons of marijuana destined for American distributors.
As huge as the score is, the reality is likely that this is less than a tenth of what could be found.
Tijuana is a handy staging area for goods being smuggled into the US from Mexico and any border town would yield quite a lot of drugs if there were a house-to-house search.
If the Mexican government declared a state of emergency (not a big stretch these days), they could perform search and seizure missions in the border towns where they keep the properties used for smuggling and either place their people in the homes, sell them, or destroy them as an example.

Monday, October 18, 2010

One reason for a lazy Hollywood

Hollywood writers don't have to imagine new and impossible situations in order to create new plots to capture America's attention.
Take the situation on the border with Mexico.
First we had illegals sneaking in.
Then we had illegals and drug mules.
Then the illegals were co-opted as drug mules by threats and money.
Then our government just gave up on swaths of the border by pulling out law enforcement and putting up warning signs.
Now we have enterprising bandits stealing the drugs and well equipped Cartel assassins tracking them down for execution.
We have assassins disguised as drug mules and military style observation posts directing teams to intercept bandits as well as spot any attempts by Americans to actually defend their territory.

I can see the Mexican government making the case for absorbing the territory we have essentially ceded to them.
Why shouldn't they be able to claim land we have abandoned?

Friday, October 15, 2010


While it is hard to say if acts of vandalism against followers of Islam that can easily be perceived as hate speech are on the increase, they are getting more attention.
From bacon spelling "Pig" outside a Mosque, to a pig's head thrown amidst worshipers; stories of actions against Moslems are getting more attention.
I won't condone acts that are just outright offensive and hateful, but I can see why people need to vent their frustrations and one way is to imagine methods of outraging those that support outrageous acts.
In one case, a proposal for a "prank" was to build a MOAB (Mother Of All Bacon) bomb that would "harmlessly" spray pork fat all over the ground zero mosque location in order to defile it into uselessness.
I would laugh at the proposition but not at any intention to actually carry out the act, which would be way beyond "Prank".

Old punishments are new

In ancient times (when I was young) part of most punishments was the shame factor.
Having people know you have done wrong and got caught is embarrassing and, even today, people don't enjoy public humiliation.
One young man who got caught shoplifting at a Halloween Express store made a deal with the owner to avoid police involvement by dressing as Bert (from Sesame Street) and standing out front with a sign explaining that he is a shoplifter.
The story covers other offenders made to wear signs proclaiming their guilt in public places.
I am betting they will be much less likely than the average criminal to re-offend.

Maybe Spain needs to watch the Bond films

Only a fool messes with Double "O" Seven.
That makes a court in Spain rather foolish for demanding that Sir Sean Connery show for a hearing into the misuse of property he and his wife sold.
Connery insists that he had nothing to do with the property after the sale (makes sense) and that he could not make it to the court on the appointed date due to his health and "advanced age".
He also wrote an angry letter hinting at retribution.

Be afraid Spain!

Baby snatched for politics?

Imagine living in a country where the state can take away your children because you belong to a political group that is considered "unacceptable".
You do.
Social workers took an infant from her father based on a charge that cited his affiliation with the Oath Keepers organization.
The baby has been returned, perhaps due in part to the outrage unleashed by the ridiculous abuse of power, but the chilling affect will persist.
The people behind this act should be punished and held up to the light for all to see and remember.

Time to rein in unions

If you needed a clear picture of why Unions need to be severely restricted and held to a higher standard, read this story.
It is bad enough that unions have saddled us with crushing debt through unfunded pension liabilities while guaranteeing themselves early retirements and unbelievable job security while garnering compensation far in excess of similar jobs in the private sector.
But even worse is the pervasive attitude of power and entitlement.
When unions think it is acceptable for them to shut down transportation and vital supplies in order to secure insulation from real world difficulties (thereby doubling the pain of those on the hook for their comfortable lifestyle), they show how incredibly dangerous they have become.

Union leaders and thugs who commit or allow crimes like those being committed in Europe and in the Mediterranean, should be jailed for their actions.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Crappy" day at work

We all have bad days at work.
High pressure, short deadlines, surly co-workers and unpleasant bosses can make you wonder why you took the job.
But few of us have had a day like this sewer worker.
He got sucked into a 2ft pipe and washed more than a mile downstream before being able to stop and yell for help.
Hypothermia and the possibility of ingested sewage put him in the hospital after a helicopter ride.

Lazy son gets off his duff to kill parents

Dan Dighton's parents had been after him for not getting work.
He told them he found a job as a teacher in Thailand, but returned after it didn't pan out.
The final straw seems to have been when they lambasted him for waking up in their house mid-day with a hangover.
They finally motivated him to deal with the problem but, apparently, his solution was to kill them.
Now he is facing murder charges for stabbing them to death.

Dan, they won't let you get drunk and sleep in at London's prisons.
They do, however, allow murderers to escape.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

China buying into Texas oil

There are lots of ideas out there for stimulating the economy and most of them are not workable because of a lack of money or political backing.
One Idea that may just succeed is at work in South Texas.
State-owned Chinese energy giant CNOOC is sinking $billions into oil and gas rights in order to tap into potential revenue and a storehouse of knowledge concerning the latest extraction techniques.
Unlike their failed attempt to buy UNOCAL, this attempt will likely succeed because of our need for growth and jobs as well as our White House full of traitorous jackals willing to sell us out to any Socialist or Communist. 

GE paid stimulus money, lets 18,000 go

Way to go Obama!
GE (parent company of NBC) received over $24M in stimulus funds and now has 18K fewer US employees.
That's $1,333 per employee lost.
Your grandchildren's tax dollars at work, putting people out of work.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally! Outrage over illegal politicking

Politicians and political groups are finally after campaign money and non-profits that are breaking our campaign laws.
The leftists in the White House and Congress are siccing the IRS on groups helping Republicans and criticizing Democrats
Trouble is that they were silent when it helped Democrats and are only now shouting from the rooftops because the money is flowing to the Conservatives.

Friday, October 8, 2010

$4.6M bridge for horses in Mass.

The Bluehills reservation in Randolf Massachusetts is split by the northernmost portion of the I-24.
There was a bridge across the freeway for horses and hikers, but it was unreliable and unrepairable.
The original estimate of $2M went up to $4.6M and stimulus funds are paying for it.
If you find the bridge on Google Maps, you will see the new construction and you will also see that there is NO ROAD. It is just a trail!
$4.6M for a horse bridge?

I guess they don't have a casino.

CARB estimate of pollution exaggerated by 340%

When you lie to the government, you can be fined or jailed.
When the government lies to you, your taxes go up and your freedom is restricted.
There is a ballot measure in California proposing to temporarily roll back harsh pollution restrictions that was justified in part by calculations of diesel pollutants present in the air.
It turns out that the estimates were 340% more than actual levels.
I hope this not only gets people to vote to stop the new restrictions, but also leads to the microscopic examination of pollution research used to enact restrictive laws and regulations that cost us jobs and our freedom.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hooray for the Media Research Center

The Media Research Center has hired billboard trucks to circle around Liberal media outlets with signs demanding they stop lying to the public and just give them the truth.
Manhattan and Washington DC are the current target sites as they have the greatest concentration of MSM headquarters.
This is a great start.
Now they need to have people show up anywhere the MSM is doing field reporting with signs demanding an end to the lies.

Iran "meddling" in Afghanistan

Iran is famous for pointing their crooked little fingers at others and claim they are meddling in other countries' business.
People that pay attention know it is Iran that is behind most of the "meddling" in the middle east.
Now they have been caught again.
A shipment marked as food, clothing, and toys was found to contain 22 tons of explosives.
The shipment was likely due to be delivered to the Taliban.

I wish the Iranian people would just remove the Theocracy and take their country back.
In the good old days, we would be supplying them with weapons instead of their government supplying our enemies.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bad winters in the midst of warming?

The Eco-Apparatchiks keep telling us we will suffer increased warming and worse weather because we emit too much of a gas required to sustain life itself.
No evidence to the contrary can be allowed or acknowledged.
Everything must fit the predetermined model.
So how will they handle the prediction of the worst European winter in 1.000 years?
And how will they spin the worst spring storms in living memory in New Zealand?

The hits just keep coming and the leftists behind the Global Warming hoax keep "denying" the truth (with help from the complicit media).

Our caring and ethical bureaucrats at work

Imagine that one of your loved ones died in a horrific accident on the road.
You work through the stages of coping that you can manage, you bury your dead; now it is time to heal.
Now think how you would feel if friends of your dearly departed take a tour of the morgue and see a jar in the medical examiner's office with a brain in it and a label with your loved one's name.
This is what happened to the Shipley family of Staten Island.
Their son Jesse was buried after a 2007 accident and no one told them his brain was missing when they buried him.
The medical examiner's office claimed it was kept for testing with other brains.
After getting the organ back; exhuming the body; and re-interring the body after returning the brain, the family is suing.

I personally don't care what happens to my body after I am dead and I don't understand the insistence that the body be reassembled with as many original parts as possible.
The soul is gone and the body is just organic matter.
But our government harasses, intimidates, and prosecutes people for not being sensitive to people's religious beliefs so they should be slapped down just as hard.

Obama finally caves, goes green

President Carter (formerly known as the worst president in living memory) put up solar panels at the White House.
President Bush put up solar panels at the White house.
Obama has not, but he will.
After months of pressure from environmentalist groups the White House has announced that it will install solar panels in 2011.
I guess Obama finally found time to actually do something green (versus mere lip service) in the midst of tearing down the foundations of this country.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Apple to surpass Exxon

Apple is on a track to pass oil giant Exxon as the most valuable company based on market capitalization.
The manufacturer of all things trendy in the tech industry is on track to increase it's value by 50% this year and a miserably small 20% next year.
When you combine the value increase with the percentage of profit and throw in the comparison with Exxon, you can't escape the comparison the media has been avoiding.
Precisely why is Apple "good" while increasing it's value so much and generating a 20+ percent profit year after year when Exxon is "evil" for it's miserably small 10% profit?

Pants on the ground, bullet in the...

When a Memphis man got into an argument with a youth about whether or not his pants should be pulled up, the altercation got out of hand and the man pulled a pistol.
The youth and a companion suddenly decided it was time to rum (kinda hard when your pants are at your knees) and they took off.
The man with the gun fired several times with one shot hitting the youth.
If you were betting that he was hit in the backside, you win the bet.
The gunman is scheduled to be arraigned on several felony counts and has allegedly admitted to the shooting.

If you don't respect your elders, you must respect their firearms?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Extinct animals reappear

It's a miracle!
30% of animals thought to be extinct have shown up again.
One wonders how many have yet to be found again.
The report only pertains to mammals and scientists insist that it does not reduce the the existential threat posed by climate change and human encroachment.
Those darn animals just won't stay down and continue giving enviro-whackos an excuse for making life miserable for the rest of us.

I wonder how hard they really look when they continue to say the Polar Bears are in trouble while they are doing great.