Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wilders wins

Geert Wilders; famous for the film Fitna, which tells hard truths about Islam, has won in court by proving that his speech is protected by the law.
The court decided that his opinions (and facts) did not rise to the level of illegality despite outrageous reactions from the people he was exposing in his film.

If we let people rule our behavior and speech by their selective outrage, we will have no freedom.

Chavez had surgery?

Apparently, Hugo "El Diablo" Chavez had surgery for a 'pelvic abcess' in Cuba and is recovering.
Spokespeople claim he will be back in Venezuela in about 12 days.

All this time I thought Hugo was just a giant pus-ball and it turns out that he had one in his fat gut.

Once again, we have to learn this from foreign media because our news people don't think we need to know when a Communist dictator is closer to death.

Saab story

Swedish automobile company Saab cannot pay its workers.
Company spokesmen claim that they are not headed to bankruptcy and the company is working hard to solve it's problems.
One possible savior is Russian investor Vladimir Antonov who was, ironically, pushed out when GM rescued Saab during an earlier financial crisis.

One of the worker's unions has 'sent a letter' to the company to urge them to pay the workers.
I'm sure that will spur them to greater efforts.

Karma or payback?

5 Russian scientists that helped Iran build a nuclear reactor are reported to have died in a recent air crash.
Is this just Karma, or did someone on our side actually do something proactive for once?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Weiner has no fallback option

Anthony Weiner (famous for sending salacious pics of himself to young women) has been facing increasing pressure to resign.
As more (and more 'adult') pictures and facts about Weiner are 'exposed' his defenders are dropping like flies.
It is so bad that the press can only try to help him by drumming up sympathy by telling us how badly off he will be if he leaves office now.
Apparently, Anthony 'Tony the Weener' Weiner has no useful college degrees or skills and there is no market for unelected grand-standers out there.
If he is so close to the edge financially, why take such risks?
Obviously he has issues and needs to leave office until he deals with them.

Welcome to our world Tony.
Too few jobs and businesses that won't hire the unemployed.
Thank your fellow Dems (yes, the Republicans helped spend too much money too) for the crappy job market pal.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

UN gun grab

The UN is pushing a 'small arms treaty' that will require signatory nations to confiscate and destroy all 'unauthorized' weapons from civilian owners.
What is unauthorized?
Any semi-automatic.
This story is not new.
The UN proposed this years ago and the infamous Snopes claimed it was false, based on the e-mail claims that the UN wanted ALL of our firearms; not on the true proposal that called for tighter licensing requirements and banning of semi-auto weapons (weaseling out of the truth).
Well, that may be the end game, but they are only proposing to force tighter restrictions on gun owners and confiscation of semi-auto weapons.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Yeah, it's that bad

You know things are bad when people steal rails from an active railroad track.
A CSX train in Taunton, MA derailed after crossing a section of track where thieves had stolen a length of rail, supposedly for scrap sale.

The thing about this kind of crime is that it isn't easy or smart.
First, you need a heavy cutting torch.
Then you need a lonely section of track (although in another case, the thieves operated in sight of the company whose spur line they were cutting).
The cut rails are HEAVY!
The scrap yard will hear about the derailment and remember you.
You are responsible for any damage or injury, like when a dozen tank cars spew toxic waste or burn down a town.
And last but nit least, it is a federal offense to mess with the railroad infrastructure.

I guess things are pretty bad if people feel compelled to do something like this.

Still missing the point

A Gay softball league has won the right to limit the number of straight players on each team, but the case involving players that claim they were kicked out for not being 'Gay enough' was allowed to proceed.

The whole point of equal rights has been ignored in this case.
Unless you can have a "Straight" league where gays are limited, you cannot have a "Gay" or "Lesbian" or anything league that limits the number of players because of their sexual orientation (or religion, or race, sex, etc.)

Disturbing the dead

A woman was injured after a tombstone fell on her leg while she was on the ground in a Jewish cemetery.
There are suspicions that she and her male companion were engaged in a sex act when the injury occurred.
I guess it was the only way for the dearly departed to say "Get a room!".