Friday, July 8, 2011

I may need to hide mine

Some of us have tried growing gardens in our small, suburban properties in order to have fresh (and cheaper) food.
If you have the right sun exposure and soil, or add the right soil, you can have a nice little patch of fresh produce right outside your door.
If you live in some cities, it better be your back door, sucker!
Julie Bass of Oak Park Michigan found out the hard way that converting her front yard into a raised bed garden was an invitation to prosecution (or is it persecution).
From the picture accompanying the story, she did a great job of making it look good.
Someone in her 'hood disagreed and called the infamous code enforcement trolls, who threatened her if she didn't move the whole shebang into the back yard.
After poring over the local ordinance, Bass decided she was not in violation and left the garden in place, only to have the "Planning and Technology Director" Kevin Rulkowski claim that the word "suitable" means "common" and therefore, Bass' "uncommon" use of her yard was "unsuitable".

I don't need to see a dictionary to know that "common" stretches the meaning of "suitable" to the breaking point.
Someone needs to be fired.  

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