Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gays Demand Apology

I know, you have never seen that headline before, right?
Actually, this is a great "teachable moment" for those that don't see the hypocrisy of the left.

There are many examples of special interest groups having hissy-fits because a role in a movie or play is played by someone who is not the "proper" race, sex, orientation in real life to qualify (in their minds) to play the role.
I have to agree in some cases (those old movies with Caucasians trying to play the role of North America's original immigrants [Indians], or Charlie Chan being done poorly by Warner Oland.) but the very core of acting is to be something you are not while you are in character.  

Now we have Gay groups complaining that Newsweek owes them an apology for claiming that gays can't play straights. 
I agree with them that Gays and Straights can play each other convincingly.
First, the Newsweek article didn't say that Gays can't pull it off, they say they haven't pulled it off.
They perceive attempts they have witnessed as failures. Maybe that is prejudice based on the foreknowledge; maybe it is that the examples that stick in their minds really are failed attempts.
Secondly, Newsweek is leftist and leftists are all too often brainwashed lemmings. These particular lemmings may just believe you have to BE the pole to play the role because of the stupidity spouted by their own.
One part of the Newsweek article does make me think that they owe an apology.
They mention old Hollywood actors that played straight characters when they were closeted Gays.
What they don't acknowledge is that the public bought it hook-line-and-sinker.
They wonder if we could accept George Clooney as a leading straight man if he came out of the closet.
Isn't that an admission that their perception of ability is based on their knowledge of sexual orientation?

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