Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Making the workplace more interesting

I think ties are an anachronism that should be dumped.
I don't like wearing suits because they are expensive to clean, uncomfortable and I never paid enough to get one that fits well and looks good on me.
I do, however, respect an employers right to set standards of dress for employees based on their perception of customer appeal.
If you don;t appear professional or you just look out of place or weird, customers are less likely to solicit your business or return once they have experienced your business environment.
Therefore, I support the right of employers to set dress codes that include prohibitions on men and women dressing in ways that are obviously cross gender.
It is no different than refusing to hire an obese person to work as a trainer in a gym or an obviously unattractive individual to work the cosmetics counter.
If people want to change company dress codes, they need to convince, not force.

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