Friday, May 28, 2010

Golf no longer elitist?

So, if our first truly black president is an avid golfer and Tiger Woods is the king of the course does that mean the sport is no longer a sport linked to Caucasian elites?
Probably not.
It is still a stereotype that upper-crust white guys waste way too much time on the links, networking with their ilk.
George Bush tended to race through the course and even stopped playing because he thought it looked bad for him to enjoy golf outings while we were at war.
Barack Obama doesn't have that problem.
He spends more time golfing than the retired guys you get stuck behind when you find the time to visit the course and may even be slower.
His recent visit to Martha's Vineyard involved golf 3 out of the 4 days he was there.
What the heck, it isn't as if there are any emergencies like wars or oil spills to be dealing with.

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